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The Beginning Of The End - Recap

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Captain Smollett is leading everyone through the jungle convinced the clearing is right around the next corner, though according to Dr. Livesey he’s said that 16 times in the past hour, 17 according to Jane. Jim points out the captain is right: the clearing is straight ahead. Squire Trelawney has got himself separated from the others. He sees a spider and falls backing, losing his shoe. He sits down on a stone and puts the shoe back on. Looking up, he sees a terrifying face, causing him to scream and run into Smollett. Jim says, “Look! There it is!” referring to what Trelawney was scared of. The doctor tells the Squire he’s found what they’re looking for: it’s a statue of an ancient fire god. There’s a symbol on his crown. Livesey says these statues were built to remind people of the wrath of the gods. Jim hears Long John Silver calling from the Hispaniola, saying he’ll have the map by sundown. “Over my dead body Silver!” shouts Jim. Silver laughs and say “I couldn’t have said it better myself” before firing the cannon. Jim dodges the cannonball, which then hits the statue, destroying it. Jim then looks at the map, which turns black. The place starts to shake and Jane sees a volcano starting to erupt.

Later, the explorers are on the shore. Ben Gunn who realises all is lost, prepares the boat ready to leave the island. He says the balance is tipped, there is too much evil. Livesey asks what he means. The marooner replies it’s in the ancient prophecy: when the balance tips and evil grows too strong, Treasure Island will return to the sea in a blaze of fire. Jim asks what can they do, mentioning the treasure and remembering his promise to his father. Ben replies there’ll be no more treasure, no more island, no more friends, all is lost. He gets in the boat and rows away, telling them to get away while they still can but then his boat sinks. Jim and Jane rescue Ben from drowning. Lava starts to flow down the volcano.

After some scientific thinking, Livesey comes to the answer: within a few hours, the volcano will erupt, transforming the entire island into a flaming inferno of molten lava. Jim says they must get off the island. Jane points out that the map is useless but Jim says Silver doesn’t know it’s useless and they could offer him a trade. Jane asks how can they trust him, once he has the map, they’ve lost everything. Then Livesey says Jane is right and then asks what to prevent the pirate from killing them. Ben seems to be doing something strange and whispers something to Jim. “I never knew you could do that,” says Jim. “You never asked,” says Ben. This gives lad an idea; he has a plan and asks Smollett for a long rope. The boy tells Jane and the doctor to pack their things and tells the Squire his role, worrying him.

On the Hispaniola, Silver tells his pirates to choose their weapons. He is preparing them for the final showdown, the duel to the death. As Silver sits down to drink some lemonade, he starts to feel hot, unaware of the erupting volcano. A fiery rock lands onto the deck causing a hole. The pirate sees the volcano and realises he must save the map. He looks through his spyglass and sees Jim saying he’s ready to make a deal, as he needs his help. “You certainly do Jim Hawkins, you certainly do” laughs Silver.

Later, Jim and his friends load the longboat full of provisions. Livesey says they’ll need to make a second trip for Ben and Jim. Smollett, Livesey, Trelawney and Jane get in the boat, which is rowed by Rat. As the boat is rowed to the Hispaniola, Jim asks Ben if he can do it. The marooner runs off, saying he thinks he can as he can do lots of things.

Jim’s friends board the Hispaniola. Silver shouts to Jim he’s coming back for him and he’d better have the map. Jim shouts to him that the map is hidden near the volcano. If he wants it, he’s to meet him there. Silver thinks it’s a trick but Jim assures him he’ll have the map and the pirate must come alone. Silver swears to this.

Pew is pleased, he couldn’t have planned this better himself. “It seems we’ll be having a few more guests at our farewell party tonight” says the rat. Livesey asks who is going away. “You are” replies Pew. The pirates tie up Jim’s friends. Pew threatens to kill Silver if he doesn’t return with the map. Silver takes Jane. When Rat tells Silver he promised to meet Jim alone, the pirate replies “I did, ah Silly me”.

In Ben’s treehouse, the marooner is looking for something to no avail.

Jim runs up the volcano, carrying the long rope, avoiding rocks shooting from the volcano. Silver is leading Jane up the same path. From the top of the volcano, Jim sees the treehouse and tells Ben not to mess up, he really needs him this time. Ben finds the book he is looking for. Silver arrives, holding Jane behind him and asks for Jim. The lad shows himself, having secretly placed the long rope across the ground between him and Silver, forming a 'tripwire'. The pirate asks for the map and Jim produces it. Silver tells Jim he’s lost but the boy explains in the end evil can never win. Silver is about to take the map but Jane shouts it’s a trick. Silver tells Jim to hand him the map or he’ll kill Jane. “Wait!” shouts Jim. Silver cuts the rope with his sword, telling Jim to never double cross him. Jim hands over the map saying, “Forgive me father”.

Ben is using his book to concoct a potion though he can’t remember if it contained juniper berries or leaves.

At the crater, Silver grabs the map and lets Jane go. The pirate looks at the map and discovers it’s blank. Angry, he drops it and draws his sword. Jim tells him it is the map but Silver is planning to show him what happens to those who try to outsmart him. Jim tells Jane to run as he produces his sword. The volcano rumbles further. Jim and Silver swordfight. Jane tries to help but is knocked down by Silver. The pirate breaks the blade off Jim’s sword in the fight. The lad is dangerously balancing over the crater.

On the Hispaniola, Pew is making a sword.

Back at the volcano, Silver is about to kill Jim when suddenly the boy sees his father’s face in the smoke, telling him to believe in himself and he will find a way. Jim does so and his sword magically repairs itself. Jim and Silver fight on, resulting in the pirate falling down on his back and dropping his sword. Silver tells Jim that he wins, thus giving up and if he has a heart, he’ll take him back to Bristol and at least let him have the dignity of facing the gallows. Jim looks away giving Silver time to grab his sword. “Look out” shouts Jane. The volcano rumbles again and Silver falls into the lava below. Jane picks up the map. The two run down the mountain as the volcano finally erupts causing the lava to flow after them.

Meanwhile, Pew threatens Smollett, Livesey and Trelawney with his sword. Smollett said they made a deal, they were promised a safe journey home. Livesey says it’s against any code of ethics. Pew says they don’t have any that’s why they’re pirates. Trelawney tries to bargain with the rat to no avail, he just wants to kill them.

Jim and Jane have come to the end of the cliff when suddenly they see the fire god statue. Jim says it’s impossible. The lava is dangerously approaching them. Ben casts a spell with his potion, tipping it into the ocean. He gets into the boat and rows off as the sea begins to bubble. A giant tidal wave washes Pew and the pirates overboard, the rat appearing to drown. Hearing the volcano erupt, Smollett, Trelawney and Livesey think Jim, Jane and Ben have been killed but Ben boards the ship. A wind blows the mast causing the ship to sail towards the cliff. Smollett sees Jim and Jane. He tells them to jump. They jump into the water.

Everyone, now safely aboard the Hispaniola, looks at the island, now a blazing inferno. Jim asks if anyone will believe them but the doctor tells him not in a thousand years. Jim says at least they still have the map. Jane says “A lot of good that will do us”. Jim looks at the map and it returns to normal. However, the island is on fire. How will they find the treasure? The first series ends when Ben rips off a part of his ragged trousers and throws it into the sea.

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Warning: The Legends of Treasure Island season 1 episode 13 guide may contain spoilers
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