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Season 15

232 :15x01 - NBC Premiere

For his 15th and final television season, Jack Benny is welcomed back to NBC after an absence of 16 years.
Guest Stars: Doug McClure as Himself | Roberta Shore as Herself | David Brinkley as Himself | Chet Huntley as Himself | The Marquis Chimps as Him/Herself
Director: Norman Abbott

233 :15x02 - Lucille Ball Show

Guest star Lucille Ball appears with Jack in a sketch that reveals the "true" story of Paul Revere's famous ride in 1775.
Special Guest Stars: Lucille Ball as Herself |
Guest Stars: Mary Young as Old Woman | Hoke Howell as Man | Elisabeth Fraser as Betsy Ross | Ned Miller as Town Crier | Arte Johnson as Charlie
Director: Norman Abbott

234 :15x03 - Andy Williams Show

Jack tells guest Andy Williams that he needs to work harder to promote his show biz career.
Special Guest Stars: Andy Williams as Himself |
Guest Stars: Norma Michaels as Customer | Caryl Rowe as Customer | Henry Beckman as Joe the Butcher | Lee Meriwether as Mother | Jesslyn Fax as Emma | Ned Miller as Autograph Seeker | Jeanette Eymann as Woman | Benny Rubin as Meat Market Manager | Madge Blake as Tilly
Director: Norman Abbott
Songs: Andy Williams -- I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face, Andy Williams -- Moon River, Andy Williams -- On the Street Where You Live, Andy Williams -- With a Song in My Heart

235 :15x04 - Income Tax Show

The IRS interviews Jimmy and Gloria Stewart about some unusual aspects of neighbor Jack's tax return.
Special Guest Stars: James Stewart as Himself | Gloria Stewart as Herself |
Guest Stars: Jeanette Eymann as Autograph Seeker | Scott Elliott as Waiter | Joan Marshall as Marsha Toogood | Harold Gould as 1st IRS Man | Bill Quinn (1) as 2nd IRS man
Director: Norman Abbott

236 :15x05 - Jack Makes a Comedy Record

Jack convinces Bob Hope that they should team up and record a comedy album together.
Special Guest Stars: Bob Hope as Himself |
Guest Stars: Lois Corbett as Lois Wilson | Jacques Shelton as Engineer | Mel Blanc as Mel | Maudie Prickett as Miss Gordon | Peter Leeds as Dick Reilly | Robert Ball as Bobby
Director: Norman Abbott
Songs: Bob Hope -- Thanks for the Memories

237 :15x06 - Hillbilly Sketch

Guest Connie Francis helps Jack lampoon The Beverly Hillbillies in this episode.
Special Guest Stars: Connie Francis as Herself |
Guest Stars: Dale White (2) as Harlow Wilson | Herbie Faye as Man | Sammy Weiss as Himself
Director: Norman Abbott
Songs: Connie Francis -- Al Jolson Medley, Connie Francis -- I Was Born Too Late

238 :15x07 - Jungle Sketch

In the sketch, Jack plays a scientist working on an experiment in the jungle and guest Abbe Lane plays his bored wifey.
Special Guest Stars: Abbe Lane as Herself |
Guest Stars: Ned Miller as Man | Jeanette Eymann as Nurse
Director: Norman Abbott
Songs: Abbe Lane -- I Believe in You

239 :15x08 - Jack Loses a Raffle

A group of Hollywood wives are tired of Jack's eyesore of an automobile so they sell him a ticket for a raffle which has been rigged for him to win. The grand prize--a new automobile.
Guest Stars: Ned Miller as Pete | Jack Pepper as Himself | Benny Rubin as Joe | Joan Swift as Secretary | Henry Hunter as Mayor | Harvey Korman as Director | Claudine Longet as Herself | Neile Adams as Herself | Mel Blanc as Plumber
Director: Norman Abbott

