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Season 3

73 :03x01 - Jed Becomes a Movie Mogul

Unwittingly Jed turns into a befuddled movie mogul after Drysdale, his banker, acquires the control of Mammoth Pictures Corp. (Part 1 of 4)
Guest Stars: John Abbott (1) as Sir Trevor Gielgud Burton Guiness | Ray Kellogg as Gate Guard | Alvy Moore as Alvin | Sallie Janes as Miss Swenson | Milton Frome as Lawrence Chapman | Russ Conway as Director | Doris Day as Judy Kimball (Archive Film Footage) | Rock Hudson as George Kimball (Archive Film Footage)
Director: Joseph Depew

74 :03x02 - Clampett City

The Clampetts are overjoyed to come across a rustic village on the back lot of the Mammoth Pictures studio and decide to live there. (Part 2 of 4)
Guest Stars: Sidney Clute as Producer #2 | Kip King as Producer #3 | Elvia Allman as Actress | Herb Ellis as Producer #1 | Ray Kellogg as Producer #4 | Don Megowan as Monster | Phil Gordon (1) as Actor | Sallie Janes as Miss Swenson | Milton Frome as Lawrence Chapman
Director: Joseph Depew

75 :03x03 - Clampett City General Store

The Clampetts are invited to play some roles in an epic motion picture being made at their new studio. (Part 3 of 4)
Guest Stars: Theodore Marcuse as Nero | Nestor Paiva as Auctioneer | Milton Frome as Lawrence Chapman | Sallie Janes as Miss Swenson
Director: Joseph Depew

76 :03x04 - Hedda Hopper's Hollywood

Drysdale's plans to destroy Mammoth Studios are thwarted by the Clamplets and an unlikely ally, movie critic Hedda Hopper (playing herself). (Part 4 of 4)
Guest Stars: Ted Fish as Policeman #2 | Bill Baldwin as Himself | Don Haggerty (1) as Policeman #1 | Hedda Hopper as Herself
Director: Joseph Depew

77 :03x05 - Doctor Jed Clampett

Granny grows mad with professional jealousy as Jeff is granted an honorary "doctor" diploma from a local college.
Guest Stars: Hazel Shermet as Mother | Richard St. John as Dean Cromwell | Virginia Sale as Chicken Woman | Fabian Dean as Knife Thrower | Teena Marie as Child | Ron Rogers as Fire Eater | Cully Richards as Bus Driver
Director: Joseph Depew

78 :03x06 - Jed the Heartbreaker

Snobbish Mrs. Drysdale concocts a plan to get rid of the rude Clampetts off her distinguished neighborhood.
Director: Joseph Depew

79 :03x07 - Back to Marineland

Jethro returns to Marineland hoping to be accepted as a US Navy marine.
Guest Stars: Robert Carson as Marineland Manager | Sharon Tate as Janet Trego
Director: Joseph Depew

80 :03x08 - Teenage Idol

A rock 'n' roll idol pays a visit to his old friends, The Clampetts, and receives some unpleasant surprises.
Guest Stars: Alan Reed as Eddie Colton | Susan Walther as Teenager #1 | Marie Elena as Teenager #2 | Jesse Pearson as Johnny Poke
Director: Joseph Depew

81 :03x09 - The Widow Poke Arrives

Granny decides it's time for Jed to meet a worthy woman so she summons a potential wife for him.
Guest Stars: Jesse Pearson as Johnny Poke | Ellen Corby as Mrs. Emma Poke
Director: Joseph Depew

82 :03x10 - The Ballet

Mrs. Drysdale looks for money support for a ballet and has no other choice but turning to Jeff.
Guest Stars: Roy Fitzell as Dancer #1 / Choreographer | Barrie Duffus as Dancer #2 | Diane Reese as Dancer #3 | Kim Condon as Dancer #4 | Consuela Moran as Dancer #5 | Laura Lamb as Dancer #6 | Roy Darmour as Taxi Driver | Leon Belasco as Victor Gregory
Director: Joseph Depew

83 :03x11 - The Boarder

The Clampetts rent a room to a British butler. The butler turns out to be Drysdales' manservant.
Guest Stars: Arthur Treacher as Mr. Pinckney
Director: Joseph Depew

84 :03x12 - The Boarder Stays

Butler Pinckney's job of culturing the hillbillies becomes an uphill battle.
Guest Stars: Arthur Treacher as Mr. Pinckney

85 :03x13 - Start the New Year Right

After learning Mrs. Drysdale's health is frail, the Clampetts resolve to visit her at the hospital.
Guest Stars: Les Tremayne as Dr. Stuyvesant | Jill Jarmyn as Nurse #2 | Sue England as 1st Nurse

86 :03x14 - Clampett General Hospital

The Clampetts consider they can heal Mrs. Drysdale better than the hospital doctors so they proceed to take her to their mansion.
Guest Stars: Willis Bouchey as Dr. Sanders | Jean Howell as Nurse

87 :03x15 - The Movie Starlet

A movie actress makes Jethro fall head over heels for her.
Guest Stars: Bernie Kopell as Jerry Best | Rodney Bell as Guard #2 | William Newell as Guard #1 | Sharon Farrell as Kitty Devine

88 :03x16 - Elly in the Movies

A leading actor, Dash Riprock, confuses Drysdale's secretary for the real actress, Elly May.
Guest Stars: Sally Mills as Girl #1 | Ann Henry as Girl #2 | Diane Bond as Girl #3 | Marilee Summers as Girl #4 | Bill Quinn (1) as Tom Kelly

