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The Fountain Of Truth - Recap

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Everything seems quiet at the campsite until Captain Smollett announces that the pirates are coming. Everyone fights against the pirates (bar the Squire). During the fight, Long John Silver gets his sword stuck in a tree. Soon, the pirates retreat puzzling the explorers as there were more pirates than them. Jim manages to pull the sword out of the tree, revealing a secret compartment in the weapon containing a map leading to The Fountain of Youth, the greatest treasure of all time. Trelawney is skeptical. Jim asks Smollett if he thinks it’s authentic but the captain lights a piece of wood to make a torch, saying they’ve just been attacked and safety is their first priority. Livesey and Trelawney throw water over the captain.

Next day, Jim, Smollett and Trelawney find the fountain amongst some waterfalls but Silver and Morgan are there. Silver drinks some of the water from the fountain and cries out in pain. Jim asks the pirate if he all right. Silver replies he is and admits two of his cohorts are waiting to ambush them behind the trees. Surprised, Morgan asks why he is warning them. The pirate replies he can’t help it, he tries to hold his tongue by the truth slips out. Jim discovers that the fountain is really The Fountain of Truth after noticing the true sign on the fountain. The lad realises anyone who drinks from it is forced to tell the truth and takes a sample for Livesey to test. Morgan flees but the others take Silver to the camp.

At the campsite, Silver is tied to a tree stump and tells everyone how wicked he is and asks for his tongue to be cut out. Jim plans to use the pirate to help them. Livesey thinks it will be unlikely. Smollett leaves Jim and Trelawney to guard Silver, telling them not to believe one syllable he says.

Later, the Squire complains he’s sick of eating coconuts and bananas and would like a shepherd’s pie. Silver tells the Squire if he’s looking for meat, there’s a clearing by a cliff by a cove with a tall palm in the centre and tells him to dig seven paces to the north and he will find out. The Squire gets a spade but Jim tells him they should wait until morning to check this out. The Squire then fakes hearing a noise and goes to investigate, taking the spade with him.

Next morning, the Squire, Smollett and Livesey are eating a joint of beef. Livesey asks Trelawney where he found it, so he says he followed a noise and heard plotting voices as he followed them half way across the island, trying to decipher their scheme. Smollett realises Trewlaney left his post so the Squire tries to lie saying it was only a short distance across the island. “The truth Squire!” demands Smollett.

That night, Smollett and Livesey guard Silver. The pirate tells the captain that ammunition can be found under a stone near Witch’s Rock and Smollett seems taken in by it. Rat is behind the tree stump trying to gnaw through Silver’s ropes. The rodent then sneezes, giving his cover away but escapes. Smollett chases after him but sees Witches Rock and believes he could do with a new cutlass.

The following day, the captain has brought back lots of weapons. Silver tells everyone that Smollett chased Rat but as the rodent’s tracks lead Port, while the ammunition crate tracks lead to starboard. Trelawney and Smollett start arguing so Jane fires the guns pointing out that they’re all meant to be on the same side and Silver is the enemy. Livesey says too much of the truth can be a deadly thing. Jane says how do they know if Long John is telling the truth. Jim says there’s only one way, one of them must drink the water from the fountain. Jane offers but Livesey says there’ll be no sampling until it’s thoroughly tested. Everyone starts arguing over who should take it. Jane sarcastically comments that Silver is probably the only trustworthy one there. However, Silver tells them his men have got the whole camp surrounded. They ambush it and free Silver intending to hang him for having betrayed them, Morgan having taken charge. Jim, Smollett, Jane and Livesey fight back, Silver joining them but Jane says there’s something suspicious about this attack. Morgan and his pirates eventually retreat. Silver wants to now join Jim and his friends calling himself Honest John, swearing allegiance. Jane asks if he’ll swear it on his mother’s grave. Silver says he will and Jane gives a funny look.

Later, John helps the crew out with various tasks. That night, he tells them he’ll give them the missing piece to Flint’s treasure map. They’re looking at him: John. He says he knew Flint like the back of his hand. Jim hands John the map. Looking at it, he tells them he knows the location of the treasure.

The following morning, everyone walks through the jungle. The Squire doesn’t trust Silver who is planning to give Jim an extra share of treasure. The trail leads into the swamp. John’s comments to everyone make each other think they are up to no good. The pirate disappears and soon the good guys are surrounding by crocodiles. John is on the side and tells them that they are really in living quicksand. Then, vines attack the explorers. Smollett orders John to help them but he doesn’t. The pirate reveals that everything: the map, the fountain and the ambush were a hoax and walks away laughing, now in possession of the map. Everyone starts arguing again and Jane tells them, it’s want Silver wanted: turning them against each other. Jim says if they want to get out of the swamp, they must work together and has a plan. He joins together Smollett, Trelawney and Livesey’s coat, attaches them to Smollett’s sabre and throws the weapon against a tree forming a ‘rope’. The doctor holds onto the other end of the line. Jim and Jane climb the coats to reach the tree for safety.

Silver arrives at the Hispaniola, cheered by his crew.

Back at the swamp, Jim, Jane, Livesey and Trelawney are safely in the tree. Smollett is left. Livesey throws him his sword. Jim, Jane, Livesey and Trelawney pulls the coats chain and safely lift the captain out of the swamp. Jim comments they now must get the map off Long John. Jane tells Jim not to worry about that.

Back on the Hispaniola, Silver reads the map, which is just a message, “Honesty is the best policy. Honest John.” Silver screams, realising he's been tricked.

Jane explains she switched the maps. She asked him to swear allegiance on his mother’s grave and realised he was lying because Silver’s mother is alive and well and living in Dover. Livesey asks Jane if she knew Silver was lying, why did she let them walk into the trap. The girl replies sometimes you have to use a little deception to get at the real truth. Besides she didn’t know if she could trust them.

Back on the Hispaniola, Long John’s pirates are throwing him in the air. “Can’t anyone be trusted in this confounded world?” he asks.

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Warning: The Legends of Treasure Island season 1 episode 9 guide may contain spoilers
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