240 :15x09 - The Cat Burglar

On a night when he's playing poker with his buddies, Jack becomes convinces that there's a cat burglar sneaking around on the premises.
Special Guest Stars: Joey Bishop as Himself |
Guest Stars: Dick Wessel as Man | Sammy Weiss as Himself | Milton Parsons as Professor | John Zaremba as Policeman
Director: Norman Abbott

241 :15x10 - Jack Hires a Cook

In order to help Rochester with his household duties, Jack hires a cook.
Guest Stars: Roy Glenn as Roy | Jane Dulo as Miss Dooley
Director: Norman Abbott

242 :15x11 - Wayne Newton Show

Jack discovers a waiter who has an outstanding singing voice.
Special Guest Stars: Wayne Newton as Himself |
Guest Stars: Ned Miller as Orchestra Leader | Louis Nye as Harvey Hollis Pickering | Barbara Morrison as Woman
Director: Norman Abbott
Songs: Wayne Newton -- Falling in Love with Love, Wayne Newton -- When the Saints Go Marching In, Wayne Newton -- You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You

243 :15x12 - Jack Has a Sick Alligator

Jack summons a veterinarian when one of the alligators in the underground moat leading to his bank vault takes sick.
Guest Stars: Jane Dulo as Miss Dooley | Burt Mustin as Ed | Paul Lynde as Veterinarian
Director: Norman Abbott

244 :15x13 - Amateur Night

In order to save money on guest stars, Jack conducts another amateur talent show but Dennis Day is determined to enter the contest.
Guest Stars: Mel Blanc as Otto Kessler | Iris Adrian as Iris | Peggy Mondo as Peggy
Director: Norman Abbott
Songs: Dennis Day -- I Wanna Hold Your Hand

245 :15x14 - One Man Show

Jack does a one man show and takes questions from the audience which includes Gisele McKenzie.
Guest Stars: Gisele MacKenzie as Herself
Director: Norman Abbott
Songs: Gisele MacKenzie, Jack Benny -- Getting to Know You

246 :15x15 - Jack Jones Show

In the sketch, Jack plays a high school principal to singer Jack Jones' teacher and Don Wilson's coach.
Special Guest Stars: Jack Jones as Himself |
Guest Stars: Lee Meriwether as Secretary | Victoria Carroll as Miss Collins | Bill Dungan as Policeman
Director: Norman Abbott
Songs: Jack Jones -- Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered, Jack Jones -- I Need a Girl, Jack Jones -- It Only Takes a Moment

247 :15x16 - Jack Adopts a Son

In the sketch, Jack plays a goodhearted man who adopts a devious orphan (played by guest Milton Berle).
Special Guest Stars: Milton Berle as Himself |
Guest Stars: Joyce Van Patten as Mrs. Goodheart | Pitt Herbert as Silman | Joan Swift as Miss Thompson | Scott Elliott as Butler | Pat Thompson as Boy #1 | Keith Peters as Boy #2
Director: Norman Abbott

248 :15x17 - Kingston Trio Show

Jack ends up in Mexican jail cell and his cellmates are the Kingston Trio.
Special Guest Stars: Kingston Trio as Themselves |
Guest Stars: Vito Scotti as Captain | Don Keefer as Social Worker | Benny Rubin as Policeman | Mel Blanc as Sy |
Uncredited: Frank Remley as Himself | Jeanette Eymann as Female Prisoner
Director: Norman Abbott
Songs: Kingston Trio -- I'm Going Home, Kingston Trio -- Tijuana Jail

249 :15x18 - Jack Goes to the Monkey's House

Jack goes to visit the home of this week's guests--the Marquis Chimps.
Guest Stars: The Marquis Chimps as Him/Herself | Maxine Semon as 3rd Woman | Jack Pepper as 1st Man | Hoke Howell as 3rd Man | Joan Swift as 2nd Woman | Ned Miller as 2nd Man | Jeanette Eymann as 1st Woman
Director: Norman Abbott

250 :15x19 - The Stradivarius Story

Jack tells the story of how he managed to acquire a rare Stradivarius violin.
Guest Stars: Naomi Stevens as Mrs. Stradivarius | Ned Miller as 2nd Man | Claire Carleton as Selma | Benny Rubin as 1st Man | Phil Arnold as Charlie
Director: Norman Abbott

