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Memories Are Made Of This - Recap

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Jim and his friends find themselves on the island. The Squire says he can smell the treasure already and starts digging. He comes back up with an armful of what he believes is coins but they are really crabs. Doctor Livesey says that as this hunt is going to be a big enterprise, they’ll need shelter, water and safety before doing anything. He selects a suitable spot. Throughout the day, the explorers build a campsite of cabins and a wall surrounding the place made from wood taken from the island trees. Jim soon sees a skull and crossbones on a wall.

That night, Trelawney is keeping guard in the lookout tower while everyone else goes to bed. He then feels hungry and goes to get a snack but as he walks past, accidentally shuts Jim’s cabin window, startling the boy and thinking they are being attacked by pirates. Jim sees a dark figure, really the Squire and arms himself with a stick. Suddenly, the moon is covered by the clouds, sending everything dark and giving the Squire chance to walk past Jim. When the moon comes back, Jim moves his stick down, missing Trelawney and lands into some coconuts, startling the Squire and awaking Livesey and Trelawney who think the place is being attacked. Trelawney hides in Jane’s cabin and slowly walks backwards as he sees dark figures of Jim, Smollett and Livesey, believing they are pirates. The Squire ends up treading on Jane’s fingers, causing the girl to wake up and scream.

The pirates have docked near Skeleton Island. Long John Silver sees through his spyglass Smollett leading the others through the island the next morning and calls his crew preparing to follow them.

In the jungle, Smollett holds back a branch, letting the others through. Trelawney is the last to go through and moves a branch in front forward but as he lets go, it swings back and hits the captain, sending him into quicksand where he slowly starts to sink into it. The others (who soon discover Smollett is not with them) find a purple mist and head into the valley unaware Silver and his cohorts are secretly spying on them nearby. Jim and his companions walk through the mist, which lifts them off the ground. The Squire then tells Jim and Jane to get off his land. Livesey thinks he is at a medical conference. Jim appears to sweep up. Jane screams. Silver sees this, wondering what’s going on.

Meanwhile, Smollett is sinking further into the quicksand, calling for help when suddenly a hand pulls him out. His rescuer is a scruffy dog called Ben Gunn who tells him his friends can’t hear him and if they did they wouldn’t know him, having seen them go into the valley. Ben explains Jim and his friends are in danger and offers to take Smollett to them.

Back at the valley, Silver and his pirates prepare to ambush Jim and his companions. The mist clears. Silver demands the map and treasure chest key. Jim gives it to him. The mist has apparently affected them, causing them to lose their memories. Silver then takes them to a cave and ties them to a rock. When the tide comes in, the cave will fill with water, drowning Jim and his friends. While leaving, Silver gets his peg leg stuck in a crack in the mountain path and falls back, detaching the peg leg from his body. Helped by his crew, Silver gets out a new peg leg and fits it into the place of the old one.

Ben leads Smollett to the mist where they collect a few vials of the mist. As the cave fills up further with water, Silver and his crew plan to look for the treasure.

Smollett and Ben are running across mountain paths. Ben crosses a log over a chasm but the captain slides across it, scared of heights. Smollett says they don’t have to go this way but Ben sees the peg leg. He then starts running at warp speed, exploring the caves. Smollett, having got over the log, slides down the mountain path and lands on a boulder setting it off rolling behind him. The captain hides up a tree as the boulder falls down the mountain but the tree breaks and starts sliding down the mountain path. Ben jumps onto the tree, which enters the correct cave and smashes the rock, releasing Jim and his friends. They then swim onto the tree, their memories returned. Ben explains he’s been shipwrecked on the island for three years. Jim comments the pirates have the map. Following a remark from Trelawney, Livesey thinks he has an idea.

Silver and his pirates make their way through the jungle. Jim and his friends are hiding in the bushes. Ben has collected four vials containing the mist. As Jane as Trelawney hide up a tree, Jim, Livesey and Ben secretly open the vials affecting the pirates but Smollett accidentally drops his, intended for Silver. Ben explains that the mist softens the brains and they forget who they are but doesn’t change what they are: an evil man is still an evil man so all is not lost. Ben makes a noise, causing the pirates to attack Silver.

A few minutes later, Jim reclaims the map and key off Silver who is tied up and hanging upside down from a tree. Jim strikes a deal with the pirate: the map and key or a cutlass through the vitals. Everyone laughs as Silver screams in anger.

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