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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Lion on Fire

One-legged James Paleski, once a great lion tamer, asks Slate for a job.
Guest Stars: Harry Guardino as James Paleski | Joan Freeman as Nina Henderson | Alfred Ryder as Count Von Scherling | Dale Van Sickel as Ed Gallo | Ollie O'Toole as Watchman

2 :01x02 - Silent Love, Secret Love

A girl wants to join the flying trapeze act of her sister and brother-in-law.
Guest Stars: Russ Tamblyn as Tom Tittle | Robert Webber (1) as Rudy | Ruth Roman as Inge Johansen | Tuesday Weld as Louisa Johansen

3 :01x03 - No Middle Ground for Harry Kyle

Slate tries to convince a once famous escape artist, now a carnival swami, to return to the Big Top.
Guest Stars: Dell Graham as Acrobat | Joseph V. Perry as Anton | Aaron Saxon as Pete Hanley | Buddy Lewis as Guido | Robert J. Wilke as Lou Sirotta | Joey Walsh as Ted Kyle | Martha Scott as Claire Kyle | José Ferrer as Harry Kyle

4 :01x04 - Don't Look Down, Don't Look Back

A man wants to quit his family's high-wire act but his father threatens to disown him if he does so.
Guest Stars: Buck Taylor as Joe | Theodore Marcuse as Bill Morris | Bradford Dillman as Vito Fortunato | Brenda Vaccaro as Felicia | Gilbert Roland as Cesare Fortunato

5 :01x05 - Garve

Slate is faced with a choice of either firing a bareback rider or having to close his show.
Guest Stars: Ted Stanhope as Doc | Booth Colman as Boykin | Maggie Pierce as Betty | Peggy McCay as Anne | Harold Stone as Greenwood | Hugh O'Brian as Garve

6 :01x06 - The Loser

An actor hires a former trapeze star to coach him for his latest role unaware that the man caused his wife's death.
Guest Stars: Rudy Dolan as Policeman | Diane Sayer as Cynthia | Helen Westcott as Veda Devine | Joby Baker as Rick Andover | Eddie Albert as Frank Land | Sal Mineo as Billy Archer

7 :01x07 - Uncaged

A circus aerialist is charged with robbery and an overzealous prosecutor wants to add murder to the list of charges.
Guest Stars: Douglas Henderson as Lempeck | Marian McCargo as Mrs. Kelly | Joseph V. Perry as Clown | Robert Doyle (1) as Eddy | James Coburn as Kelly | Fabian as Mac | Zeme North as Eloise

8 :01x08 - The Circus Never Came to Town

Slate gives a mentally retarded man a job as a circus clown despite warnings against doing so.
Guest Stars: Michael Hinn as guest star | Dal McKennon as guest star | David Winters as Tig | Billy Curtis (2) as Danny | Frank Sutton as Uncle Marko | Monica Tenner as Cindy | Cliff Robertson as Willie Simple
Director: Arthur Hiller

9 :01x09 - An Echo of Faded Velvet

Slate unwittingly becomes the target of a revenge plot when he purchases five horses from the scion of a once great family empire.
Guest Stars: Edward Faulkner as Dowling | John Baer (1) as Crony | John Astin as Bartley | Felicia Farr as Isabel Duval | Anthony Franciosa as Warren Duval

10 :01x10 - The Hanging Man

An aerialist refuses to let his son bask in the spotlight so the lad begins flirting with the father's galpal.
Guest Stars: Robert Ball (2) as Clerk | Charles De Vries as Lederman | Fay Spain as Alicia | Michael Parks as Cristos | Ricardo Montalban as Gus Trikonis

11 :01x11 - Leaves in the Wind

As a favor to a dying performer, Slate gathers some of her old pals together for a final visit.
Guest Stars: Ila Britton as Nurse | Rudy Solari as Guy Duchamps | Berkeley Harris as Rod Nichols | Sandra Gale Bettin as Doris | Paul Comi as Mike Wilkins | Marlyn Mason as Terry Carnahan | Paul Hartman as Eric Porter | Nina Foch as Angelica Cellini