251 :15x20 - Jack Joins Acrobats

In the sketch, Jack becomes part of the act of a group of acrobats.
Guest Stars: Hallene Hill as Grandmother | Leo DeLyon as Technician | Shirley Anthony as Dorothy | Ralph Brooks as Sam | Forrest Lewis as Lansing | Jean Vachon as Martha | Orriel Smith as Lila | Benny Rubin as Benny | Harold Gould as Director | Ned Miller as Villager
Director: Norman Abbott
Songs: Dennis Day -- My Kind of Town

252 :15x21 - Rainy Day in Palm Springs

Jack decides to head for Palm Springs for some relaxation but inclement weather might spoil his plans.
Guest Stars: Evelyn Dutton as 1st Dancer | Pitt Herbert as Manager | Jane Dulo as Miss Dooley
Director: Norman Abbott
Songs: Dennis Day -- If Ever I Would Leave You

253 :15x22 - Jack Brings Ed Up From the Vault

Jack takes viewers on a tour of his legendary bank vault. This time he decides to let vault guard Ed see the sunlight.
Guest Stars: Burt Mustin as Ed | Benny Rubin as Policeman | Harvey Korman as 1st Sergeant | Milton Frome as 2nd Sergeant | Claire Carleton as Woman
Director: Norman Abbott

254 :15x23 - Jack Finds a Double

To help Jack with his workload, the studio hires an exact double but first he must fool Rochester.
Guest Stars: Irwin Charone as 2nd Executive | Philip Ober as 1st Executive | Phil Arnold as Slate Man | Hoke Howell as Assistant Director | Harold Gould as Director | Ned Miller as Janitor
Director: Norman Abbott

255 :15x24 - Jack's Navy Buddy Returns

Jack's old Navy buddy, who's retired after 40 years in the service, looks him up.
Guest Stars: Jack Pepper as Stub Walker | Harold Gould as Director
Director: Norman Abbott

256 :15x25 - Dennis Opens a Bank Account

When Dennis Day decides to open up a new bank account Jack decides to lend a helping hand with predictable results.
Guest Stars: Jeanette Eymann as Customer | Ned Miller as 1st Guard | Charles Cantor as Photographer | Herb Vigran as Publicity Agent | Benny Rubin as 2nd Guard | Roy Roberts as Banker
Director: Norman Abbott
Songs: Dennis Day -- There'll Be Music

257 :15x26 - Jack Appears on a Panel Show

Jack appears on a panel discussion show and finds the topics harder than he expected. Then they turn towards finance.
Special Guest Stars: Vincent Price as Himself | Angie Dickinson as Herself | Joyce Brothers as Herself |
Guest Stars: John Willis as Moderator | Richard Benedict as Himself | Benny Rubin as Photographer | Herb Vigran as Steve
Director: Norman Abbott

258 :15x27 - Jack Has Dog Trouble

Jack has dinner at the sponsor's house only to have their pampered pooch ruin his expensive new suit.
Guest Stars: Ned Miller as Customer | Harvey Korman as 2nd Salesman | Henry Hunter as Lewis | Pitt Herbert as 1st Salesman | Eleanor Audley as Mrs. Lewis | Phil Arnold as 3rd Salesman | Benny Rubin as Otto
Director: Norman Abbott

259 :15x28 - Smothers Brothers Show

Sketch: During WWII, Jack is trapped in the London rubble with an unexploded bomb. The bomb removal crew--the Smothers Brothers.
Special Guest Stars: Tom Smothers as Himself | Dick Smothers as Himself
Director: Norman Abbott
Songs: The Smothers Brothers -- Blue Tail Fly, The Smothers Brothers -- Boil That Cabbage Down, The Smothers Brothers -- I Never Will Marry, The Smothers Brothers -- Love in Bloom
Warning: The Jack Benny Program guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Music | Sketch/Improv
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: 07:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 29, 1950
Ended: September 10, 1965
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