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Season 1

The Huntress

After a bounty hunter is murdered, his wife and daughter dedicate themselves to finding the killer.
Guest Stars: Dalin Christiansen as Biker | Joey Miyashima as Ken Mitoguchi | Celesta Davis as Amber O'Toole | Jeff Olson as Naked Man | Ann Hamilton as Candy | Ron Levy as Biker's Son | Darci Stilson as Biker's Wife | Irene Santiago as Biker Chick | Andy Garrison as Fat Honey | Terry Wood as Newscaster | William Ferrier as Pimp | John Ashker as Ted Erwin | Norma Maldonado as Lt. Maria Chavez | Robert Baker (1) as Johnny | Mark Reed as TV News Reporter | Aleksa Palladino as Brandi Thorson | Alanna Ubach as Robin Ripley | Vicki Lewis as Myrna Factor | Matthew Glave as Dirk Mancini | Luis Guzman as Paulie Dortmunder | Michael Bowen as Henry Fowler | Nancy Roth as Patti Ashbury | George Sullivan as Captain Sallie | Mary Daniels as Bank CSR | Blake Lossie as Little Kid | Frank Layden as Judge | Enzo Mileti as Delivery Guy | Craig T. Nelson as Ralph Thorson
Director: Jeffrey Reiner
Writer: Bruno Heller

1 :01x01 - What Ralph Left Behind

Even though Dottie and Brandi brought in Tiny Bellows, Ricky isn't convinced they're legitimate bounty hunters so they head out after Tommy Van Slyke, who's also a bounty hunter now on the run after a shooting.
Guest Stars: Gary Busey as Tommy Van Slyke | John Patrick Clerkin as Prison Guard | Jordan Medina as 3 Year Old Girl | Nina Pena as 8 Year Old Girl | Derek McGrath as Driver | Ralph P. Martin as Les | Bertila Damas as Linda Van Slyke | Granville Ames as Claude St. Claire

2 :01x02 - The Kid

The Thorson women get custody of an amiable young man wanted on a minor offense who soon involves them in a more dangerous matter.
Guest Stars: Forbes Riley as Makeup Woman | Samantha Bennett as Actor Dottie | Jennifer Sefedi as Actor Brandi | Anastasia Basil as Secretary | Jeff Ricketts as Inmate #1 | Frank Rivera as Inmate #2 | Ransford Doherty as Inmate #3 | Rene White as Cashier | Don Perry as Old Man | Thomas Downey as Security Guard | Ned Luke as Detective Ellard | Bodhi Elfman as Toby Anders | Justine Miceli as Anita Temple | Brian Howe as Anthony Jackson | Norma Maldonado as Lt. Maria Chavez | Peter Onorati as Detective Hodes | Bill Applebaum as Prosecuting Attorney | Adam Bitterman as Slick

3 :01x03 - Springing Tiny

While tracking down an automobile thief who specializes in SUVs, Dottie visits Tiny in jail and gets interested in his case when he insists upon his innocence.
Guest Stars: Hubert Selby Jr. as Harry | Lorinne Vozoff as Mrs. Green | Maddie Mayerson as Britney | Kaley Ward as Britney's Mom | Joel McHale as Quickie | Bobbie Holtzman as Mrs. Scaife | Eric Saiet as Lamar | Brett Rickaby as Dupree Scaife | Michael McKean as Lt. Praeger | Nina Siemaszko as Dorina Patterson | Carlton Wilborn as Michael Maine | Yorgo Constantine as Clarence Battle | Darwyn Carson as Nurse | Val Lauren as Stump

4 :01x04 - Scattered

Dissatisfied at working with her mother, Brandi strikes out on her own with a different partner and ends up searching for the same quarry as Dottie.
Guest Stars: Susan Angelo as Hostess | Angela Nicholas as Sandrine | John Durbin as Thin Man | Peter Hendrixson as Larry Barket | Noor Shic as Indian Woman | Lynn Salvatori as Hostage Woman | Kenneth Choi as Douglas | Randy Kovitz as Professor | John Pyper-Ferguson as Jake Blumenthal | Joseph D. Reitman as Ferdie | Tommy Perna as Kent | Lee Cherry as Lee | Joanie Laurer as Duane | George Sharperson as Jerry Sparks
Director: Terrence O'Hara