12 :01x12 - The Wrecker

Two no talent assclowns steal an elephant from the circus.
Guest Stars: Howard Caine as Bartender | Karl Swenson as Louis | Luana Anders as Margaret | Dennis Hopper as Rhymer | Dean Stockwell as Harley Brydell

13 :01x13 - Lady in Limbo

Kate Reynolds is a performer with no real friends until she becomes foster mother to the orphaned son of an animal handler.
Guest Stars: Dabbs Greer as Pops | Robert F. Simon as Greenwalt | Irene Tedrow as Agatha Potter | Roger C. Carmel as Kirov | Bill Mumy as Jeff | Lucille Ball as Kate Reynolds

14 :01x14 - A Black Dress for Gina

Gangsters pursue a high-wire artist they think can lead them to the location of a valuable pawn ticket.
Guest Stars: Chris Alcaide as Hodges | Michael Constantine as Verducci | Steve Harris (3) as Joey Gennaro | Geraldine Brooks as Gina

15 :01x15 - Where the Wire Ends

A tightwire artist is resentful of the newcomer whom Slade has added to her act.
Guest Stars: Carol Sandifer as Norma | Neil Nephew as Pancho | Erin Leigh as Sandra | John Dehner as Aubrey | Alejandro Rey as Chico | Dorothy Malone as Jeannie Gilbert

16 :01x16 - Corsicans Don't Cry

Slate gets a knife thrower to return to the circus in order to resume his act but the man must heal a breach with his wife whom he deserted years before.
Guest Stars: Frank DeKova as Joseph | Patricia Breslin as Lisa | Billy Gray (2) as Nick | Steven Hill (1) as Frankie Sartene
Story: Anthony Spinner | Teleplay: Paul Mason (1)

17 :01x17 - Big Man from Nairobi

Slate tries to keep an animal trainer from returning to Africa with his animals that he brought over.
Guest Stars: Duane Grey as Pitchman | Sarah Selby as Josephia | Miranda Jones as Louise | Tim Graham (1) as Finney | William Sargent as Jack Spangler | Billy Curtis (2) as Danny | Ellen Burstyn as Susan Mason | Cornel Wilde as Gil McMasters

18 :01x18 - The Show Must Go On-- to Orange City

Slate battles with a socialite who has booked an arena and refuses to let his circus use the place.
Guest Stars: Charles Knox Robinson as Ollie Forest | Alan Carney as Sam | Danielle de Metz as Maggie Valois | Tony Dow (1) as Billy Rusher | Martha Hyer as Lucy Carroll | Ken Murray as Sean Rusher | Ruby Keeler as Peggy Rusher

19 :01x19 - A Place to Belong

Slate hires a former circus boss to whip the show into shape and soon finds his authority being usurped.
Guest Stars: Francine York as Deedee | Susan Wedell as Marnie | Jon Silo as Pete Maas | Francoise Ruggieri as Margot | Joseph V. Perry as Charles | Buddy Lewis as Usher | Charles H. Radilak as Unger | Del Graham as Alex | Sally Carter-Ihnat as Jeannie | Jeremy Slate as Tommy Jackson | Leslie Wales as Kitty Brady | Louis Jourdan as Kurt Von Hecht

20 :01x20 - Man in a Hole

A former circus performer crawls into an abandoned mine shaft after being refused a job by Slate.
Guest Stars: Jack Lord (1) as Wally Walker | Bill Zuckert as Anderson | Jennifer Billingsley as Marie | Ed Peck as Sanders | Arte Johnson as Mario | Russell Johnson as Dr. Arnold Andrews | Phyllis Avery as Anne

