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 Season 13(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 13x01 01/Jan/1999 On the road with Oprah N/A
2 13x02 04/Jan/1999 Iyanla VII N/A
3 13x03 05/Jan/1999 How safe is your home when it´s alone? N/A
4 13x04 06/Jan/1999 Are you paying too much? N/A
5 13x05 07/Jan/1999 The septulets´ first birthday N/A
6 13x06 08/Jan/1999 John Travolta & Robert Duvall N/A
7 13x07 11/Jan/1999 Suze Orman IV N/A
8 13x08 12/Jan/1999 What would you give up? N/A
9 13x09 13/Jan/1999 Oprah´s 2000 time capsule IX N/A
10 13x10 14/Jan/1999 My life is a lie N/A
11 13x11 15/Jan/1999 Fergie N/A
12 13x12 18/Jan/1999 Thomas Jefferson´s black & white relatives meet N/A
13 13x13 19/Jan/1999 Oprah´s book club goes to Wal-Mart N/A
14 13x14 20/Jan/1999 Serious household hazards N/A
15 13x15 22/Jan/1999 Absent fathers N/A
16 13x16 25/Jan/1999 Iyanla talks to men N/A
17 13x17 26/Jan/1999 How to build a family team N/A
18 13x18 27/Jan/1999 Dr Christine Northrup N/A
19 13x19 28/Jan/1999 Personal success with John Gray VII N/A
20 13x20 29/Jan/1999 Extreme homes N/A
21 13x21 29/Jan/1999 Extreme homes N/A
22 13x22 02/Feb/1999 Angel network kindness chain IV N/A
23 13x23 03/Feb/1999 Protect yourself from rape N/A
24 13x24 04/Feb/1999 Fantasy weddings N/A
25 13x25 05/Feb/1999 Storm stories N/A
26 13x26 08/Feb/1999 Follow-up N/A
27 13x27 09/Feb/1999 Hidden treasure N/A
28 13x28 10/Feb/1999 The husband with 24 personalities N/A
29 13x29 11/Feb/1999 Everything you wanted to know about babies N/A
30 13x30 12/Feb/1999 Young millionaires N/A
31 13x31 15/Feb/1999 Oprah´s sexiest island contest N/A
32 13x32 16/Feb/1999 Oprah´s island newlywed game N/A
33 13x33 17/Feb/1999 Tyra Banks on the beach N/A
34 13x34 18/Feb/1999 Oprah´s island dating game N/A
35 13x35 19/Feb/1999 Erykah Badu, Donnie McClurkin and Bebe Winans N/A
36 13x36 22/Feb/1999 And the winner is... N/A
37 13x37 23/Feb/1999 Great moms II N/A
38 13x38 24/Feb/1999 Heartbreaking headlines N/A
39 13x39 25/Feb/1999 What´s your real age? N/A
40 13x40 26/Feb/1999 Our most forgettable shows N/A
41 13x41 01/Mar/1999 Wives who abuse their husbands N/A
42 13x42 02/Mar/1999 Maria Shriver N/A
43 13x43 03/Mar/1999 Medical miracles N/A
44 13x44 04/Mar/1999 Cooking with Paul Newman N/A
45 13x45 05/Mar/1999 Oscar fashions N/A
46 13x46 08/Mar/1999 Serious household hazards N/A
47 13x47 09/Mar/1999 Regaining your child´s love N/A
48 13x48 10/Mar/1999 Multiple marriages N/A
49 13x49 11/Mar/1999 Rules for teens - What´s fair? N/A
50 13x50 12/Mar/1999 Fergie! N/A
51 13x51 15/Mar/1999 Do you really know your family? N/A
52 13x52 16/Mar/1999 Suze Orman V N/A
53 13x53 17/Mar/1999 What´s the catch? N/A
54 13x54 18/Mar/1999 It´s a miracle! N/A
55 13x55 19/Mar/1999 Oprah´s 2000 time capsule N/A
56 13x56 22/Mar/1999 Something more II N/A
57 13x57 23/Mar/1999 Letters to Oprah N/A
