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Emily - Recap

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One night, a ship is having trouble through a violent storm. Inside the cabin, a man called John tells his daughter Emily that she’ll be safe here. The girl asks him to stay with her but John says he has to go but assures her he’ll be back soon. The girl asks if she can come with him, scared to be on her own but John tells her he won’t be long. Soon the ship enters a mist. The compass points in all directions. The captain who is steering the ship believes this to be the Devil’s work. Right ahead is light. The crew head towards it but then the boat hits the rocks. John goes to rescue Emily but the mast collapses and lands on top of him.

Around the campfire on Flint’s Island, Ben Gunn tells Jim, Jane and Squire Trelawney that Flint was attacked and murdered by his own crew so that they might possess his treasure. So great was Flint’s anger that he cursed the entire crew and all who might follow them. One by one, they fell victim, swiftly and without mercy. Trelawney scoffs, asking how Flint could curse them if he was already dead, not believing it. Ben then goes on to say where Flint fell, an eerie mist appeared and then a strange beacon of light of unusual power that draws all hopeful treasure seekers to it and absorbs their very lives.

Some time later, after Trelawney and Ben go to sleep, Jim sees a mist and hears laughter and music. He goes towards it and is then joined by Jane. She says he hears it too and the pair go to find out what it is. In the mist, they see Emily holding a music box. Emily then turns and walks off. Jane asks where did she go, she just vanished, so Jim suggests that they find her. Jane finds the fog creepy but Jim just tells her that’s just Ben’s story. The youngsters catch up with Emily and find a pile of shipwrecks. Emily appears suddenly on a mast. Jane asks how could should have got up there so quickly. Jim and Jane climb up the shipwrecks but Emily disappears again. Jim and Jane enter a ship and hear the music again. They go through a door leading into the cabin and see Emily who drops the music box, frightened. Jane introduces herself and Jim, saying they’re friends. Jane asks Emily what her name is but Emily says nothing. However, Jane then sees Emily’s bracelet, which has her name on. Emily begins to cry. Jane asks her what the matter is. Emily explains she can’t find her father. She’s been looking for him ever since they’ve been run aground but the ship was cursed and they were helpless. Jim spots a logbook on the desk and begins to look through it. Jane realises its Flint’s curse. She asks Emily how long she’s been searching and the girl says a few days. Jim thinks it could be a little longer than that and shows Jane the logbook for Emily’s ship right up until the day they ran aground. Jane notices the date can’t be right and if it is then Emily is nearly 40 years old. Jim and Jane then see Emily disappear.

Jim wants to leave but Jane asks about the girl but Jim points out it was a 30 year old ghost. Jane tells Jim he’s being superstitious and says Emily might tell them more about Flint’s curse. “Now who’s being superstitious?” asks Jim. The youngsters look for Emily and find her crying in a corner. Jane suggests they should all stay together and look for Emily’s father. The girl agrees but they then hear a growling noise. Jim and Jane see a vicious dog heading towards them. As the two hide from the creature, Emily goes to it, saying he’s her friend.

Up on deck, Jane asks Emily how many friends she has here. The girl replies lots. Emily hears someone call her and sees her father’s body under the fallen mast. John appears to come around. She goes to him but Jane notices something isn’t right and tries to stop her but John then turns into a demon/skeleton with a long purple cloak. Inside the cloak are screaming souls. Emily floats into the cloak. Jane runs but Jim just stands there. However, he is then saved by Jane who grabs him before the demon can. The youngsters run but part of the old deck breaks causing Jim to fall through. Jane locks herself in a cabin and barricades the door, pursued by the demon while Jim falls to safety.

In the cabin, Jane hears Jim’s voice so she moves the barricades and opens the door revealing Jim in a trance like state. The boy says they must hurry but is acting funny and Jane notices his hands are cold. The boy grabs Jane and then turns into the demon, the whole thing a bluff to get Jane to open the door.

The real Jim is meanwhile looking for Jane. He finds a hole in a ship and a skeleton pirate comes out. Another skeleton pirate arrives and the two pirates chase Jim. The boy jumps onto a rope but a pirate then cuts it and the boy falls down through the deck of another ship and is attacked by more skeleton pirates. He locks himself in a room but the skeletons break the door down.

Elsewhere, the demon hypnotises Jane and tells her to follow him.

In the room, Jim sees the ghost of John appear. Jim asks what he wants but John explains he won’t harm him and explains who he is; he was John, first mate on this ship and Emily’s father. Jim says that they’re all dead and John confirms this. They’re no allowed to rest because they’re all prisoners of the Lightkeeper. Jim says he’s the demon and John says he’s no man, he’s darkness. The curse made flesh. It is the curse of Captain Flint. Jim realises it’s true. The ghosts are doomed to roam these ships forever unless the curse can be broken by a living person. John explains the curse is within the light. Smash the light and you smash the curse. A light appears through the porthole and Jim sees the Lightkeeper and Jane floating. Jim asks John to help but the ghost explains to Jim only he can save her. The boy picks up a chair and smashes the porthole glass and calls to Jane but to no avail. Jim climbs out through the porthole. “Kill the light, kill the curse,” says John.

Jim makes his way across the ships and sees the light, making him weak. He then sees the Lightkeeper and Jane, the demon using the light to float her to him. The boy sees an anchor nearby. He pushes it down and grabs onto the rope taking him up to Jane. Jim calls to her, breaking her trance. He tells her to give him her hand but the Lightkeeper uses the light to put her under the trance again. The Lightkeeper then takes Jane’s soul. Jim cries out, arms himself with a piece of wood and goes onto the deck. He tries to awake Jane but to no avail. The boy then runs to the Lightkeeper and smashes the light with the wood. The Lightkeeper is destroyed in a blaze of fire and all the souls are freed. Jane’s soul returns to her body and she comes around. She asks where they are but the boy says they’ve got to get down before it is too late as the ships are on fire. The youngsters escape before there is a mighty explosion, destroying the ships.

Finally, the curse is broken. Jane says that perhaps now the dead crew can rest in peace. The youngsters return to the campfire. Jane wonders what will happen to Emily now. Jim hopes she’ll now be with her father, now they’re free from the Lightkeeper. Jane never got the chance to say goodbye. However, she has something to remember Emily by and takes out the music box. Jim grabs it and throws it onto the fire, commenting he never wants to see it again. Suddenly, the box opens and the spirits of Emily and John emerge. The girls bids Jim and Jane goodbye, now she and her father are free to rest in peace.

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Warning: The Legends of Treasure Island season 2 episode 5 guide may contain spoilers
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