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Season 9

218 :09x01 - The Big Job

An armored car heist, resembling the precision of a military assignment, ends with a $4,000,000 payoff for the thieves. THE FBI returns for its ninth season of battling crooks, with a new man (Shelly Novack) joining Efrem Zimbalist Jr. on the Bureau team. First case involves a $4 million robbery which sets off a chain of FBI detective work. A tiny blood stain and a siring of lucky guesses help them nail the gang and its clever mastermind.
Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as Higgins | Laird Stuart as Kurt | Hank Stohl as Executive | Charles Knox Robinson as Bartlett | Jason Johnson as Choirmaster | Tim Herbert as Lerner | Roberta Haynes as Landlady | Mark Gordon as Williman | Paul Fix as Farrell | Marj Dusay as Mrs. Higgins
Director: Don Medford

219 :09x02 - The Confession

The manager of a selfish, spoiled nightclub entertainer has kidnapped her daughter as a means of revenge.
Guest Stars: Phil Wright as Billy | Nancy Wilson as Darlene Clark | Royce Wallace as Wardrobe Lady | Tom Selleck as Steve | Lynne Moody as Linda | Hal Linden as Abel Norton | Lorraine Gary as Angela Norton | Frank Bonner as Johnson
Director: Don Medford
Writer: Jack Turley

220 :09x03 - Break-In

A million dollar bank robbery is committed by an escaped convict and his family.
Guest Stars: Don Stroud as Bud Munsey | Nancy Malone as Unknown | Lou Frizzell as Unknown | Kevin Coughlin as Unknown | Jackie Cooper as Harlan Slade
Director: Marc Daniels

221 :09x04 - The Pay-off

The syndicate has bribed a witness to act on their behalf, but now believe he would be better off dead.
Guest Stars: Joseph Wiseman as Gilford | Jacqueline Scott as Patricia | Paul Richards as Powers | David Morick as Beckman | Earl Holliman as Frank | Ed Gilbert as Latham | Gene Dynarski as Brown
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

222 :09x05 - The Exchange

A robbery at a race track leads the agents to capture the thief in the act, but he reveals that he was forced to do so to protect his kidnapped wife from being murdered by the masterminds.
Guest Stars: Jesse Vint as Unknown | Ralph Smiley as Hotel Clerk | Ron Randell as Unknown | Scott Marlowe as Unknown | Harry Hickox as Jamieson | Scott Ellsworth as Newscaster | Francis DeSales as Dr. Layton | Barbara Colby as Marti | Antoinette Bower as Unknown
Director: Marc Daniels

223 :09x06 - Tower of Terror

The agents race against time after a man announces he has planted a bomb in a high rise building, but didn't give a location.
Guest Stars: Scott Walker (1) as Prager | Mario Roccuzzo as Unknown | Richard O'Brien (2) as Captain Jenkins | Victor French as Riles | Anne Driscoll as Mrs. Staley
Director: Don Medford

224 :09x07 - Fatal Reunion

A bank robber makes a visit to his hometown, where the citizens are unaware of what he does for a living or that he is wanted by the FBI.
Guest Stars: Alfred Ryder as Urban | Hari Rhodes as Ormond | Susan Oliver (1) as Margaret | Ed Nelson as Hamilton | Charles Lampkin as Hargroves | Michael Heit as Jeffrey | Dana Elcar as Waverly | Michael Bell (1) as Parent
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Mark Rodgers

225 :09x08 - Rules of the Game

A witness against the mob is being set up for a hit by the son of the syndicate boss.
Guest Stars: Anthony Zerbe as Brimmer | Joe E. Tata as Elliott | Paul Stewart (1) as Reese | Naomi Stevens as Mrs. Ladera | John Marley as Tully | Jerry Douglas as Agent Munger | Paul Cavonis as Steve | Ninette Bravo as Cara | Jaime Lyn Bauer as June
Director: Don Medford
Writer: Ed Waters

226 :09x09 - Fools Gold

A fugitive is forcing his former prison cell mate to get back into the life of crime.
Guest Stars: Stephen Young (1) as Brice | Leslie Nielsen as Hudson | Susanne Benton as Molly | Lou Antonio as Parrish
Director: William Wiard

227 :09x10 - The Killing Truth

The son of a man who was sent to prison is hunting down the Federal judge who convicted him.
Guest Stars: Tim O'Connor as Unknown | Lloyd Nolan as Judge Harper | John Milford as Unknown | Anna Lee as Susan Harper | Audrey Landers as Janine Winchell | David Fresco as Unknown | Jack Bender as Joe
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

228 :09x11 - The Bought Jury

A man on trial is helped by the mob to get a not guilty verdict in order for the syndicate to kill him off.
Guest Stars: Carmen Zapata as Leila Dracus | Paul Kent as Hennings | Robert Gentry as Leo Miles | Joel Fabiani as Felton | William Elliott as George Watson | Frank DeKova as Dracus | Frank Campanella as Al Delgado | Hank Brandt as Rod Selwyn | Barbara Baldavin as Nora Selwyn | Mark Allen (1) as Barry Ryan

229 :09x12 - Ransom

A spiteful young woman wants to take advantage of her parents when she asks her kidnappers to raise her ransom price.
Guest Stars: Zalman King as Bernie | Jo Ann Harris as Unknown | Anne Francis as Tish | Michael Conrad as Danvers
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: Ed Waters

