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Tails We Win - Recap

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At the campsite, Jim and his friends are arguing over which way they should take. Fed up with them never listening to her, Jane walks off, leaving them. Jim and the others then find an upside down boat floating towards them with the weasel pirate lying on it, believing him to be a castaway while Jane makes her way through the jungle commenting that she never even liked half of them anyway, the doctor pompous, the Squire lazy. She remarks she doesn’t care if she never sees them again before picking up a purple flower.

Jim and the others go to rescue the castaway. Captain Smollett comments he’s not sure if he likes this. As he walks to help Jim and the others, the map falls out of his coat. On the shore, the weasel comes around and Silver and Morgan appear from under the boat, the whole thing a con. Jim and Silver sword fight while Smollett runs back to the campsite chased by the weasel. Morgan menaces Trelawney and Livesey. The captain reaches the camp, closes the door and picks up the map. Silver enters with Jim, Trelawney and Livesey hostage and demands the map. The doctor tries to be clever by saying they don’t know where it is so Silver orders his men to destroy the campsite. He tells them to cooperate but Jim says he’ll have to kill them first. Silver says it’s a good idea and pours some liquid into a well causing green smoke.

Jane finds herself in a jungle of beautiful flowers and trees, which leads to a lagoon. Suddenly there is a brief wind. Jane goes for a swim. She hears laughing and thinks it’s Jim at first but it turns out to two mermaids. She swims after them but a dolphin appears. The girl climbs on it’s back and it follows the mermaids, taking her a short distance.

Smollett has been locked up on the Hispaniola. From his cell, he tries to reach a bottle but drops it waking Morgan. The pirate wants to deal with Smollett but is called away by Silver. After he goes, Smollett manages to pick up the bottle.

Jane finds one of the mermaids, who is injured. Jane puts some algae on the injury and fastens it with string. The mermaid thanks Jane and tells her she must go but says they’ll meet again, they’re friends now and friendship lasts forever. The mermaid gives Jane a horn telling her to blow into it if she needs her before swimming away, remembering the mermaid’s words, Jane thinks about going back to the campsite.

Back on the Hispaniola, Smollett manages to put a message in the bottle and throws through the porthole before Silver and Morgan enter his cell.

Jane returns to the campsite only to find it destroyed and the others gone. She finds Jim’s sword.

On the Hispaniola, Jim is held hanging upside down above the sea while Smollett, Trelawney and Livesey are tied up. Silver lowers Jim towards the water where a shark is nearby.

Jane plans to find the mermaid but can’t remember the way. She falls into quicksand but is saved by a monkey. She then finds the lagoon.

Silver demands the map. Livesey and Trelawney tell Smollett to tell the pirate. The captain confesses that he put it into the bottle and threw it into the sea. The doctor and Squire are shocked. Silver thinks Smollett is lying because if he did that, they’d never see it again. The pirate plans to torture Jim in order to get the truth. Livesey tells Smollett to tell the truth but the captain says nothing. "Oh marvellous, marvellous" says Trelawney, realising the captain is telling the truth. Silver drops a bucket of fish into the water, attracting the shark.

At the lagoon, Jane calls for help to no avail. She then blows on the horn causing a pink mist to carry her underwater. A seahorse arrives and Jane rides on it. An eel soon arrives frightened the seahorse and causing Jane to fall off it sending her to the bottom of the ocean, knocking her unconscious.

Smollett, Trelawney and Livesey are now hanging upside down along with Jim above the sea.

The mermaids find Jane and take her to a cave where she comes around. The girl tells the mermaids that she needs their help to save her friends but the mermaid who befriended Jane say that she must get back to land as it’s not safe for her to stay down here, as it’s dangerous. The mermaid says she’ll rescue Jane’s friends. The other mermaid explains to Jane if she stays too long with them, she may never be able to return home again.

The shark is menacing Trelawney. Jim picks up a floating stick and smashes the shark’s teeth with it but more sharks arrive. With a few seconds left, Silver demands the map. The mermaid and Jane, who is riding on the dolphin suddenly arrive. The mermaid uses her trident to cause a wave sending Jim and his friends to land on the ship and Silver and his pirates to go overboard. The weasel is in the water while Silver and Morgan hold onto the ship but the mermaid causes another wave, this time soaking Silver.

Jane collapses. The mermaid says they must get her back to land fast. As Jane starts to turn blue, the mermaid blows on the horn calling a seagull who carries Jane back to shore. When Jane is back on shore, she returns to her normal colour. Waking up, she returns back to the campsite, where Jim and the others are mending the place.

Later, Jim and Jane are sitting on a rock on the shore. Jim tells Jane everything that happened to them and somehow they survived. Jane laughs. Jim explains that about Smollett hiding the map in the bottle and throwing it in the sea. Jane laughs again but the dolphin appears with the bottle on its tail and flips it to Jane. Jim asks where did she get it and Jane replies “Some old friend”. The dolphin waves his tail to Jane as he swims into the sunset.

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