58 13x58 24/Mar/1999 Joan Rivers on aging N/A
59 13x59 25/Mar/1999 Would you know if your child was being sexually abused? N/A
60 13x60 26/Mar/1999 Oprah´s 2000 time capsule X N/A
61 13x61 29/Mar/1999 Iyanla IX N/A
62 13x62 30/Mar/1999 Great moms III N/A
63 13x63 31/Mar/1999 Oprah´s book club: The reader N/A
64 13x64 01/Apr/1999 Does your child have too much homework? N/A
65 13x65 02/Apr/1999 Spring fashion dos and don´ts N/A
66 13x66 05/Apr/1999 How to raise a better boy N/A
67 13x67 06/Apr/1999 Is your marriage equal? N/A
68 13x68 07/Apr/1999 How to do anything better N/A
69 13x69 08/Apr/1999 Children´s letter to Oprah N/A
70 13x70 09/Apr/1999 How to overcome shame N/A
71 13x71 12/Apr/1999 The 7 worst things parents do N/A
72 13x72 13/Apr/1999 Take the perfectionist test N/A
73 13x73 14/Apr/1999 Iyanla X N/A
74 13x74 15/Apr/1999 Oprah´s angel network kindness chain V N/A
75 13x75 16/Apr/1999 Abusive teen dating N/A
76 13x76 19/Apr/1999 Cooking with Patti LaBelle N/A
77 13x77 20/Apr/1999 The black sheep of the family N/A
78 13x78 21/Apr/1999 The Colorado school shootings N/A
79 13x79 22/Apr/1999 Is your spouse also your friend? N/A
80 13x80 23/Apr/1999 Letters to Gary Zukav N/A
81 13x81 26/Apr/1999 Great moms IV N/A
82 13x82 27/Apr/1999 Difficult conversations N/A
83 13x83 28/Apr/1999 Oprah´s 2000 time capsule XII N/A
84 13x84 29/Apr/1999 Why our sons are so violent N/A
85 13x85 30/Apr/1999 Memorial to the lives lost in Littleton, Colorado N/A
86 13x86 03/May/1999 Decorating 2000 N/A
87 13x87 04/May/1999 Chrisina Ferrare on women´s unspoken secret N/A
88 13x88 05/May/1999 Iyanla talks to teens XI N/A
89 13x89 06/May/1999 Husbands with double lives/Oprah´s book club: The pilot´s wife N/A
90 13x90 07/May/1999 Special favors for Mother´s day N/A
91 13x91 10/May/1999 Diana Ross and Brandy N/A
92 13x92 11/May/1999 Nick of time escapes N/A
93 13x93 12/May/1999 Money etiquette N/A
94 13x94 13/May/1999 Bill Cosby congratulates college graduates N/A
95 13x95 14/May/1999 Sex addicts N/A
96 13x96 17/May/1999 Comedians and their proteges N/A
97 13x97 19/May/1999 Kate Capshaw on love N/A
98 13x98 20/May/1999 Tone-it-down makeunders N/A
99 13x99 21/May/1999 The Brown family of Littleton, Colorado N/A
100 13x100 24/May/1999 Celebrity hall of fame N/A
101 13x101 25/May/1999 Diana Spencer´s brother, Charles Spencer N/A
102 13x102 26/May/1999 Great moms finale! N/A
103 13x103 27/May/1999 What´s your passion? N/A
104 13x104 28/May/1999 Keeping your children and teens safe N/A
105 13x105 31/May/1999 Oprah´s favorite guests N/A
106 13x106 01/Jun/1999 Fertile dilemmas N/A
107 13x107 02/Jun/1999 Tipper Gore on depression N/A
108 13x108 03/Jun/1999 How teen girls relate to their mothers N/A
109 13x109 04/Jun/1999 Amazing survival stories N/A
110 13x110 07/Jun/1999 Angel network schoolarship winners N/A