21 :01x21 - Clancy

The head of an equestrian act refuses to replace an aging horse that has become dangerous.
Guest Stars: Marta Kristen as Billie Jo | Maggie McNamara as Moira O'Kelley | Edmond O'Brien as Mike O'Kelley | Jody McCrea as Patrick O'Kelley | Skip Ward as Sean O'Kelley | Larry Storch as Bob Eagle

22 :01x22 - The Last of the Strongmen

Slate hires a husband and wife team from bankrupt carnival only to have them begin causing all sorts of problems stemming from their marital woes.
Guest Stars: Nick Wolcuff as Manager | Bernie Hamilton as J. J. | John Dennis (1) as Charlie | Walter Brooke as Ralph Mack | Billy Curtis (2) as Danny | Marianna Hill as Edie | Bruce Dern as Vernon | Red Buttons as Walter Wallace

23 :01x23 - The Night the Monkey Died

Fear runs rampant in the circus when a Gypsy wardrobe mistress predicts that one of the performers will die.
Guest Stars: Buck Taylor as Tony | Paul Picerni as Marco the Magnificent | Suzi Carnell as Rachel | Barbara Bain as Betty | Martin Landau as Mario de Mona | Yvonne DeCarlo as Magda Kolday

24 :01x24 - Of Blood, Sawdust, and a Bucket of Tears

Slate's father asks him to turn his own small circus into a money making proposition.
Guest Stars: Alan Baxter as Richards | Al Ruscio as Julio | Doris Dowling as Minnie | Henry Beckman as Spike Samson | Julie Newmar as Willa Harper | Arthur O'Connell as Pop Slate

25 :01x25 - Rosetta

A young veterinarian offers the only hope of saving an ailing elephant.
Guest Stars: William Demarest as Paul Keller | Cecil Kellaway as Doc Browne | Annette Funicello as Melanie Keller | Dwayne Hickman as Dr. Greg Blakeley

26 :01x26 - The Glorious Days of the Used to Be

A former circus star tries to recapture her glorious past in the spotlight.
Guest Stars: K.L. Smith as Sanford | Gene Roth as Russell Phillips | Michael Panaieff as Art Stevens | Elaine Martone as Freda | Monique Lemaire as Prudence | Betty Hutton as Julia Dana | Don Ameche as Collie McCullough

27 :01x27 - Love the Giver

A young man plots revenge on the father who deserted him and his family years ago.
Guest Stars: William Woodson as Ringmaster | John Brinkley as Ron Silver | Susan Silo as Susan Silver | Brandon de Wilde as Vic Hawkins | James Whitmore as Marsh

28 :01x28 - This Train Don't Stop Till It Gets There

On his circus train, Slate must contend with both Federal agents and thieves.
Guest Stars: Deborah Walley as Anne | Sally Kellerman as Judith | Sheree North as Gloria | J. Pat O'Malley as Ross | Agnes Moorehead as Millie | Rory Calhoun as Roger | Spring Byington as Louise | Andrew Duggan as McHenry
Director: Allen Reisner

29 :01x29 - There are No Problems, Only Opportunities

A stockholder thinks his shares give him the right to tell Slate how to run things in regards to the circus.
Guest Stars: Antony Carbone as Abbott | Bernard Kates as Fenton | Frank Maxwell as Markham | Edgar Bergen as McTavish | Joanna Moore as Denny Greenleaf | Barry Nelson as Clay Kelfer

30 :01x30 - You're All Right, Ivy

Slate must deal with a girl who left home to join the circus only to discover that she has no real talent.
Guest Stars: Barbara Pepper as Fat Lady | Betsy Jones-Moreland as Louella Grant | Joan Blondell as T. T. Hill | Joe E. Brown as Diamond Dimey Vine | Buster Keaton as Pippo | Ted Bessell as Loring Wagner | Lynn Loring as Ivy Hatch | Lawrence Montaigne as Felix
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 17, 1963
Ended: September 08, 1964
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