5 :01x05 - Surprise Party

Hoping to capture bail jumpers, the Thorsons put out word that they're having a huge party at their house. Only expecting a few to show, the women are surprised by nearly 30 arrivals one of whom recognizes the house as belonging to the late Ralph Thorson.
Guest Stars: Jim Stathis as Cop | Lara Steinick as Paula | Jason Stuart as Barry | Angel Sheldon as Roy Oliver | Caryn West as Regina Rankin | Carla Renata as Betty | Ryan Yu as Clerk | Nigel Gugliem as Barnes | Marte Boyle Slout as Mrs. Oliver | Tom Simmons as Police Officer | Wanda-Lee Evans as Nurse | James DiStefano as Marco | Bart Braverman as Zarkanian | John Layfield as John Lee Leonard | Edward James Gage as Cop | Daniel Hutchison as Doctor | Shawnee Free Jones as Temp | Ann Ryerson as Nosy Neighbor

6 :01x06 - Bad Boys & Why We Love Them

A fugitive convinces Brandi that he's innocent and Dottie has a disastrous date with a tax attorney.
Guest Stars: Al Vicente as Ignacio Alegria | Frantz Turner as Limo Driver | Scott Splendin as Marker | Miguel Fernandes as Gangster #1 | Yolanda Snowball as Customs Woman | Adrian R'Mante as Bartender | Amaury Nolasco as Flaco Rosario | Richard Ian Cox as Adam Kirkman

7 :01x07 - Kidnapped

Brandi enlists Tiny's help when Dottie disappears while on a seemingly routine pick-up.
Guest Stars: Jerry Giles as Knudsen | Cyndi Marison as IRS Receptionist | Kim Delgado as IRS Guard | Missy Doty as Sharon | Tom McCleister as George | Julius Tennon as Fargas | Greyson Erik Pendry as Todd Schiffer | Geoff Mead as Geoff | Jim Abele as David Kimber | Ann Cusack as Melissa Schiffer
Director: Ryan Haidarian
Writer: Bruno Heller

8 :01x08 - Partners

The Thorsons next quarry is a former cellmate of Tiny's and he wants in on the capture. But Tiny's motives in this one aren't exactly Simon pure.
Guest Stars: Nicholas Bobia as Eddie | Jim Maniaci as Little Leo | Barry Livingston as Bald Man | Grant Heslov as Rasui | Sean O'Brien as Chick Talman | Suzanne Mara as Maggie | Michael Muhney as Mark Farrell

9 :01x09 - Black Widow

A woman accused of killing her hubby claims self-defense. When the Thorsons track her down they try to persuade her to turn herself into the authorities but then they discover that their quarry isn't quite what she first appeared to be.
Guest Stars: Dani Staahl as 911 Operator #3 | Deborah Van Valkenburgh as 911 Operator #4 | Tammy Tavares as Gallery Manager | Jim Harlow as Cop | Winnie McNee as Rachel | Sol Levin as Judge | Randall Elber as Jack | Jason Stuart as 911 Operator #2 | Kimberly Moss as 911 Operator #1 | Michael Muhney as Mark Farrell | Rosanna Arquette as Arlene Potts | Tom Bailey (1) as Drifter | Cliff Bemis as Stanton | Cheryl Carter as Maid | Rance Howard as Foreman | Lara Steinick as Woman at Barbecue
Director: Robby Benson

10 :01x10 - The Two Mr. Thorsons (1)

