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Silver In The Island's Underworld - Recap

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The episode opens with a recap of Jim and Long John Silver’s swordfight at the end of the previous season, resulting in Silver falling into the volcano (though redubbed with the new voices).

Inside the fiery volcano, Silver falls down into flames, which then form into hands and lift him down safely to the ground. The pirate finds himself in a place full of fire and wonders how he got here, the last thing he remembers is falling into the volcano. He asks why he’s not dead, maybe he is but doesn’t feel it. Suddenly, a group of creatures arrive and scare Silver, causing him to faint. They take him with them, a little devil telling them the boss is waiting. The creature holding Silver, now awake puts him down. The pirate asks the little devil where he is. The little devil introduces himself as Boil, saying he’s the one in charge. Silver asks Boil what he’s in charge of so the little devil replies for starters those creatures and advises Silver to be careful. Boil offers to show Silver around, as he’s going to spend eternity here. “I don’t think so” replies the pirate and asks where the way out is but Boil warns him that the creatures and loyal to him, so it’s best not to nark him off. Silver asks Boil to call off his hellhounds and then lead the way.

Boil takes Silver further on, saying ‘he’ is expecting him further on the cave and wishes him luck, as he’s going to need it. Silver finds a book and candle. Then a big red demon appears. He greets Silver. The pirate asks what is this place and the demon tells him it’s the underworld. The demon (supposedly the Devil) tells Silver the reason he is here is to serve him for all eternity. Silver tries to say this must be a mistake and there is probably an error in his calculations but the Devil says he doesn’t think so and checks his book. Apparently, the book lists all of Silver’s bad deeds but there is one little good deed… but even that was an accident. Silver tries to appeal so a trial takes place, the Devil as the judge and the hellhounds as the jury. The pirate has been charged with leading a wicked life and Silver pleads not guilty and says he can prove it. The Devil tells Silver he has one chance and advises him to choose his witness well so the pirate calls himself. The Devil conjures a duplicate of the pirate. The real Silver asks his duplicate on the night before his seventh birthday did he save a group of five castaways from drowning. The duplicate says he did along with a fine cargo. The Devil points out that Silver will even deceive himself and says he belongs here almost as much as he does. It seems like the pirate will be staying here after all.

On the surface, Jim cuts through vines. Ben Gunn tells him to wait and lassos the boy, saying he wants to find the others as much as he does but they’re both exhausted and it’s getting dark, having searched all day. Ben suggests looking for somewhere to rest and resuming their search in the morning. They find a cavern. Suddenly, Pew’s vultures arrive. The marooner tells the boy to back away into the cavern slowly. The duo make it safely inside. Jim realises Pew is still alive and Ben points out as long as he stays that way, none of them are safe.

Back in the underworld, Boil moans that after 2000 years of loyal service, he gets demoted to tour guide. Silver orders him to show him around the place, wanting to find a way out. The pirate sees water coming from a crack in the wall, believing he’s found a way out. Boil is suspicious that Silver is planning to escape. “As if I would” says the pirate.

Back on the surface, Jim and Ben have left traps for Pew. Jim and Ben then go back to the cavern, the marooner explaining the others are here somewhere and they’ll find them.

Boil shows Silver some of their torment. Firstly, the soup kitchen where a victim is cooked in a pot of soup, which the pirate finds tame. Boil then shows Silver victims being burned alive in a pit but the pirate doesn’t like that either and kicks a hellhound in the pit. Boil then plans to show Silver the torture chamber. The pirate finds it pathetic, saying his grandmother could do better. Silver finds their way of torture a shamble. The Devil thinks it’s time for a change around here and puts Silver in charge of being new life into the underworld.

Jim says to Ben they should find the others tomorrow but the marooner suggests they should wait a while because things are different now and they might be in danger. This causes the boy to think that Ben wants the treasure all to himself and he announces if he won’t help him find them then he’ll find them on his own. Jim runs out of the cavern.

Down in the underworld, Boil asks Silver what this scheme of his is which is greater than his own. The pirate shows the little devil an industrious form of eternal torment. Travelling via a monorail-type buggy, Silver shows Boil how thousands of lost souls coming into an eternal mindless existence and all run in the machine which torments the next. Boil finds it incredible. That’s just the start. The lava then goes through and produces nothing. Silver tells Boil he won’t be able to do anything about it, jumps out of the buggy and sends it travelling fast through the underworld. Boil climbs on the buggy roof and stabs his fork into the vehicle, causing to stop. The little devil lands on the spike of the buggy. The Devil arrives and Silver threatens to let him go or he puts out the fires with the water. The Devil agrees on the condition that Silver brings him another soul. The pirate knows just the person to use, a perfect angel.

Jim meanwhile is making his way through a forest full of scary trees. Terrified, he runs through the forest and comes across the hellhounds. Jim hides but one jumps behind him and grabs him, Boil watching. Jim escapes and wonders how to stop something that big. The boy tricks all the hellhounds to fall into the traps he and Ben had set earlier. However, Jim ends up falling into the last trap by putting his foot in a rope trap. As Silver heads towards Jim who is hanging upside down from a tree, the boy attempts to free himself but the stick in the ground holding the trap breaks free sending Jim flying into a crevasse. The boy calls out for help, apologising to Ben but then sees footprints. Following them, he finds another map in the rocks with Flint’s seal on. Jim tells Ben he’s coming back as with this new map, they’re going to find the treasure!

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Warning: The Legends of Treasure Island season 2 episode 3 guide may contain spoilers
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