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The Cave Of Babel - Recap

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The episode starts off where a cat-like creature enters a cave. Inside, it seems peaceful with laughing heard in the background. He covered in a blue glow, taking him around the cave but things become more sinister when he sees evil faces in silver. A stalagmite changes into a skull and the cat changes into many other animals such as bats and elephants before disappearing.

On the Hispaniola, Long John Silver and his pirates are waiting impatiently for Rat to bring them their supper. In the kitchen, Rat tastes the food and comments it needs salt and pepper. He finds the two jars, one labelled salt, the other labelled pepper then a spots a third jar labelled saltpeter, which he thinks is salt and pepper. "Yes, that ought to save time" he comments before putting it on the food making it glow. The food is then served. The pirates are about to eat the food when suddenly it blows up in their faces. "Err… too much pepper?" asks Rat.

Silver decides to remove Rat from the kitchen and instead makes him scrub the decks, warning if he messes up, he’ll be thrown off the ship. The rodent is given the mop but he finds it too heavy and drops it into the bucket sending water everywhere. Rat is knocked into cannonballs which fly all over the ship. Angered, Silver throws Rat off the Hispaniola.

Rat decides he must prove himself to get back on the ship. He hides up a tree when he hears Jim and Doctor Livesey talking about a cave, where they might have to dig their way in. Rat thinks Jim has found the treasure and runs off.

Jim and Livesey arrive at the cave and hear strange noises inside. Jim thinks there must be a hundred people in there and runs in. the lad sees the silver and his eyes start to become trance like. From the entrance, the doctor asks if he can sees anything and the boy tells him he sees yards and yards of silver. Rat, hiding nearby hears this and goes to tell Silver while Livesey enters the cave and tells Jim to come back. The boy says he will but puts his hand into the silver and is sucked into it. His face appears in the silver and he shouts the doctor for help. Suddenly, all the fumes in the cave disappear. Jim appears and is reformatted like a flat cardboard cutout and talking gibberish.

On the ship, Rat tells Silver of the cave filled with silver. Silver warns Rat if there is no treasure, he’ll roast him at sunset. They head to the cave, where Silver becomes affected by the silver like Jim before. He tries to grab the silver but then gets out his sword and fights the fumes, which spell out words like stop and help. Silver puts his hand in the silver and is sucked inside, Rat with him who was holding onto his peg leg. When everything clears, Rat’s head is on Silver’s body and Silver’s head is on Rat’s body. As a result, Rat takes over from Silver on the ship. Silver is angry but Rat points out that as Silver is now smaller but still smarter, they could use this to steal the map. Silver agrees.

At the campsite, Jim is talking gibberish while Rat hides in the bushes. Squire Trelawney and Livesey also discover the map has been reduced to nonsense, it's mixed up, making it useless. Silver hears this and tells Rat to no avail. The Squire points out that Ben Gunn has spoken of this cave. It traps words, people and whatever else wanders in and somehow rearranges them. If you go in by yourself, you end up speaking in reverse like Jim. Livesey realises they must return Jim to the cave to set him right. Silver and Rat also plan to return to the cave, hoping everything will be put right.

Everyone arrives at the cave where Long John reveals himself and demands the map, despite Livesey pointing out it is no good. The doctor sends Jim off to the cave while he fights the pirates. Jim enters the silver as Rat and Silver enter the cave. The two pirates also enter the silver. Inside the silver, Jim and Long John fight over the map. Eventually, after undergoing humorous cross changes, everyone returns back to normal but the map is still inside. Rat runs out with the map but is knocked by the blast of the cave explosion sending the map flying out of his hand. Jim grabs it. Angry, Silver runs after Rat. Jim looks at the map and discovers it has returned back to normal.

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