Dottie travels to Las Vegas to meet a woman who claims to have been married to the late Ralph Thorson--her husband. Then she's charged with murder when the other woman turns up dead.
Guest Stars: Jorge Luis Abreu as Ahmed | Susan Kohler as Nurse Brenda | John O'Brien as Mel | Brandon Molale as Casino Guard | Jayne Amelia Larson as Priscilla | Jim Hanna as Tim | Meredith Scott Lynn as Judith Logan | Kenny Johnson as Kevin Styles | Arthur Rosenberg as Jack Forbes | Edward Edwards as Lawrence Rose | Cindy Pickett as Gina Thorson | Alanna Ubach as Robin

11 :01x11 - The Two Mr. Thorsons (2)

After being charged with killing a woman claiming to be her late husband's real wife, Dottie must hide from the law in Las Vegas as well as prove her innocence.
Guest Stars: Alanna Ubach as Robin | Anthony Russell as Bob | Susan Kohler as Nurse Brenda | Jim O'Heir as Businessman | Raquel Gardner as Ellen | Louis Lombardi as Pinky | Jorge Luis Abreu as Ahmed | J. Kenneth Campbell as Rango Burke | Edward Edwards as Lawrence Rose | Arthur Rosenberg as Jack Forbes | Kenny Johnson as Kevin Styles

12 :01x12 - Smartest Guy in the World

The Thorsons latest quarry is an out of control computer geek whose latest software could be worth millions.
Guest Stars: Stephen Hart as Jim Remy | John Maynard (1) as Coach | Joe Howard as Chief | Scott Eberlein as Cop #1 | Frank Ruotolo as Cop #2 | Glenn Morshower as Interrogation Cop | Elisa Leonetti as Lorna | Paul Keith as Dave | Michael Muhney as Mark Farrell | Scott Rinker as Chris Malone | Jorge Luis Abreu as Ahmed | Barbara Tarbuck as Harriet Weiland | Samuel Bliss Cooper (1) as Barry Weiland | John Meese as Nate
Director: Joshua Butler

13 :01x13 - Run Ricky Run

Ricky's ne'er-do-well cousin gets him involved in a stolen car mystery which could prove lethal.
Guest Stars: Tony Rosselli as Foreman | James Jonas Hall as Bodyguard | Jim Maniaci as Little Leo | Stephan DuVall as Skyrider | Jorge Luis Abreu as Ahmed | Ricky Luna as Rudy Ramos | Roqueford Allen as Maurice Paxton | Granville Ames as Claude St. Clair | John Pyper-Ferguson as Jake Blumenthal | Ivonne Coll as Nelda Ramos | Tonatzin Mondragon as Alva
Director: Scott White
Writer: Larry Brody

14 :01x14 - Generations

Dottie sponsors a parolee who once robbed an armored car but others on the outside also have business to conclude with the erstwhile convict.
Guest Stars: Marshall L. Hodges as Zeke | Bari K. Willerford as Gully | Stu Rosen as Guard | Edward Asner as Max Quinlan | William Salyers as Douglas Quinlan | Leonard Termo as Lester Dole | Geoffrey Lewis as Martin Hurkle | Justine Miceli as Anita Temple | Christopher John Fields as Roger Angelie | Denny Kirkwood (1) as Jason Quinlan | Michael Muhney as Mark Farrell
Director: Robby Benson
Writer: Gerry Conway

15 :01x15 - Who are You?

The Thorsons apprehend a transvestite fugitive and bring him into custody and are asked by their neighbors for help with their daughter who's moved out and cut all ties with them. Meanwhile, the cross-dresser escapes from custody and he's vowed revenge.
Guest Stars: Laura Margolis as Holly | Shannon Lynn Hall as Beautician | Susan Peters as Stylist | Holly Jay as Businesswoman | Chris Pratt as Nick Owens | Jacqueline Schultz as Wendy Barrett | Alan Brooks as Marshall Barrett | Per Bristow as Kevin Miller | Deborah Kellner as Christy Barrett | Robby Benson as Dana Weatherly

