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The Quest Begins - Recap

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In a tavern in Ye Olde England, an old seadog is telling everyone about his adventures with pirate Flint. The seadog then tells them that as Flint he died in his arms, he was given a treasure map.

Later, the seadog’s son Jim Hawkins is sweeping up when he sees a blind rat, Pew who was earlier in the bar enter the house. Pew pushes a piece of paper under Jim’s father’s door. The dog looks at it and collapses. Jim enters the room and calls for Doctor Livesey. Jim’s father says ‘he’ has found him. Jim looks at the paper, containing a black dot, which his father calls the black spot. Jim’s father tells his son that all his adventures with Flint were true and that a one-legged pirate called Long John Silver has found him. Jim’s father gives his son the map and the key to the treasure chest, telling him to stop Long John before he gets his hands on the treasure. Livesey enters and tells them the pirates are coming. Jim’s father tells his son to go and find Treasure Island. The lad sees Pew and three pirates, hyena Nibblich, warthog Morgan and a weasel running up the path. Jim jumps out of the window as the pirates break down the door. Pew sends the pirates after Jim. Chased by them, the lad eventually jumps over a bridge and lands into some rubbish. The pirates keep going straight on. Jim is safe.

A sea captain walks past Jim and helps him out of the rubbish. Jim explains pirates are after him. The sea captain, Captain Smollett takes Jim to his ship, the Hispaniola where Jim explains his story. Smollett offers his service to help Jim find the treasure. Jim comments they need a crew so the duo go to Squire Trelawney’s (a friend of Smollett) house and climb up a ladder to his bedroom window. Smollett gently uses a stick to tap on the window but then accidentally breaks the window, waking the Squire, who opens the window and thinks the duo are robbers. Smollett explains who he is and the Squire remembers. Trelawney invites them into the room where Jim tells the Squire they need money but he sends them back out of the window. Jim mentions the treasure, changing Trelawney’s mind.

Next day, the Hispaniola is prepared for voyage. Soon, Livesey arrives and tells Jim the pirates came to the inn searching for the map and are now heading this way. The doctor tells Jim he must leave. The crew set sail just in time before Silver and his pirates arrive.

Later, Jim, Smollett, Trelawney and Livesey look at the map and doctor concludes that according to the map they must follow a series of riddles and clues to find the treasure. Jim reads the map and says the first clue is to enter through Poseidon’s Swirling Eye to reach the island. As the explorers begin to decipher the clue, Silver and his pirates arrive and attack the Hispaniola, taking the crew hostage just as they decide to travel north.

Jim and his friends are tied around a barrel. They are thrown around the galley by the waves, giving Jim an idea. On the next wave, they’ll tip the barrel on its side. It works, freeing them. Jim goes to look for food and the map while the others prepare the lifeboats.

In the kitchen, Jim (who must have found the map*) collects some food and hides in a cupboard when he hears someone coming. A female vixen, Jane enters carrying food preparing to cook it. She looks in the cupboards, looking for carrots. Jim hands her some. “Thank you” she replies then doubles back and finds Jim hiding. Before he can explain she closes the cupboard, hearing Silver coming, having discovered Jim and his companions have escaped. The pirate enters and Jane says if she catches them, they’re mincemeat. Silver leaves, after which Jim comes out of hiding. Jane explains that when she was a girl Silver kidnapped her but her wealthy parents refused to pay the ransom as she was so spoilt. Jane has heard Jim is looking for treasure and offers to help him if he takes her with him. Jim agrees but then Silver enters the kitchen, catching the two.

The others have been recaptured. Jim, Smollett, Livesey and Trelawney have been made to walk to the end of the plank while Morgan holds Jane. Suddenly, there is a storm. Jim sees a whirlpool where the centre is flashing and realises the answer to the riddle is jump into the eye (whirlpool). Jim and his companions plus Jane, who fights off Morgan jump into the water and swim into the eye. The five are washed up on an island.

On the Hispaniola, Silver tells his master, Pew that he had the map and was about to make Jim and his friends walk the plank. Pew tells Silver to find them so the pirate goes to the deck and looks through his spyglass.

* I'm unsure about this because I believe there's a few seconds gap between Parts 2 and 3 of this episode on YouTube. If anyone can help please let me know.

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Warning: The Legends of Treasure Island season 1 episode 1 guide may contain spoilers
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