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The Watch Tower - Recap

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Nibblich and Morgan are collected coconuts unaware that Jim and Jane are hiding nearby in the bushes. The youngsters sneak past the pirates and Jim starts to take leaves off Ben’s boat. Jane worries about getting caught but Jim assures her that Long John Silver is on the Hispaniola and won’t see them. Jim and Jane row to Skeleton Island but Jane thinks it’s too dangerous. However, Jim tells her to read what’s on the map again as they have little time. She does and it reads: “From the watchtower looking through the dead man’s glass towards Mizenmast Hill. As the crow flies, stand the double palm”. Arriving on Skeleton Island, Jane asks what a dead man’s glass is. Jim says they’ll probably know when they find the watchtower.

Exploring the island, the youngsters carefully side step over a narrow mountain ledge. However, a section gives way and the duo fall. Jim grabs onto the ledge in time but Jane falls into the water below and a strange pink creature grabs her leg with its tentacle pulling her down towards its jaws. Jim drops into the water and uses his sword to cut the tentacle, freeing Jane. Getting out of the water, the two find a latched door, thinking it is the entrance to the tower. Jane wonders why it is latched from the outside and Jim thinks it’s to keep someone or something inside. They push the door open and inside hear noises and see bats and spiders. Climbing the stair, the youngsters see skeletons and scream causing rocks to fall. Terrified, they hurry up the stairs and run across a rope bridge arriving at a huge door. Jim tells Jane not to scream again as any loud sounds could bring the watchtower down. After the rocks stop falling, Jim and Jane keeping quiet, go through the door. They have reached the top of the watchtower, which contains cannons. Looking out of the gap in the tower, Jim realises the watchtower is in the cliff itself. Jane comments they can see the entire island from here and sees the Hispaniola. She then spots a spyglass in the hand of a nearby skeleton and realises it is the dead man’s glass. Jim takes the spyglass and looks towards Mizenmast Hill and sees two palm trees (the double palm). Jim’s excited cries cause more rocks to fall. The duo flee the tower but the map comes out of Jim’s waistcoat and is left there.

On Flint’s island, Jim realises the map is missing and thinks he must have lost it in the watchtower. Suddenly, Morgan and Nibblich who have overheard them, attack the youngsters. However, Jim and Jane manage to overpower them.

Returning to the campsite, the youngsters tell their story to the others. They mention finding the watchtower, spyglass, double palm trees, cannons and losing the map, shocking the others.

On the Hispaniola, Morgan and Nibblich have told Silver their story. Silver has heard about this watchtower from Flint. Pew arrives and says Jim will return for the map and suggests the lad could take them to it with Silver’s help.

Jim, Dr. Livesey and Captain Smollett are rowing to Skeleton Island. Smollett asks Livesey how the cannon could help them but the doctor says they can use it to frighten the pirates off the Hispaniola. Arriving on the island, the trio are unaware that Silver and his pirates are hiding nearby overhearing the plan.

Back at the campsite, Squire Trelawney sneaks off with the spyglass but is caught by Jane. Livesey has told them not to go hunting for the treasure until they get back. However, the Squire wants to locate the double palm tree and walks off. Jane follows him.

Back on Skeleton Island, Jim shows the doctor and captain the way to the watchtowe and tells them they’ll have to get wet by jumping in the water. Smollett notices the water is dark and knows there are pirates nearby. At this, Silver announces his presence. The pirates attack them but Jim jumps into the water. Silver tells his pirates to take Smollett and Livesey back to the ship while he follows Jim. Jumping into the water, Silver’s peg leg is grabbed by the pink creature. It pulls it off freeing the pirate. Silver gets out of the water and gets a new peg leg from his coat, fixing it in place of the old one. He arrives at the door and enters looking for Jim.

Jim meanwhile has found the map but sees Livesey and Smollett being forced to row to the Hispaniola. The lad hears Silver’s shouts.

Elsewhere, Trelawney and Jane are looking for the double palm tree. They walk on unaware it is behind them on a hill.

Back at the watchtower, Silver finds the huge door and orders Jim to open it. Jim doesn’t so he breaks the door down. Entering, Silver sees Jim has lit a torch and threatens to light a cannon, which is aimed at the Hispaniola unless the pirate lets his friends go. With no ship, the map is worthless. As Silver walks towards Jim, the boy threatens to light the fuse. Silver points out with no ship, no one gets off the island. The pirate tries to offer a deal with Jim: a peak of the map in return for some treasure of his own, offering half then most. Jim says the pirate will get nothing so Silver attacks him, causing him to drop the torch, lighting the cannon. Silver pushes the cannon away from the Hispaniola before it goes off.

Trelawney finds the double palm trees. Running to them, the cannons strike the trees, sending the Squire flying.

Livesey, Smollett and the pirates see the watchtower collapsing. Jim realises they won’t make it down the stairs in time. Silver finds a vine and tells Jim to jump on. They swing on the vine, which snaps sending them into the water. Smollett and Livesey overpower the pirates. The doctor calls Jim to swim to them. Silver tells the boy he can’t swim. Jim goes to rescue Silver who disappears under the water. Jim saves him but the pirate attacks Jim, the whole thing a bluff. Smollett hits Silver on the head with an oar before Livesey gets Jim onto the boat. As they row off, Jim tells Silver better luck next time before thanking him for saving his life.

At the campsite, Livesey bandages up Trelawney. The doctor tells Jim they lost the palm trees. The boy thinks they’ll never find the treasure but Livesey says they’ll find it; it’s only a matter of time before they come across the next clue. Jim says “Or perhaps the treasure itself.” “Perhaps my boy, perhaps” replies the doctor.

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Warning: The Legends of Treasure Island season 1 episode 3 guide may contain spoilers
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