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103 - Recap

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The cast is killed of by arrows. A Bill Plympton cartoon is shown then in one of the longer skits in the show, the cast would do a parody of “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition”. Aniston would play a Model “M” whose an airhead. Kim Walker would play the model “Misty” whose afraid of everything. Another model named Gwendela plays the sex model and Julie Brown would play the psychotic model Eeya.

A “right this moment” skit would feature KITT, Demi Moore, Ross Perot, Alf, and the loneliest repairman. Another “Armed Family” segment would be shown where Aniston’s character is an on a blind date with a guy who plans on robbing the family. There would be another Bill Plympton cartoon The skits ends with Sports Illustrated spoof focusing on Eeya who as the crazed, perfectionist model stabs people who get too close to her.

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