16 :01x16 - Family Therapy

The Thorsons go after a fugitive celebrity author who took his love therapy too far with some of his female patients.
Guest Stars: Brett Wagner as Rex | Carey Tall as Errol | Andre Ware as Kaner | Scott Lusby as Driver | Alex Zonn as Customer | Daisy McCrackin as Sierra | Terry Rhoads as Larry | Michael Muhney as Mark Farrell | Melissa Marsala as Leslie O'Connor | Gina Hecht as Sharon Carlton | Mary Pat Gleason as Nurse | David Groh as Dr. Phillip Carlton

17 :01x17 - Busted

When Brandi is charged with drug dealing she skips bail thus forcing Dottie to track her down before the police.
Guest Stars: Eric Kushnick as Louis | Andrew Patrick Ralston as Dickie Manos | Roger Ranney as DEA Agent | Jullian Dulce Vida as Kirby | Mary Mara as Agent Forrest | Benjamin Benitez as Alex | Judd Trichter as Zev | Justine Miceli as Anita Temple | Michael Muhney as Mark Farrell | Denny Kirkwood (1) as Jason Quinlan
Writer: Chris Black

18 :01x18 - Undercover

A bail bondsman to the stars hires the Thorson gals and sends them undercover as maids to apprehend a pyromaniac who is destroying a wealthy family's business.
Guest Stars: Jason Alexander as Himself | Matt Robbie as Kent | Tracy Hutson as Secretary | Charlie Brewer (2) as Kevin | Stan Brown as Undercover Cop | Paul Dooley as Dante Cicollo | Thomas Newton as Sandor Barsamian | Jack McGee as Wes Lonigan | Terry Kiser as Frank | Michael Muhney as Mark Farrell | Iqbal Theba as Edouard Barsamian | Wendy Schaal as Helena Barsamian
Director: Robby Benson

19 :01x19 - Ah, Wilderness

Dottie and Brandi head for the mountains but it's not for some Busch beer. They're after an embezzler who's also being pursued by a Russian mobster.
Guest Stars: Michael Swiney as Deliveryman | Anil Raman as D. Q. | Bradley Stryker as Arno | John Billingsley as Bill Irwin | Levani Outchaneichvili as Ilya | Dennis Cockrum as Bo Lynch | Jack McGee as Wes Lonigan | Denny Kirkwood (1) as Jason Quinlan | Michael Muhney as Mark Farrell
Director: Scott White

20 :01x20 - Spooked

Brandi is forced to shoot a quarry who appeared to be reaching for a weapon but when nothing is found she and her mother both lose their bounty hunting licenses.
Guest Stars: Nils Allen Stewart as Seamus | Kevin McDermott as Bruno | Jim Maniaci as Little Leo | Sean Cullen as Edmund/Terence Riley | Justine Miceli as Anita Temple | Reed Diamond as Mike Kaputo | Arthur Rosenberg as Jack Forbes | Jack McGee as Wes Lonigan | Denny Kirkwood (1) as Jason Quinlan

21 :01x21 - Diva

Brandi and Dottie takes jobs as bodyguard for a singing diva who's been receiving threats against her personage.
Guest Stars: Michael Chieffo as Marvin Peeler | Rex Lee as Coordinator | Stu Rosen as Assistant Director | Donald Agnelli as Director | Dave Lafa as Derek | Reed Diamond as Mike Kaputo | Marquita Terry as Lisa Lee | Marshall Manesh as Jeff | Arthur Rosenberg as Jack Forbes | Jack McGee as Wes Lonigan

22 :01x22 - Showdown

The Thorsons work to solve the mystery behind the murder charge against Tiny but when the one responsible for framing him gets wind of this he sets up Tiny to be killed in jail.
Guest Stars: Nika Futterman as Olivia | Dick Kyker as Dave | Jason J. Tobin as Busboy | Jim Staahl as Calvin | Jerry Gelb as Nick Babbo | Anil Raman as D. Q. | Cory Hardrict as Jiks | Reed Diamond as Mike Kaputo | Arthur Rosenberg as Jack Forbes | Jack McGee as Wes Lonigan | Denny Kirkwood (1) as Jason Quinlan
Director: Robby Benson
Writer: Gerry Conway

