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Reunion - Recap

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Jim is up a tree cutting when Squire Trelawney tells him to come down before he hurts himself. The boy explains he is building a lookout platform to look for Jane, Captain Smollett and Doctor Livesey despite the Squire commenting that they are probably done for.

On the Hispaniola, Livesey tells Jane that they should repair a leak on the ship and think about what to do but the girl says that they should try to get back to the island as soon as possible to find the others. Smollett doesn’t want to risk it in the ship’s present condition. Jane says it’s only a little hole. It can be fixed with wood and nails and then they can head to the island. The doctor and captain laugh. Fed up with being patronized, that night, Jane gets in a longboat and plans to row to the island but has left a note for Smollett and Livesey telling them to take their time fixing the ship, saying she’s going to find the others. While rowing, the girl sees what appears to be land but realises too late that it’s rocks. Her boat hits them and starts to sink. She plans to hop onto a rock but then sees something and swims to it. It turns out to be an old ship called The Skull: Flint’s ship! It may be a clue to where the treasure is or may have the treasure itself. Having snapped the rope ladder, Jane jumps into the water and enters the ship through a hole in the bottom just avoiding being grabbed by an octopus tentacle. Exploring the ship, Jane finds a door leading into Flint’s cabin.

On the island, Jim is sitting on his lookout platform in the tree while Trelawney is trying to apologise, getting his words mixed up. Ben tells him it’s best to leave Jim alone. The marooner says Jim is probably right and explains if the others make it back to the island, it’s better if they spot them first before Long John Silver and his crew do. Trelawney sees Ben’s point.

In Flint’s cabin, Jane starts to look for clues but finds eels in a drawer and a skeleton in the closet. She finds a small chest containing Flint’s logbook, which contains notes for the treasure map. Jane believes the book will help them find the treasure. The chest also contains a dagger and a sack of coins. Jane decides to keep all the items but wonders if there is a reason as to why they are all kept in the box. She then sees a huge mirror but is getting jumpy. Suddenly, smoke appears and in the mirror, Jane sees Jim finding the treasure but then getting attacked by snakes and Silver saying to trust him, shocking Jane as he’s supposed to be dead. The girl then sees herself holding Jim’s dead body. The smoke clears and the mirror shatters into many pieces.

Unknown to Jane, a purple fume appears forming into a ghost. It scares Jane and takes the logbook. Jane doesn’t want to lose the logbook and chases after the ghost. The girl loses it but then hears laughter. The ghost appears and scares the girl again. It vanishes but menaces the girl by walking away but with the logbook floating in the air. The ghost throws books and jugs at Jane, attacking her. The girl screams for it to stop and everything appears to return to normal but then the ghost messes with Jane’s hair. The girl demands for the ghost to show itself, telling it there’s nothing it can do to scare her anymore. However, the ghost scares the girl with the skeleton, sending her falling down some stairs. “All right, if that’s the way you want to play it, this is war,” says Jane.

In the cabin, Jane decides that the shattered mirror pieces scattered across the room will be very useful commenting that the ghost is as stupid as it looks. She calls out for the ghost and the spirit, now in it’s visible form enters the cabin but sees lots of Janes in the broken mirror fragments. She taunts the ghost by saying “Over here” and the spirit goes to each fragment and ends up breaking them with his screams. In the end, the ghost puts his hand into the mirror and thinks Jane is a ghost. The real Jane grabs the logbook and runs off. Jane hides as the angry ghost follows after her. The ghost’s screams cause the ship to collapse, resulting in a hole being caused in the side letting water in. The ship fills with water. Jane swims under the water and attempts to open a door but to no avail. Resurfacing, she calls out for help.

Elsewhere, Ben suggests to Jim that he should come down from his lookout platform and get some sleep. However, the boy says he has a real feeling about this. Ben replies he can’t argue with that and has always believed to trust in Jim’s feelings. He wishes Jim goodnight and the boy wishes the marooner goodnight.

Back at The Skull, Jane is up to her neck in water. She takes a deep breathe and swims through the ship and out through the hole at the bottom of the ship. This time, the octopus tentacle grabs her leg. She tries to attack the creature with the dagger but the octopus wraps another of its tentacles around her arm, causing her to drop the dagger. The weapon lands into the tentacle holding Jane’s leg, causing the creature to cry out in pain and release the girl.

Next morning, a tired Jim believes Ben and Trelawney are right, maybe it’s hopeless looking for the others. Suddenly, the boy sees Jane washed up on the shore. Jim and Jane celebrate with the girl while Trelawney cries tears of joy.

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Warning: The Legends of Treasure Island season 2 episode 2 guide may contain spoilers
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