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Season 9

251 :09x01 - The Pollution Solution

Jethro considers he must do something to eradicate smog from L.A. and comes up with a new car. Drysdale concocts a scheme to convince Jed of returning his money. He uses a comedian to impersonate President Nixon.
Guest Stars: Bill Beckett as Milkman | Keith Rogers as Stewardess | Rich Little as Himself
Director: Robert M. Leeds

252 :09x02 - The Clampetts in Washington

Believing that the President will accept their donation to fight smog, the Clampetts head straight to Washington, only to be arrested before they can meet the President.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Freeman as Flo Shafer | Phil Silvers as Honest John/Shifty Shafer | Al Lanti as Cab driver | Keith Rogers as Stewardess | Richard Erdman as Guard
Director: Robert M. Leeds

253 :09x03 - Jed Buys the Capitol

The poor Clampetts are thrown into a psychiatric ward after being labeled as paranoiacs. Still they persist on their idea of meeting the President.
Guest Stars: Cliff Norton as Waiter | Kathleen Freeman as Flo Shafer | Phil Silvers as Honest John/Shifty Shafer
Director: Robert M. Leeds

254 :09x04 - Mark Templeton Arrives

Granny distrusts Mark Templeton, Elly's latest suitor. She considers the man something of a freak: half-man, half-frog.
Guest Stars: Roger Torrey as Matthew Templeton | Sherry Miles as Darlene Mattingly
Director: Robert M. Leeds

255 :09x05 - Don't Marry a Frogman

Poor Granny is befuddled when a potion to cure Mark apparently backfires and the Navy frogman is turned into a frog.
Guest Stars: Roger Torrey as Matthew Templeton
Director: Robert M. Leeds

256 :09x06 - Doctor, Cure My Frog

Granny convinces Jane Hathaway to kiss Elly's suitor to grant a perfect transformation from frog to man.
Director: Robert M. Leeds

257 :09x07 - Do You, Elly, Take This Frog?

When Granny learns that Elly's suitor is teaching him to be a frogwoman, she runs as hell to help the poor girl shun her fate.
Guest Stars: Richard Deacon as Dr. Klingner
Director: Robert M. Leeds

258 :09x08 - The Frog Family

Jed wants to become a frogman as well so he starts taking lessons. Granny, still confused about all this stuff, believes he's also got under a spell.
Director: Robert M. Leeds

259 :09x09 - Farm in the Ocean

Drysdale attempts to win the Clampetts' favor through Mark but the navy officer suggests the banker to donate a sum on behalf of the oceanography. Drysdale gets angry and throws Mark out of his office.
Guest Stars: Warrene Ott as Sharon Klingner
Director: Robert M. Leeds

260 :09x10 - Shorty to the Rescue

Disgruntled with Elly May and Mark's love affair, Granny summons Shorty Kellems, an old suitor of Elly May's. But her plan stumbles upon some snags.
Director: Robert M. Leeds

261 :09x11 - Welcome to the Family

Granny's boundless imagination leads her to imagine the poor Shorty has transformed into a seal.
Director: Robert M. Leeds

262 :09x12 - The Great Revelation

Drysdale's scheme to discredit Mark have the Clampetts quite convinced they're at war.
Director: Robert M. Leeds

263 :09x13 - The Grunion Invasion

The Clampetts head to beach in order to face the onslaught of warring aliens. Surfers become the victims of this misunderstanding.
Guest Stars: Sue Bernard as girl
Director: Robert M. Leeds

264 :09x14 - The Girls from Grun

Drysdale persuades the hillbillies to remain waging the war against the Grunions.On the other hand, at his bank the secretaries rally to protest their situation.
Guest Stars: Jane Axell as secretary | Sue Bernard as girl | Jerry Brutsche as surfer
Director: Robert M. Leeds

265 :09x15 - The Grun Incident

Drysdale's secretaries form a group known as GRUN to express publicly their demand for better work conditions. The Clampetts join them in their efforts.
Guest Stars: Roberta Carol as girl #2 | Francisco Ortega as guard | Foster Brooks as man | Momo Yashima as girl #1
Director: Robert M. Leeds

266 :09x16 - Women's Lib

Jed and Jethro suffer the consequences of women's lib when Grammy and Elly May support a women's group.
Guest Stars: Fuji as Banzai Sakito | Francisco Ortega as guard
Director: Robert M. Leeds

267 :09x17 - The Teahouse of Jed Clampett

Granny and Elly May ally with other women's lib supporters to resist against a Karate expert and his minions, Jed and Jethro.
Guest Stars: Charles Lane as Foster Phinney | Kazuka Sakura as Japanese girl #3 | Sumi Haru as Japanese girl #2 | Miko Mayama as Miko | Fuji as Banzai Sakito | Momo Yashima as Japanese girl #1
Director: Robert M. Leeds

268 :09x18 - The Palace of Clampett San

Female Clampetts part company with Jed and Jethro leaving them on their own in the mansion.
Guest Stars: Charles Lane as Foster Phinney | Kazuka Sakura as Japanese girl #2 | Sumi Haru as Japanese girl #1 | Lori Saunders as Betty Gordon | Momo Yashima as Susie
Director: Robert M. Leeds

269 :09x19 - Lib and Let Lib

Granny and Elly May return home only after being assured their rights will be respected.
Guest Stars: Fuji as Banzai Sakito
Director: Robert M. Leeds

270 :09x20 - Elly, the Working Girl

Elly begins working at Drysdale's bank and becomes close friends with Ms. Hathaway. Eventually Elly May moves into Ms. Hathaway's flat.
Guest Stars: Charles Lane as Foster Phinney
Director: Robert M. Leeds

271 :09x21 - Elly, the Secretary

Jethro steals away as his former ugly girlfriend announces she's coming to visit the Clampetts.
Director: Robert M. Leeds

272 :09x22 - Love Finds Jane Hathaway

An unemployed actor sees a chance to marry a millionaire when he learns about Elly May's background. The actor woos Jane Hathaway to reach the hillbilly girl.
Guest Stars: Charles Lane as Foster Phinney
Director: Robert M. Leeds

273 :09x23 - The Clampetts Meet Robert Audubon Getty

A fortune hunter charms everyone at the Clampett household and sets his sights into marrying Elly May.
Guest Stars: Charles Lane as Foster Phinney
Director: Robert M. Leeds

274 :09x24 - Jethro Returns

Elly May's cheating suitor is unmasked and his plans revealed. Jethro comes out of his hideout when the wedding plans are announced.
Guest Stars: Curt Massey as Officer Massey
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Warning: The Beverly Hillbillies guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 26, 1962
Ended: September 07, 1971
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