23 :01x23 - Now You See Him

Brandi pursues a jumper who's also a magician while Dottie falls ill.
Guest Stars: Kelly Fowler as Young Woman | Don Richardson as Bartender | Scott Aukerman as Phil Hegel | Bruce Lurie as Ring Announcer | Rick Smalls Strickland as Bruce | Jonathan Levit (1) as Danny Blaze | John Pyper-Ferguson as Jake Blumenthal
Writer: Chris Black

24 :01x24 - Basic Maternal Instinct

Dottie takes in a ten year old girl who's been abandoned by her fugitive father. Then the girl's mother shows up leading our heroine to wonder if things are what they seem with this family.
Guest Stars: Susan Peters as Child Services Worker | Scott Berman as Kewl Whip | Andy MacKenzie as Creme Fresh | Lamont Johnson (1) as Ross | Molly Schaffer as Chloe Bates | Tom Bresnahan as Marty Bates | Eamon Behrens as Eric | Ashley Edner as Melissa Bates | Arthur Rosenberg as Jack Forbes
Director: Scott White

25 :01x25 - With Great Power

The Thorsons team up with a self-styled superhero who calls himself "the Blue Jaguar" in order to bring in a jumper whom even the late Ralph Thorson couldn't capture.
Guest Stars: Vincent Bowman as Vincent Blake | Edward Conna as Don | Douglas Busby as Young Man | Bart Sumner as Security Guard | Paige Segal as Stephanie | Harlee Moccia as Woman | Laura Peterson as Bride | Arthur Rosenberg as Jack Forbes | Tom McGowan as Ollie Drake | Ron Perkins as Ben Ainsley | Sean Moran as Tom Lindquist | Ezra Buzzington as Haskell Beauville
Director: Tim O'Donnell

26 :01x26 - The Quest (1)

After cracking Ralph's old safe, the Thorsons find clues to a 1989 kidnapping case which could lead them to a fortune.
Guest Stars: Joe J. Garcia as Salesman | Loren Lazerine as Parole Officer | Jennifer Yen as Newscaster | Sharon Saks as Housewife | Windham Beacham as Lou | Brian Herskowitz as Drunk Man | John Wheeler as Harry | Rose Portillo as Sheriff Agatha | J. Kenneth Campbell as Rango Burke | Leland Crooke as Edward Conklin | Sandra Purpuro as Maria Sandoval

27 :01x27 - The Quest (2)

The Thorson damsels continue on their quest to find $3 million in missing ransom money but a ruthless bounty hunter and a sleazy reporter are determined to beat them to it.
Guest Stars: Lawrence Mandley as Mechanic | Bonnie Hellman as Nurse Crinkle | Adam Wylie as Zack | Harper Roisman as Cal Chadwick | Windham Beacham as Lou | Alfred Franklin as Kenneth | Dani Staahl as Hooker | Tricia Leigh Fisher as Cashier | J. Kenneth Campbell as Rango Burke | Leland Crooke as Edward Conklin | Sandra Purpuro as Maria Sandoval

28 :01x28 - D & B, Inc.

A high tech bounty hunting corporation threatens to put Dottie and Brandi out of the business.
Guest Stars: Lisa K. Wyatt as Ms. Grande | James Geralden as Clerk | Toshi Toda as Man | Linda Grasso as Christine | Janice Davies as Delores | Andy Miller as Salesman | Michelle Duffy as Gail | Dwayne Macopson as Suit #1 | Rock Reiser as Sidney Julius/ Don Alonzini | Zachary Throne as Neil | Christina Haag as Meredith Krill
Director: Scott White
Warning: The Huntress guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Adventure | Crime
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: USA Network ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 26, 2000
Ended: September 09, 2001
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