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Season 9

The Facts of Life Reunion

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186 :09x01 - Down and Out in Malibu (1)

Jo is given a job house sitting for actor Richard Moll in Malibu, which is fortunate since she is unemployed and homeless at the moment.
Guest Stars: Richard Moll as Himself | Sandy Simpson as Paul | Johnny Dark as Sergeant Canfield
Director: John Bowab

187 :09x02 - Down and Out in Malibu (2)

Richard Moll returns home to find that a running bathtub has flooded his place while in Jo's responsibility.
Guest Stars: Rusty Coleman as Delivery Boy | Greg Norberg as Sergeant Wells | Nancy Everhard as Cindy Garver | Sandy Simpson as Paul | Clyde Kusatsu as Budget Bob | Richard Moll as Himself
Director: John Bowab
Writer: Ross Brown

188 :09x03 - Rumor Has It

A professor with a reputation as a playboy causes rumors to be spread around school when Blair starts spending time with him.
Guest Stars: David Arnott as Nick Drexler | Judson Allen as Scott Travis | Frances Megan as Jane | Charles Summers as Dean Stanton | Evonne Kezios as Amanda | Bonnie Campbell Britton as Rebecca | Franc Luz as Professor Katt
Director: John Bowab

189 :09x04 - Before the Fall

Natalie is assigned to do a feature story on the school's ROTC program, but she fears the job when it is discovered that she must make a parachute jump from an airplane.
Guest Stars: Dennis Haysbert as Sgt. Evans | Patrick Cronin as Chris Morgan | Renee Props as Jody | Sarina C. Grant as Sgt. McNamara
Director: John Bowab

190 :09x05 - Sweet Charity

Jo enjoys her new job at the community center doing social work, but soon finds out there is no money left in the budget to pay her salary.
Guest Stars: Bumper Robinson as Todd | Paul Provenza as Casey Clark | Elmarie Wendel as Jackie
Director: John Bowab

191 :09x06 - Up from Down Under

A girl arrives from Australia named Pippa, who claims to be an new exchange student at Eastland.
Guest Stars: Michael Preston as Kevin McKenna | Ken Lerner as Max | Troy Evans as Police Officer
Director: John Bowab

192 :09x07 - The More the Marrier

Tootie goes on a date with another man when her boyfriend says he can't make it to the winter carnival.
Guest Stars: Claude Brooks as Rudy | Don Gibb as Wendell | Clarence Gilyard, Jr. as Matt | Robert Romanus as Snake | Todd Hollowell as Jeff | Paul Provenza as Casey Clark
Director: Valentine Mayer

193 :09x08 - A Rose by Any Other Age

Blair is awestruck when the honor student she invites over for a study session, seems more interested in Beverly Ann.
Guest Stars: Jeff Allen (1) as Larry Preston
Director: John Bowab

194 :09x09 - Adventures in Baileysitting

Blair runs off for tea with a friend, leaving her baby sister with the gang, only to return to find out no one is sure where she is.
Guest Stars: Sabrina Wiener as Little Girl | Ashleigh Sterling as Bailey | Evelyn Guerrero as Mrs. Martinzez | Marj Dusay as Monica Warner
Director: John Bowab

195 :09x10 - It's a Wonderful Christmas

Beverly Ann has a glimpse of what life would have been like if she had never come to Peekskill. Blair's finances, Tootie's engagement, Natalie's freedom , Pippa's self respect, Andy's home life and Jo's life are all affected.
Guest Stars: Chuck McCann as Santa Claus | Don Dolan as Police Officer
Director: Valentine Mayer

196 :09x11 - Golden Oldies

A look in the future, 40 years ahead to be exact, where the girls are older but still live together in the same place.
Guest Stars: Bill Macy as Harold
Director: John Bowab
Writer: John Boni

197 :09x12 - A Thousand Frowns

Andy's new big brother is hiding a secret, which maybe why his is living each day as if it was his last.
Guest Stars: Paul Provenza as Casey Clark | Scott Bryce as Rick Bonner
Director: John Bowab

198 :09x13 - Something in Common

Jo's father isn't to pleased when he hears that her new boyfriend has a job as a piano player at a restaurant.
Guest Stars: Scott Bryce as Rick Bonner | Alex Rocco as Charlie Polniaczek
Director: John Bowab

199 :09x14 - Peekskill Law

Blair becomes an intern at a law firm and is assigned a murder case. He appears to be guilty to everyone, except for Blair.
Guest Stars: John Wesley as Crandall | Kathleen Connell as Secretary | Tony Steedman as Judge | James Staley as Barkley | Alan Autry as Clark Darrin | Franc Luz as Richard Katt
Director: John Bowab
Writer: Mark Tuttle

