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Blackadder: Bells

Blackadder's in love! Unfortunately for him, it's with a boy! As soon as a young 'man' comes looking for work in Blackadder's service, there's an instant – almost electric – connection between them; but soon, Blackadder feels the turmoil of confusion getting increasingly unbearable.

Episode Info

Episode number: 2x1
Airdate: Thursday January 09th, 1986

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Guest Stars
Barbara Miller (1)
As Wise Woman
Gabrielle Glaister
As Bob/Kate
Rik Mayall
As Flashheart
Edward Jewesbury
As Kate's Father
John Grillo
As Dr. Leech
Sadie Shimmin
As Young Crone
Main Cast
Rowan Atkinson
As Prince Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh / Lord Edmund Blackadder / Edmund Blackadder, Esq. / Captain Edmund Blackadder
Tony Robinson
As Baldrick, son of Robin the Dung Gatherer / Baldrick / S. Baldrick / Private S. Baldrick
Tim McInnerny
As Lord Percy Percy, Duke of Northumberland / Lord Percy Percy, heir to the Duchy of Northumberland / Captain Kevin Darling
Stephen Fry
As Lord Melchett / General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett
Miranda Richardson
As Queen Elizabeth I of England
Patsy Byrne
As Nursie
Tony Aitken
As Minstrel in Credits (uncredited)
Episode Notes
Stephen Fry (Lord Melchett), Miranda Ricardson (Queen Elizabeth I) and Patsie Byrne (Nursie) join the regular cast in this episode.

Lord Edmund Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson) is the great-grandson of Prince Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh (Rowan Atkinson) of The Black Adder.

Throughout the series, whenever Rowan Atkinson and Stephen Fry appear together, they have the same type of facial hair or lack thereof:
• In Blackadder II, Blackadder's Christmas Carol and Blackadder: Back & Forth, Lord Blackadder and Lord Melchett both have beards.
• In the Blackadder the Third episode "Duel and Duality", Edmund Blackadder, Esq. and the Duke of Wellington both cleanshaven.
• In The Cavalier Years, Sir Edmund Blackadder and King Charles I both have goatees.
• In Blackadder's Christmas Carol, Grand Admiral Blackadder of the Dark Segment and Lord Frondo are both cleanshaven.
• In Blackadder Goes Forth, Captain Blackadder and General Melchett both have moustaches.
• In Blackadder: Back & Forth, Centurion Blackaddicus and General Melchecus are both cleanshaven.

They are only three exceptions to this, all of which occur in Blackadder: Back & Forth:
• The bearded Lord Blackadder is having a dinner party on December 31, 1999. One of the guests is the cleanshaven Archbishop Melchett.
• Lord Blackadder also shares two brief scenes with the cleanshaven Duke of Wellington.
• In addition, Lord Blackadder also shares a scene with the cleanshaven General Melchecus.

This is the first appearance of Stephen Fry (Lord Melchett) on the series. He would later play the Duke of Wellington in the Blackadder the Third episode "Duel and Duality" and General Melchett in Blackadder Goes Forth.

This episode reveals that Nursie's real name is Bernard. She also has three sisters named Donald, Eric and Basil and was present at Queen Elizabeth's birth.

Episode Quotes
Lord Flashheart: Nursie, I like it firm and fruity. Am I pleased to see you or did I just put a canoe in my pocket? Down, boy, down.

Blackadder: Where have you been?
Lord Flashheart: Where haven’t I been?! WOOF! (performing a pelvic thrust)

Bob: But my lord, I have a great secret!
Blackadder: What?
Bob: Prepare to be amazed.
(She starts undressing)
Blackadder: Oh no, you haven’t got one of those birthmarks shaped like a banana have you?
Bob: No.
(She is still undressing)
Blackadder: Or a tattoo saying “Get it here?”
Bob: No.
Blackadder: Oh God, you’ve got one of those belly buttons that sticks out haven’t you?
Bob: No, my Lord.
Blackadder: Well what could it possibly be?
(Bob flashes Blackadder her breasts, proving she is actually a woman)
Blackadder: Aah…Good Lord!

(Baldrick is in a dress as the maid of honour)
Blackadder: It’s strangely in keeping with our courtship that your maid of honour should be a man.
Baldrick: Thank you very much, my lord.
Blackadder: …Well I use the word “man” in as broad as possible a sense. For as we all know God made man in his own image. It would be a sad lookout for Christians throughout the globe if God looked anything like you, Baldrick.
Kate: Ignore him Balders, you look as sweet as a little pie!
Blackadder: Kate, he looks like what he is: a dung ball in a dress.

Lord Flashheart: (to Baldrick) Thanks bridesmaid, like the beard, gives me something to hang on to

Lord Flashheart: Ah, Melchett. Still worshipping God? Last I heard... He'd started worshipping me.

End Song:

So Flashheart tweaked the Adder's beard,
from now he always shall be single
To fall in love with boys is weird
especially boys without a tingle

Blackadder! Blackadder!
His taste is rather odd
Blackadder! Blackadder!
A randy little sod

Lord Flashheart! Lord Flashheart!
I wish you were the star
Lord Flashheart! Lord Flashheart!
You're sexier by far

Lord Flashheart: Nursie! I like it, firm and fruity! Am I pleased to see you or did I just put a canoe in my pocket?

Lord Flashheart: She's got a tongue like an electric eel, and she likes the taste of a man's tonsils!

Queen Elizabeth: (slightly depressed) Every seems to get married except for me.
Nursie: And me, ma'am.
Queen Elizabeth: Oh, shut up, Bernard.

Episode Goofs
Rik Mayall's false moustache is hanging half off throughout most of his scene.

Warning: Blackadder season 2 episode 1 guide may contain spoilers
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