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Flint's Return - Recap

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The episode opens with a montage of images showing his history of Flint with his pirates, burying the treasure, his death and grave.

Jim rows up to the Hispaniola where the pirates have kidnapped Ben Gunn having known his ashore with Flint when the treasure was hidden and want to know where it’s buried. Long John Silver makes Ben walk the plank. Ben jumps up and down on the plank. Silver demands him to tell him where the treasure is. The marooner says, “Where it is, I cannot say but Cap’n Flint might show the way.” Silver, unaware Jim has snuck on board the ship says Flint has been gone and buried many years. “Body yes but spirit’s not and it returns to mark the spot” replies Ben. Silver grabs Ben and asks him what he means. Ben tells him once a year when summers moontide comes, he leaves his rest to come and visit his treasure.

Jim goes down below and eardrops on Silver talking with his pirates, asking if they believe Ben’s story. Pew enters and tells them when moontide comes in two days, they’ll be waiting for the ghost. The demonic rat says what better way to find the treasure than be brought there by the one who buried it. Jim finds the cell holding Ben, the guard asleep. The lad opens the door and frees Ben, who is chained up. The duo are then caught by Pew, who recognises them from their breath and smell. The duo run and get into the boat. Pew tells Long John to stop them, so he launches the cannon but it misses their boat. Jim believes they’re safe, unaware that Rat is hiding aboard their boat.

Elsewhere, a frog like person is sitting down to eat his lunch of flies near Flint’s grave. Lightening strikes and Flint’s spirit rises from his grave. The frog-person hides. A shovel then magically appears in Flint’s hands and the ghost walks off.

Next morning at the campsite, Captain Smollett tells Jim he shouldn’t have risked himself. Doctor Livesey points out Ben may be crazy but the pirates believed his story and thinks they could turn it around to their advantage. Flint’s ghost may be the solution for getting the pirates off the Hispaniola and away from the treasure once and for all. The doctor has a plan, unaware Rat is listening to it outside the window.

Silver, Morgan and Nibblich have sent three hours in the jungle waiting for Flint’s ghost. Squire Trewlaney is dressed like and pretending to be Flint to trick the pirates, though Smollett comments that Flint limped. Trelawney isn’t pleased but Livesey points out he bears the closest resemblance to Flint, making him the best choice to fooling the pirates and leading them into their trap.

The Squire walks along carrying a shovel and is soon spotted by Silver and his pirates. Trelawney trips over a rock and Silver realises it’s not as it seems and he and his pirates follow the Squire.

Jim, Smollett and Livesey have set a trap: a net covered with sand. Once the pirates dig up the ‘treasure’, they’ll haul them up in the net. Jane reports the pirates are coming. They hide and soon the Squire starts digging, secretly watched by the pirates. Smollett grabs Trelawney as he walks past. Livesey prepares the cut the rope to trap the pirates. However, Silver and his pirates don’t dig in the spot. Morgan and Nibblich appear behind Jim and his friends taking them hostage.

Silver reveals to Jim and his friends that he knew of the plan from Rat. Silver makes Jim and his friends step on the sand and hauls them in the net. Suddenly, everyone sees the ghost of Flint. Silver follows it but his pirates run off. Long John follows the ghost but it soon disappears. Rat appears and climbs on Silver’s hat. He looks through his spyglass and discovers Flint is behind Silver. Rat screams. Silver turns around and sees the ghost, which then walks through him.

Trelawney is trying to bite through the net. Livesey tells him he can’t gnaw through rope. The others realise that once Long John finds the treasure, he’ll set off home and they’ll be marooned. Suddenly, the net is cut, freeing the five. Ben Gunn laughs, holding a knife, having been the one who freed them. “What’s the matter? You seen a ghost?” he asks.

Silver and Rat are still following Flint’s ghost who then walks into the sea. Silver follows and gets his peg leg stuck in the sand twice. On the second occasion, while trying to get it out, pulls his leg from the wood and falls back into the sea, commenting he’s getting sick of waiting for the ghost to dig. He yanks his peg leg out of the sand.

Jim and his companions have found Silver’s footprints. It isn’t long until dawn and Livesey thinks that Flint’s spirit will return to his grave at daybreak.

Flint makes his way to a rock in the sea. Silver and Rat are watching but fall into the water when trying to follow. Resurfacing, Silver can’t see the ghost. He tries to dig at the first spot. Soon, the sun rises.

Jim and his friends see Silver digging. Smollett asks where Flint’s ghost is. Before Livesey can give an answer, everyone sees it standing on a rock laughing. Silver demands to know where the treasure is but the ghost vanishes. Trelawney is disappointed but Livesey assures him that one day they’ll dig up the treasure without any help from spirits. Everyone then heads back to camp.

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Warning: The Legends of Treasure Island season 1 episode 5 guide may contain spoilers
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