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Now You See Me - Recap

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Jim and Jane are playing around when suddenly they stumble upon a graveyard. They see a skeleton of a pirate and realise its Flint’s graveyard, the burial place of Flint’s pirate trove, it’s on the map as Jim explains. Perhaps if Flint and his crew are buried here, then maybe so is the treasure. Jane says no one would ever think to search a graveyard. The two go to tell the others.

The youngsters lead Captain Smollett, Doctor Livesey and Squire Trelawney to the graveyard. The squire is eager to starting digging to look for the treasure but Jane thinks it’s wrong to disturb a graveyard. The squire tries to dig up a grave but can’t. Smollett says Flint may have left more than his pirates to guard his treasure. Livesey thinks there may be a curse that could be visited on those plunder the graves. Jane walks off a finds a ring on the floor. Jane, not thinking it is plundering, puts the ring on and starts to disappear. She tries to take the ring off but can’t. The others here her cries for help but run off thinking the graveyard is haunted.

On the Hispaniola, Long John Silver is feeding his piranha fish and tells them he should have his idiotic crew buried alive. Suddenly, it makes him realise Flint could have buried his treasure with his crew. Silver tells Morgan and Nibblich to get the boat ready as they’re going grave robbing. Silver then boasts how handsome he is and clever in front of Pew.

Back at camp, Jim realises Jane isn’t with them. They look around the campsite but there’s no sign of her. Suddenly, she tells them where she is and Jim comments ‘something’ touched him. When Jim says he can’t see, she tells him about the ring and how it made her disappear. Livesey comes to the conclusion that there are many things on this island that they don’t understand and the graveyard holds many secrets, which he believes should be left undiscovered.

The sceptical squire leaves the campsite and heads back to the graveyard but has second thoughts about it being haunted. Suddenly, he finds a grave with his name on it. Running off, he hears Silver and his pirates and hides. Silver treads on the squire’s hand with his peg leg but the squire puts his hand over his mouth before he can cry out in pain. Morgan and Nibblich are afraid of the ghosts but Silver asks them what they are more scared of: his sword or ghosts that can’t touch them. When the coast is clear, Trelawney returns to the campsite and tells the others. Although Livesey thinks the treasure isn’t buried in the graveyard, if Silver plunders the graves, unknown forces could be unleashed to wreak havoc on the island and everyone on it. Jim says they must stop the pirate and Jane has an idea.

Back at the graveyard, Silver orders his pirates to dig up the graves. Nibblich asks if it is wise. Howver, Silver threatens to kill them, so they do as they’re told. Opening a grave, Nibblich and Morgan become scared when bats fly out. Silver looks inside but there’s no treasure, only a skeleton. They open another grave but there’s no body. Silver thinking the treasure is buried in this grave, tells Nibblich to dig. He does so but then is attacked by worms. Silver and Morgan pull him out.

Jim, Smollett, Trelawney and Livesey are hiding nearby. Jane puts her plan into action and attacks the pirates but then Pew arrives and tells Silver it is Jane who is attacking them. The rat tells Silver to hold onto her. Pew knows these things. Jane is tied up. Pew drags her to a grave, which he believes contains the treasure. Jane tells him there’ll be trouble if the grave is opened and tells him about the ring and anyone who opens the grave will be doomed! Pew plans to make Jane open but Smollett comes out of hiding offering to open the grave instead. (Pew knew they were hiding, though he may be blind he claims to see more than they do.) Jim, Smollett, Trelawney and Livesey are tied up.

Jane refuses to open the grave but Pew tells Morgan to bring Jim. Pew cuts Jane’s ropes. The girl then opens the grave to everyone’s horror. Mystical forces come out. When the mists clear, Pew asks Silver to tell him what is in the grave. Nothing, it’s empty. Jim, Trelawney, Smollett and Livesey run for it, chased by Morgan and Nibblich. Suddenly, there is an eclipse. Everything goes dark, giving our heroes the chance to escape.

As the sun returns, our heroes arrive back at camp and see Jane in the lookout tower. She managed to get the ring off and throws it into the air, commenting she never wants to see it again. The ring lands into a seagull’s mouth and turns the bird invisible!

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Warning: The Legends of Treasure Island season 1 episode 4 guide may contain spoilers
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