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The Labyrinth - Recap

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At the campsite, Jim is helping Captain Smollett fix one of the cabin roofs. The diamond from Squire Trelawney's ring falls out. It rolls across the ground towards a monkey eating a banana. The squire grabs the diamond before the monkey can and shoos away the creature then refixes the diamond back in the ring. Trelawney complains he can’t bear this place a moment longer and Dr. Livesey asks if there’s anything else he’d like to complain about or if not lend a hand.

On the Hispaniola, Nibblich reports to Long John Silver and Pew about an endless tunnel of darkness that takes a thousand years to find your way out. It is called the Labyrinth and those who enter will never see the light of day again. Pew dismisses Nibblich and comments he will need some bait (coins) and a long rope, planning to get rid of Jim Hawkins. Silver then says the map will be his and Pew hits him with his stick, so the pirate corrects “his” to “ours”. Pew tells Long John to launch the boat but leaves the pirate on board the ship to clean the deck instead.

The squire is collecting leaves but drops them, complaining of the work. He then spots a coin on the ground and sees a trail of coins leading into the tunnel. Pew is nearby. He ties one end of the rope around a tree and then the other around his waist before entering the tunnel, following Trelawney. “Goodbye Squire.”

On the ship, Silver complains about Pew bossing him around. Silver comments he found where the map was and Hawkins and took over the Hispanola then plans to get rid of Jim and his friends as well as Pew then the map and treasure will be his. Morgan picks up a sack of sand giving Silver an idea. He takes control of the ship and orders his crew to launch the longboat. Morgan puts down another sack and Long John picks it up, unaware it is in fact gunpowder.

Back at the campsite, Jim and his friends discover the Squire is missing and go to look for him.

In the Labyrinth, Trelawney hears noises. Frightened, he runs on and bumps into Pew.

Jim, Jane, Livesey and Smollett find the Squire’s footprints and follow them. They find Trelawney’s scarf next to the tunnel. Smollett believes their friend could be in trouble and they head into the tunnel. Silver is nearby, hiding behind a tree. The pirate cuts Pew’s rope then puts a scratch into the sack. He carries the sack over his shoulder and enters the tunnel, causing a trail of gunpowder behind him.

In the tunnel, Pew tells Trelawney he needs him for bait so his friends will search for him and then they’ll all be lost in the Labyrinth of which there is no way out. “Farewell Squire.” The Squire decides to tell Pew about the diamonds and how he stumbled about a chamber of them, hundreds or thousands at least. Pew thinks he’s lying but Trelawney shows him his diamond, so he unties him, takes the diamond and orders him to take him there. The rat then discovers the rope has been cut.

Jim and the others are in a chamber where they discover water, which has strange powers. Silver is not far behind them. The others then find themselves attacked by vines.

Pew and Trelawney are on a cliff edge. Between them and the other side lies a chasm. Pew tells the frightened Trelawney to move which he does, causing part of a path to magically appear with every step he takes eventually leading to the other side.

Jane thinks they’re going around in circles. Jim finds an X on the ground and looks at the map then shows the others, concluding this is no ordinary mountain. “The Labyrinth!” exclaims Jane.

Elsewhere, Pew discovers Trelawney has lied to him but the Squire comments he’s just forgotten where the chamber is. The Squire falls backwards, knocking down a pillar and exposing a cavern of diamonds. The others hear the crash. Trelawney discusses what he’ll do with his riches but Pew wants to take the diamonds and now kill the Squire. The others are hiding but Jim says they don’t need to hide, Pew can’t see them. Jane says she doesn’t believe that anymore (Now You See Me). Livesey sees diamonds on the ceiling thinking they’ve found the treasure but the Squire is in danger and they don’t know the way out. The doctor says this time it’s all or nothing.

Silver meanwhile discovers the sack has run out of its contents. He then hears Jim’s voice telling Pew he’s surrounded. The pirate sees that Jim and his friends have surrounded the rat. Silver reveals himself holding a torch and tells Jim that he and his friends are in grave danger and they may show him the way out and to the hold of the Hispaniola. Silver lies by offering to show Pew the treasure which is back at the ship and has laid a trail of sand leading back to the surface. Pew explains that he has marked his way back, showing the rope but then the pirate says the rope no longer reaches to the surface, causing it to appear to Pew that Silver has admitted to betraying him by cutting the rope. Angry, the sorcerer fires his magical staff at the pirate, causing him to drop the torch which then sets the gunpowder alight. Everyone smells burning. Smollett realises its gunpowder and announces they must get out of here. Angry, Pew fires his magical stick at Silver, who has noticed his mistake. Jane hears something and the good guys run through the gap leading to a cliff edge. Below is a river. Jim realises all rivers lead into the sea. Everyone jumps in and is swept to safety before the gunpowder explodes, destroying the Labyrinth.

Pew and Long John must have escaped from the cave (probably by jumping into the river likewise) because later on the Hispaniola, Pew punishes Silver by giving him a weeks work for each of his insolent acts: attempted mutiny, stupidity, blowing up the chamber of diamonds and trying to get rid of him, making four weeks work in total. When Pew goes, Silver, who is scrubbing the deck says his day will come.

Back at the campsite, Trelawney is sobbing, having lost his diamonds. He takes out his handkerchief and a diamond falls out of his pocket, having saved one from the chamber. Jim picks it up, commenting it’s huge. Trelawney tries to grab it but it smashes on the floor. Livesey comments a diamond can’t be easily broken and in fact it was made out of glass. Smollett and Jane tell him the Squire they’ve still got the map and lots more adventure ahead. At this, the Squire continues to sob while everyone laughs.

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