200 :09x15 - A House Divided

Natalie and Tootie's boyfriends don't exactly see eye-to-eye when they meet for the first time. Meanwhile, Jo is furious over a repair job on her bike.
Guest Stars: Todd Hollowell as Jeff | Robert Romanus as Snake | John Del Regno as Ralph
Director: John Bowab
Writer: Mark Tuttle

201 :09x16 - The First Time

Natalie and Snake spend their first night together, and she fears the reaction both her friends will give and what Snake is feeling.
Guest Stars: Robert Romanus as Snake
Director: Marion Deaton
Writer: Ross Brown

202 :09x17 - Let's Face the Music

A day at the spa does not turn out as expected when Jo and Blair get invited as guests of a musical sponsor.
Guest Stars: Hannah Cutrona as Meena | Peter Marc Jacobson as Mr. Wayne | John Kassir as Andre | Tuesday Knight as Amy | Warren Burton as Sergio Pavan
Director: John Bowab

203 :09x18 - Less Than Perfect

Blair is worried how she will be perceived after her forehead receives a cut in an automobile accident, ruining her perfect appearance.
Guest Stars: Paul Provenza as Casey Clark | Ron Fassler as Dr. Nichols | Catherine Paolone as Nurse
Director: Valentine Mayer

204 :09x19 - Till Marriage Do Us Part

Everyone is excited when Rick proposes to Jo, all that is except for Jo, who has yet to say yes or no.
Guest Stars: Twyla Littleton as Wanda | John Ingle as Minister | Scott Bryce as Rick Bonner | Alex Rocco as Charlie Polniaczek | Paul Provenza as Casey Clark | Todd Hollowell as Jeff | Robert Romanus as Snake
Director: John Bowab
Writer: Ross Brown

205 :09x20 - Present Imperfect

Jeff's grandmother gives Tootie a pendant as an engagement gift, which she feels is too ugly to wear. But when Andy and Pippa throw a wild party, the necklace is battered and causes Tootie to panic.
Guest Stars: Mike Finneran as Delivery Man | Mars Callahan as Larry | Cindi Dietrich as Karen | Devon Odessa as Alexis | Beah Richards as Grandmother | Todd Hollowell as Jeff | Nicky Katt as Mark
Director: John Bowab
Writer: Kathy Lette

206 :09x21 - On the Edge

Jo's job at the social services center puts her into action when the supervisor for suicide prevention threatens to jump from the top of the building.
Guest Stars: Sidney Chankin as Mr. White | Sonya Winton as Annie | John Harnagel as Police Officer | Jane Dulo as Mrs. Beets | Suzanne Krull as Melissa | Alexandra Borrie as Sandy
Director: John Bowab

207 :09x22 - Big Apple Blues

Natalie's new roommates are not as she had expected when she makes her move into a Soho apartment in New York City.
Guest Stars: Terrah Bennett Smith as Nina | Michelle Little as Claire | Richard Grieco as Ben | David Spade as Scott
Director: John Bowab

208 :09x23 - The Beginning of the End

When Eastland threatens to close due to bankruptcy, Blair comes through and purchases the school in order to keep it open, but needs to interview for a new headmaster and round up students.
Guest Stars: John Welsh (1) as Mr. Morehead | Sal Viscuso as Frank Payne | Shirley Prestia as Miss O'Donnell | Patrick T. O'Brien as Mr. Copeland | Richard Mehana as Mr. Plimpton | Jason Naylor as Beldon Glover | Marissa Mendenhall as Sam Bellanger | Meredith Scott Lynn as Ashley Payne | Juliette Lewis as Terry Rankin | Danny Dayton as Mr. Avery | Kathleen Freeman as Noreen Grisbee | Mayim Bialik as Jennifer Cole | Nicolas Coster as David Warner | Seth Green as Adam Brinkerhoff | Sam Behrens as Wes Mitchell
Director: John Bowab

209 :09x24 - The Beginning of the Beginning

Blair makes herself the new headmaster and works on her first task, convincing a young girl to stay in school.
Guest Stars: Lawrence Lowe as Man in Chicken Suit | Ross Jolly as The Guy | John Buchanan (1) as Steve | Jason Naylor as Beldon Glover | Marissa Mendenhall as Sara Bellanger | Meredith Scott Lynn as Ashley Payne | Juliette Lewis as Terry Rankin | Sam Behrens as Wes Mitchell | Seth Green as Adam Brinkerhoff | Scott Bryce as Rick Bonner | Mayim Bialik as Jennifer Cole | Kathleen Freeman as Noreen Grisbee | LaRue Stanley as Waitress
Director: John Bowab
Warning: The Facts of Life guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: August 24, 1979
Ended: September 10, 1988
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