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Consequence - Recap

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The episode opens with a recap from the previous season’s finale (though redubbed with the new voices).

Jim laments to Jane that everything is lost: every clue, every hope, they won’t find the treasure now the island is a blazing inferno. Ben Gunn points out the island is destroying itself, evil has now seized it but there is a slim chance that they can save it. They must go back and Ben points out a position on the map for them to start at but a rumble causes the map to come out of his hands and land in the sea. Squire Trelawney jumps overboard to swim after the map and Jim follows him. A fiery rock shot from the volcano lands on the Hispaniola causing Ben to jump into the sea. Jane, Captain Smollett and Doctor Livesey become trapped on the ship by fire, which has caused the mast to be brought down.

Trelawney catches up with the map and grabs it but then begins to sink under the water. Jim rescues him and asks the Squire if the map is really worth drowning for. Ben joins them and the trio swim to shore.

On the shore, Ben sees the Hispaniola on fire, commenting it’s not exactly what he had planned. Suddenly, it starts raining, putting out the fire. Jane says they must go back for the others but as the main sails has been damaged, the ship is drifting out to seas.

Dawn arrives. Ben tells Jim that time is against them, they must hurry as they have a lot of work to do. Jim asks about the others but Ben says there’s not a lot they can do for them now, believing they’ll be all right. Trelawney is asleep. Jim and Ben leave him, the latter saying they’ll come back for him later. Jim and Ben head up the mountain path, Jim scared, as the lava is red hot. The boy asks if they can go another way but the marooner says not if they want to save the island, they have to restore the equilibrium. It’s a battle between good and evil and evil is winning. Ben says they must stop it or lose everything. Jim asks how so the marooner explains that volcanoes are destroying the island and with three twigs they can help the island fight back. Ben tells the sceptic Jim that the twigs are young saplings, a symbol of birth, the most powerful magic there is. They must plant them with the three highest points of the island to protect them from the evil forces at work here. Ben is sure it’ll work providing there is nothing out there that will stop them.

Trelawney meanwhile wakes up and finds himself alone and plans to find the treasure. He takes out the map to begin his search but can't decide where to go. Suddenly, he hears laughing. Believing it to be Smollett, Livesey and Jane, the Squire runs to them but it in fact turns out to be Nibblich, Morgan and Rat.

Jim and Ben are floating on a rock on the river of lava, Ben explaining the first summit is just up ahead. Jim says he’s going to jump to the next rock as the one they’re on is melting. The boy grabs one end of a rope and successfully makes it to the second rock. Ben ties the other end of the rope around himself and makes it onto the next rock. The duo then cover themselves from lava bubbles before jumping from rock to rock. The lava then causes the rope to snap but Ben saves Jim from falling into the lava. The duo reach the first summit and Jim plants the first sapling, causing a tree to grow, the magic working. The river and lava has now been covered by the tree and it’s green surroundings. Jim says they’ve done it but Ben replies not yet they haven’t. The boy asks what can stop them now.

At the bottom of the ocean lies Pew’s supposedly dead body. Suddenly, his body starts to float up and his eyes light up. Resurfacing, Pew is circled by two vultures and is swept to shore. “Ah, my pretties, come to me, we have work to do” he says.

Morgan, Nibblich and Rat have tied Trelawney to a tree. The Squire says they have to let him go and work together to find the treasure, explaining he has the map. Nibblich suggests if Trelawney tries anything tricky, they’ll bury him up to his neck in sand and leave him to be eaten by crabs. The Squire is untied and Morgan gets the map, realising Trelawney did have the map after all. As the pirates look at it, Trelawney escapes, knowing they can’t read and even if they could they wouldn’t have any luck finding the treasure as in fact they’ve got the Squire’s tailor’s bill!

Jim and Ben meanwhile have found the second summit: the top of the mountain. Ben comments it looks all right but it’s too quiet. Jim points out it’s just a difficult walk to the summit but they can do it. Jim wonders if they’re being watched and Ben comments he’s been thinking of that a while too. Jim says they’re the only ones on the island but Ben tells him not to be too sure. The pair climb up rocks and vines, eventually reaching the summit. Jim comments he doesn’t like it, everything is so strange and still, the rocks looking hideous, almost alive. Ben tells Jim he knows what he means and asks how can rocks possible do anything to them. The two continue on. Ben crosses over a gap. Jim goes to follow but is grabbed by something: the rock. The rocks are living things! Ben holds onto Jim trying to pull him to safety. A small rock monster comes and bites the big rock monster’s arm, freeing Jim. Ben and Jim run but are surrounded by rock monsters. Jim and Ben arm themselves with sticks and run at the rock monsters. They get past them and eventually find the summit. Jim is about to plant the second sapling but the ground starts to shake, the result of a rock monster arriving. Ben is on it’s tongue. He tells Jim to plant the sapling, as it’s the only way to save him. Suddenly, a wind blows the saplings out of Jim’s hand and the boy is grabbed by the rock monster. The wind blows the saplings back. Ben grabs them and throws them to Jim. The rock monster swallows Ben up. Jim throws a sapling into the ground causing another tree to grow and the rock monster to be destroyed, Ben being saved in the process. Ben and Jim dance around arm in arm.

Ben and Jim soon reach the third summit. Jim says he doesn’t think he can go on much more but Ben says they must or they’ll perish along with the island. The boy hates to think what’s coming next. They press on, unaware they’re being watched by a vulture. The third summit is just beyond the dip. Inside the dip, Jim and Ben see Pew asleep on a stone surrounded by vultures. Ben says if the rat has survived then they’re in a lot of trouble. Vultures attack. Ben tells Jim to run to the summit while he holds the vultures off. Jim runs to a cliff edge but is attacked by a vulture. Ben hits the vulture with a bone and the creature splits into three. Ben says if he can’t hit them, what chance has he got. Jim attempts to fight off the vulture but is dangerously balancing over the cliff edge. Lightening strikes, lighting the bone. The vulture picks up the sapling, Jim holding the other end and flies off with the boy hanging on. Ben uses the now flame-lit bone as a torch to scare off the vultures and goes to help Jim. Jim gets on the vulture, causing it to drop the sapling. Ben grabs it. Jim tells him to throw him the sapling, which he does. Flying on the vulture, Jim plants the sapling and falls off the bird before it disappears. The final tree grows. Jim tells Ben he’ll never doubt him again. As Jim and Ben head off into the sunset, Jim asks what about Pew. Won’t he come after them? Ben says probably. Jim also asks if they’ll find Jane and the others. Ben says certainly. The island is safe and the hunt for the treasure can now continue.

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Warning: The Legends of Treasure Island season 2 episode 1 guide may contain spoilers
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