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The Pool Of Prophecy - Recap

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Jim is swimming in the river with the map in his mouth chased by Silver and his pirates who are following him in a longboat. The pirates row away upon seeing they’re near the end of the river leading to a waterfall. Jim falls down the waterfall. Afterwards, he climbs over a bank and lands in a pool. Getting out of the pool, he finds himself covered in a green-blue substance and starts to feel strange. He passes out. Coming to, he sees visions of himself falling out of a tree, his sword being stolen, Jane being tortured by the pirates and himself becoming a pirate, commenting he’s the worst pirate anyone is likely to meet. “No, no, no” goes Jim.

Later, Jim finds himself in Ben Gunn’s treehouse. Jim tells Ben he saw these awful things. Ben tells Jim he fell into The Pool of Prophecy and everything he saw when covered in the pool’s green water will come to pass. Ben rescued Jim from the pool’s shore and tells him that those visions he saw will happen. Jim is sceptic as he thinks those visions were just a dream, convinced they won’t happen. The lad walks off and falls out of the treehouse. Having seen this in the vision, Jim puts it down to coincidence.

Elsewhere, Squire Trelawney and Doctor Livesey are testing out a boat with a rocket attached to it built by the doctor to look for Jim, which crashes into a tree. The doctor wants to test it again, making modifications, believing it to be a transportation breakthrough and comments he'll have the rocket-powered boat running again in a moment. Jane tells the two that Jim is coming back and goes to meet him. Jim tells her everything and what Ben said. The youngsters climb up a tree and Jim tells Jane about the visions. When he mentions about her being tortured, she is shocked, causing Jim to fall out of the tree, dropping his sword. Jim doesn’t believe the visions but Jane thinks there must be something they can do. While the two argue, Nibblich picks up Jim’s sword. The boy comes across Silver and Nibblich. Silver sends Nibblich back to the ship and plans to do a deal with the boy: visit him on the ship where they will make a fair trade for the sword. Silver runs off and Jim realises everything is coming true.

At sunset on the Hispaniola, the pirates wait for Jim but Jane arrives demanding the sword. She fights Silver who drops Jim’s sword. She tries to grab it but the pirate stops her.

Livesey and Trelawney tell Jim that Jane was worried about what he told, so she took matters into her own hands to try to make a difference. Jim asks why they didn’t go after her. The doctor says he thinks it the best time to give his invention another go. Also, the Squire only found her letter, thinking Jim had gone with her. Jim tells Trelawney and Livesey to prepare the longboat and meet him at the shore in ten minutes, saying he must find Ben, needing answers. The Squire comments they’ll never reach the shore in ten minutes but the doctor tells him they’ll use his rocket-powered boat to get there.

On the Hispaniola, Long John begins to stretch Jane on the body stretcher.

Jim goes to the treehouse and tells Ben everything is happening. The marooner talks in rhyme, telling him to face his fear by seizing tomorrow by challenging today, the boy finding it nonsense. Jim falls out of the treehouse again. Being reminded by Ben, Jim wonders, “I can change tomorrow?”

Trelawney and Livesey are travelling in the rocket-powered boat to reach the shore.

Silver continues to stretch Jane when he is called away by Morgan. Jim, Trelawney and Livesey are traveling on the rocket-powered boat to the Hispaniola where Jim says he about to have a meeting with fate. Silver spots the trio and invites Jim aboard on his own. The lad tells the doctor to keep the rocket going, as they might need to leave in a hurry. Jim orders Silver to release Jane but the pirate refuses. However, Silver returns Jim his sword and comments he could use a man like him on the ship as he’s smart and has more energy than ten of his best men. The pirate makes the boy a deal: he’ll hand over Jane to his friends while Jim stays on board the ship as a pirate. Remembering the vision and finally understanding Ben’s words, Jim fights the pirates, telling them he will never be a pirate. He frees Jane but is then caught by Silver. However, the vibrations from the rocket cause a mallet to fall from the ceiling, knocking Silver on the head. The youngsters head to the rocket powered boat and everyone escapes but the powder runs out. Jim comments he has learned a little bit about fate and plans to tell the doctor all about it while Trelawney rows them back to shore.

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Warning: The Legends of Treasure Island season 1 episode 10 guide may contain spoilers
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