89 :03x17 - Dash Riprock, You Cad

The Clampetts are baffled about Jane Hathaway's charm over men, when poor Ellie May loses her second boyfriend, Dash, who has fallen the for the plain secretary.
Guest Stars: Glenn Wilder as Race Burley | Jack Bannon (1) as Bolt Upright | Murray Alper as Studio Driver | Dermot A. Cronin as Crunch Hardtack | Kent Miller (1) as Tab Strong | Jeff Davis (2) as Biff Steel | Sharon Tate as Janet Trego

90 :03x18 - Clampett A-Go-Go

A reckless artist stays at the Clampetts' mansion after he crashes his car when he sees Elly May in bathing suit.
Guest Stars: Alan Reed, Jr. as Sheldon Epps | Larry Pennell as Dash Riprock

91 :03x19 - Granny's Romance

A dashing playboy courts granny. The man has been hired by Mr. Drysdale.
Guest Stars: Kent Smith as Clifton Cavanaugh | Irwin Charone as Night Club Captain | Sylvia Lewis as Phyllis

92 :03x20 - Jed's Temptation

Granny gets addicted to gambling when she attempts to save Jed from falling into it.
Guest Stars: Don Rickles as Fred | Ralph Montgomery as Usher | Iris Adrian as Wife | Sylvia Lewis as Phyllis

93 :03x21 - Double Naught Jethro

Jethro's illusion of becoming a brain surgeon is put aside for his aspiration to be a spy.
Guest Stars: Joyce Nizzari as Mabel Slocum | Sharon Tate as Janet Trego | Roy Roberts as John Cushing

94 :03x22 - Clampett's Millions

Drysdale is shocked to learn his favorite clients' fortune has been grabbed by a rival banker out of his bank.
Guest Stars: Joyce Nizzari as Mabel Slocum | John Alvin as Harry Barth | Roy Roberts as John Cushing

95 :03x23 - Drysdale's Dog Days

Drysdale is confronted by Granny who's willing to see her share of the Clampetts' fortune.
Guest Stars: John Daheim as Chauffeur | Steve Brodie as Guard | Grandon Rhodes as Judge Crandell

96 :03x24 - Brewster's Honeymoon

Mr. Brewster plans to honeymoon with his new bride in a fancy hotel, but to his surprise ends up in the Clampet's little old cabin.
Guest Stars: Frank Wilcox as John Brewster | Lisa Seagram as Edythe Brewster

97 :03x25 - Flatt, Clampett, and Scruggs

Two visiting friends enlighten Granny as she feels a little homesick.

98 :03x26 - Jed and the Countess

Jed sees a chance to wed the returning Countess Maria who comes to visit after firing her chauffeur.
Guest Stars: Burt Mustin as Humphrey | Jean Willes as Countess Maria

99 :03x27 - Big Daddy, Jed

A hippie and his gang ask Jed for some money assistance when their hangout is in peril.
Guest Stars: Alan Reed, Jr. as Sheldon Epps | Richard Lerner (1) as Wiggy | Paul DeRolf as Horace | Keva Page as Shaky | Marianne Gaba as Squirrel

100 :03x28 - Cool School is Out

Granny becomes a beatnik when invents a new hippie dance.
Guest Stars: Alan Reed, Jr. as Sheldon Epps | Richard Lerner (1) as Wiggy | Paul DeRolf as Horace | Keva Page as Shaky | Marianne Gaba as Squirrel

101 :03x29 - The Big Bank Battle

Jed is lure with a top position at a bank in order to convince him of changing his bank.
Guest Stars: Sue Casey as Roberta Grahman | Roy Roberts as John Cushing

102 :03x30 - The Clampetts Versus Automation

The Clampetts come to the assistance of a bookkeeper who was fired at the bank to be replaced with a computer.
Guest Stars: Sharon Tate as Janet Trego | Byron Foulger as Leroy Lester

103 :03x31 - Luke's Boy

Grany feels disappointed when Beau, a likely groom for Elly May, jilts her. So she schemes to change the young man's mind.
Guest Stars: Edy Williams as Girl | Robert Easton as Beauregard Short | Chanin Hale as Linda Curry | Patricia Winters as Ann Gardner

104 :03x32 - The Brewsters Return

The Clampetts want to treat well oil tycoon Brewster and his refined wife after the hillbillies ascertain Brewster's intention to build his new house.
Guest Stars: Lisa Seagram as Edythe Brewster | Edy Williams as Fourth Kitty Kat Showgirl | Hal Taggart as Walter McKeegan | Frank Wilcox as John Brewster

105 :03x33 - Jed, the Bachelor

Fed up with Beverly Hills lifestyle, Granny forsakes her family and decides to return to her beloved hills but a detour leads her to Las Vegas.
Guest Stars: Ray Kellogg as Policeman | Julie Van Zandt as Police Woman | LaRue Farlow as Woman | Peter Leeds as Truck Driver

106 :03x34 - The Art Center

When one of Mrs. Drysdale's plans to get rid of The Clampetts misfires, the hillbillies display their artistic skills in painting and sculpture.
Guest Stars: Chet Stratton as Fredericks | Gay Gordon as Model | Walter Woolf King as George Engel
Warning: The Beverly Hillbillies guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 26, 1962
Ended: September 07, 1971
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