230 :09x13 - A Piece of the Action

A pair of brothers turn to crime when they start hijacking trucks for the mob for a price.
Guest Stars: Patrick Wright as Allerton | Bob Vanselow as Starnes | Kelly Thordsen as Oldham | Joan Hotchkis as Nancy | Jerry Gatlin as Angell | Anthony Eisley as Agent Wright | George DiCenzo as Dave | Charles Cioffi as Vic | Hal Burton (1) as Kreddis | Val Avery as Max Horton
Director: Don Medford
Writer: Mark Rodgers

231 :09x14 - Selkirk's War

An ex-Army officer wants to get his revenge against the Army by breaking two men out of the stockade and training them for a mission to rob the payroll.
Guest Stars: Roger Robinson as Carter | George Murdock as Dirken | Judy Lewis as Elinor Graham | Stacy Keach, Sr. as Bank Manager | Richard Jaeckel as Devlin | Peter Haskell as Selkirk | Roy Engel as Spies | Lawrence Dobkin as Horrigan | Norman Burton as Bren
Director: Walter Grauman

232 :09x15 - The Betrayal

An escaped convict decides to turn against the mob in order to create financial security for the daughter he feels he's neglected.
Guest Stars: Michael Tolan as Unknown | James Olson as Unknown | Emile Meyer as Unknown
Director: William Wiard

233 :09x16 - The Animal

Erskine and Rhodes are on the hunt for five escapees in New Mexico, one who is wanted for the murder of two policemen.
Guest Stars: Peter Mark Richman as Unknown | John S. Ragin as Unknown | Roger Perry as Unknown | Gary Lockwood as Unknown | Meg Foster as Unknown
Director: Walter Grauman

234 :09x17 - The Two Million Dollar Hit

A group of thieves find themselves double crossed by the man who was to fence money to Hong Kong, after a caper goes wrong.
Guest Stars: Henry Silva as Stan Chasen | Jack Ging as Selwyn | Sharon Farrell as Lee Thomas | Khigh Dhiegh as Chong | Lee De Broux as Nevins | Burr deBenning as Bishop | Randall Carver as Don | Jana Bellan as Ruth | Belinda Balaski as Sue | Norman Alden as Worth
Director: Robert Douglas

235 :09x18 - Diamond Run

An amateur diamond thief takes a young blind woman hostage while he searches for someone to buy his stolen gems and dodges the FBI and a private detective.
Guest Stars: Grayce Spence as Marion | Stack Pierce as Hillie Breslin | Laurence Luckinbill as Danzer | Arch Johnson as Arnie Cane | Fred Holliday as Agent Davis | Leo Gordon as Drunk Driver | James Gammon as Cauldwell | Eric Braeden as Becker | Elizabeth Ashley as Claire
Director: Michael Caffey

236 :09x19 - Deadly Ambition

A cocky young hoodlum and his friends use the explosives they stole from the National Guard, in order to heist an armored car.
Guest Stars: James Sikking as SA Ed Spanger | Gerald McRaney as Sheriff's Deputy | Vince Martorano as Sykes | Jo Jo Malone as Beverly Holmes | Mike Kopcha as Durst | Harvey Keitel as Ernie | Claudia Jennings as Judith Grinnell | Robert Hooks as Wilcox | William Hansen (1) as Harry Cahn | Don Gordon as Sid Alpert | Vincent Beck as Fisher
Director: Don Medford

237 :09x20 - The Lost Man

An escaped Federal prisoner wants to exact revenge on his partner in a blackmail scheme after learning that the partner is spending their ill-gotten cash.
Guest Stars: Bill Williams (1) as Crawford | Don Porter as Mason Hammond | Annette O'Toole as Brenda Porter | Jan Merlin as Colfax | Allyn Ann McLerie as Helen Porter | Jean Gillespie as Betty Hammond | Robert Foxworth as Greg Davidson | Reid Cruickshanks as McKenzie | John Carter as Porter
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Judy Burns

238 :09x21 - The Vendetta

Erskine hunts down a mobster who is out for revenge against his brother's girlfriend, who he believes caused his sibling's death.
Guest Stars: John Lupton as Thaler | Julie Gregg as Sandra | Jon Cypher as Belson | Dabney Coleman as Barnes | Gary Clarke (1) as Unknown
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

239 :09x22 - Confessions of a Madman

When a college sorority seems to be the target of a psychotic killer, the agents are sent to hunt the murderer down.
Guest Stars: Christine Dixon as Gloria McMann | Jodean Russo as Wilma Grant | Robert Pine as Vaughn Teller | Albert Lantieri as Joe | Mary Frann as S.A. Pat Driscoll | Elliott Street as Darsie Neal | Daniel J. Travanti as Jason Grant
Director: Philip Abbott

240 :09x23 - Survival

Erskine's partner becomes critically injured while searching for an escaped convict in the wilderness.
Guest Stars: Dabney Coleman as Barnes | John Lupton as Thaler | Jon Cypher as Belson | Gary Clarke (1) as Unknown | Julie Gregg as Sandra
Director: Seymour Robbie
Warning: The F.B.I. guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Sundays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 19, 1965
Ended: September 01, 1974
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