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Season 1

The Man from Atlantis

After a storm, a young man is found washed up on a beach. Nearly dead after hours of of the life sustaining ocean water, he is nursed back to health by Dr. Elizabeth Merrill and eventually agrees to undertake a hazardous mission to locate a missing sub. Several miles beneath the sea, he finds an underwater habitat, where he confronts loopy scientist Mr. Schubert for the first time.
Guest Stars: Allen Case as Lt. Cdr. Johnson | Joshua Bryant as Dr Doug Berkely | Dean Santoro as Ernie Smith | Art Lund as Admiral Pierce | Lawrence Pressman as Phil Roth | Steve Franken as Doctor
Director: Lee H. Katzin
Writer: Mayo Simon

Death Scouts

Now working for the Foundation for Oceanic Research, Dr. Merrill and Mark try to discover clues to his origins. Called in by the coastguard to investigate the disappearance of three scuba divers, they encounter two water-breathing humanoids who Mark thinks could be his people, but who turn out to be scouts from an alien civilization intent on colonizing Earth.
Guest Stars: Vince Deadrick, Sr. (1) as Herb Wayland | Alan Mandell (2) as Grant Stockwood | Annette Cardona as Ginny Mendoza | Burr deBenning as Xos / Chazz | Tiffany Bolling as Lioa / Dilly |
Co-Guest Stars: Kenneth Tigar as Dr Miller Simon

Killer Spores

A NASA space probe returns to Earth contaminated with ectoplasmic matter that is capable of invading humans, placing them in a catatonic stupor or forcing them to do things against their will. The spores, visible only to Harris because of the unique structure of his eyes, communicate with him and demand that he help them return to space or see mankind destroyed.
Guest Stars: James Sikking as Col. Manzone | Fred Beir as Sub captain | Ivan Bonar as Edwin Shirley |
Co-Guest Stars: Kenneth Tigar as Dr Miller Simon
Director: Reza Badiyi

The Disappearance

When Dr. Merrill is kidnapped, Mark Harris and Miller Simon must locate a remote island off the coast of South America and penetrate the carefully guarded complex of mad scientist, Dr. Mary Smith.
Guest Stars: Pamela Peters Solow as Jane Smith | Darleen Carr as Dr Smith | Dennis Redfield as Dick Redstone | Ivor Francis as Dr Medlow | Fred Beir as Sub captain |
Co-Guest Stars: Kenneth Tigar as Dr Miller Simon

1 :01x01 - Melt Down

Villainous Mr. Schubert causes the world's sea level to rise alarmingly, by melting the polar ice caps, and won't stop unless Mark submits himself to his genetic study.
Guest Stars: James E. Brodhead as Trubshawe
Director: Virgil Vogel
Writer: Tom Greene

2 :01x02 - The Mudworm

Mr. Schubert loses control of his latest invention - a robot-like machine designed to gather a radioactive mineral from the sea bed. Discovering that the 'Mudworm' has taken on 'human' characteristics, Mark tries to reason with it.
Director: Virgil Vogel
Writer: Alan Caillou

3 :01x03 - Hawk of Mu

After Mark rescues an ancient stone hawk from its watery crypt, evil Mr. Schubert steals it for his own malevolent purposes, unaware that the statue has the power to come to life and cause worldwide electrical blackouts.
Guest Stars: Carole Mallory as Vicki | Sydney Lassick as Smith | Vicky Huxtable as Juliette Schubert
Director: Harry Harris

4 :01x04 - Giant

Investigating a 'leak' in the ocean, Mark is swept into the inner world where he meets Thark, a nine-foot-tall gold prospector whose sluice mining is draining the world of its water. Realizing the threat, he and Mark join forces to close off the sluice gate. Complicating matters is a gold-seeking conman called Muldoon.
Guest Stars: Ted Neeley as Muldoon | Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as Thark

5 :01x05 - Man O'War

It's the Man from Atlantis vs. the world's biggest jellyfish when Mr. Schubert plots to extort money by sabotaging an international swimming gala.
Guest Stars: Harvey Jason as Dashki | Gary Owens as Announcer

6 :01x06 - Shoot Out at Land's End

A time warp in the ocean throws Mark back to the old West, where he encounters his twin – desperado Billy Jones – who is identical in every way, except that he has scars where the webbing on his hands has been removed.
Guest Stars: Bill Zuckert as Virgil | Noble Willingham as Artemus Washburn | Jamie Smith-Jackson as Bettina Washburn | Pernell Roberts as Clint Hollister | Patrick Duffy as Billy
Director: Barry Crane

7 :01x07 - Crystal Water, Sudden Death

Investigating a disturbance in the Pacific, Mark finds Mr. Schubert trying to get his hands on some precious crystals located within a force field. Penetrating it, Mark encounters a mysterious white-skinned, white-suited race called the Deepspeople, who talk in a strange, clicking language.
Guest Stars: Rene Auberjonois as Havergal | Rozelle Gayle as Conrad | Whitney Rydbeck as Click Three | Tina Lenert as Click One | Flip Reade as Click Two

8 :01x08 - The Naked Montague

Mark travels back in time to 14th-century Italy, where he gets involved with Romeo and Juliet, 'rewriting' the story to give it a happy ending!
Guest Stars: Lisa Eilbacher as Juliet | John Shea (1) as Romeo | Ahna Capri as Louisa |
Co-Guest Stars: Norman Snow as Tybalt | Lewis Arquette as Friar Laurence | Scott Porter (2) as Mercutio | William Glover as TBD
Director: Robert Douglas

9 :01x09 - C.W. Hyde

C. W. Crawford accidentally swallows a deep-sea enzyme which alters his appearance and mind, resulting in Jekyll and Hyde personalities.
Guest Stars: Michele Carey as Belle | Val Avery as Lew Calendar | Pamela Peters Solow as Sarah |
Co-Guest Stars: Frank Bonner as Bartender
Director: Dann Cahn

10 :01x10 - Scavenger Hunt

Investigating a loss of five poisonous gas canisters, Mark Harris re-encounters conman, Jake Muldoon, and his tame, two-legged, two-headed giant sea monster, called Oscar.
Guest Stars: Ted Neeley as Jake Muldoon | Yabo O'Brien as Toba | Tony Urbano as Oscar | Eugenia Wright as Trivi | Ted Cassidy as Canja

11 :01x11 - Imp

Mark and his friends tangle with Moby, a water-breathing imp whose magic touch makes his victims revert to their childhoods – with sometimes fatal results.
Guest Stars: Pat Morita as Moby
Director: Paul Krasny

12 :01x12 - The Siren

Mark tangles with a mermaid who can 'capture' humans with her nerve-penetrating wail. She has been kidnapped by a modern-day pirate, Stringer, who is using her to lure mariners to his lair.
Guest Stars: Carol Miyaoka as Siren | Lisa Blake Richards as Jenny | Timothy Scott as Caine | Neville Brand as Stringer | Laurette Spang as Amanda | Michael Strong (1) as Hugh Trevanian

13 :01x13 - Deadly Carnival

Mark infiltrates an ocean-side carnival – where a government agent was working before he was found mysteriously drowned – and foils a plot to steal a priceless Egyptian artifact from a museum.
Guest Stars: Sharon Farrell as Charlene Baker | Billy Barty as Moxie | Anthony James as Summersday
Director: Dennis Donnelly
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 1977
Ended: June 06, 1978
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