111 13x111 08/Jun/1999 Bully bosses N/A
112 13x112 09/Jun/1999 How to leave an unhappy marriage N/A
113 13x113 10/Jun/1999 Oprah´s spring cleaning day N/A
114 13x114 11/Jun/1999 John Travolta N/A
115 13x115 14/Jun/1999 Spring fashion dos and don´ts N/A
116 13x116 15/Jun/1999 Oprah´s book club: White Oleander N/A
117 13x117 16/Jun/1999 How to build a family team N/A
118 13x118 17/Jun/1999 The husband with 24 personalities N/A
119 13x119 18/Jun/1999 Absent fathers follow-up N/A
120 13x120 21/Jun/1999 Whitney Houston´s summer tour N/A
121 13x121 22/Jun/1999 Remembering your spirit with Caroline Myss N/A
122 13x122 23/Jun/1999 Will Smith, Salma Hayek & Kevin Kline N/A
123 13x123 24/Jun/1999 Protect yourself from rape N/A
124 13x124 25/Jun/1999 The 7 worst things parents do N/A
125 13x125 28/Jun/1999 Medical miracles N/A
126 13x126 29/Jun/1999 Children´s letters to Oprah N/A
127 13x127 30/Jun/1999 Difficult conversations N/A
128 13x128 01/Jul/1999 Wives who abuse their husbands N/A
129 13x129 02/Jul/1999 Cooking with Patti LaBelle N/A
130 13x130 05/Jul/1999 Something more N/A
131 13x131 06/Jul/1999 Take the perfectionist test N/A
132 13x132 07/Jul/1999 Abusive teen dating N/A
133 13x133 08/Jul/1999 Halle Berry N/A
134 13x134 09/Jul/1999 Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez N/A
135 13x135 12/Jul/1999 See Jane win N/A
136 13x136 13/Jul/1999 Gary Zukav on making responsible choices N/A
137 13x137 14/Jul/1999 Great moms II N/A
138 13x138 15/Jul/1999 What´s your real age? N/A
139 13x139 16/Jul/1999 Young millionaires N/A
140 13x140 19/Jul/1999 Difficult conversations follow-up N/A
141 13x141 20/Jul/1999 Are you holding a valuable hidden treasure? N/A
142 13x142 21/Jul/1999 Fantasy weddings N/A
143 13x143 22/Jul/1999 It´s a miracle N/A
144 13x144 23/Jul/1999 Joan Rivers on aging N/A
145 13x145 26/Jul/1999 Decorating 2000 N/A
146 13x146 27/Jul/1999 Great escapes N/A
147 13x147 28/Jul/1999 Everything you want to know about babies N/A
148 13x148 29/Jul/1999 Comedians and their proteges N/A
149 13x149 30/Jul/1999 You do a great job! N/A
150 13x150 02/Aug/1999 Christina Ferrare on women´s secret N/A
151 13x151 03/Aug/1999 Iyanla N/A
152 13x152 04/Aug/1999 Celebrity hall of fame N/A
153 13x153 05/Aug/1999 Oprah´s 2000 time capsule N/A
154 13x154 Unknown/Unaired Sex addicts N/A
155 13x155 Unknown/Unaired Iyanla Tuesday II N/A
156 13x156 Unknown/Unaired Would you know if your child was being sexually abused? N/A
157 13x157 Unknown/Unaired Oprah´s 2000 time capsule Thursday II N/A
158 13x158 Unknown/Unaired Great moms III N/A
159 13x159 Unknown/Unaired Is your spouse also your friend? N/A
160 13x160 Unknown/Unaired Iyanla Tuesday III N/A
161 13x161 Unknown/Unaired How to do anything better N/A
162 13x162 Unknown/Unaired Oprah´s 2000 time capsule III N/A
163 13x163 Unknown/Unaired Halle Berry N/A
164 13x164 Unknown/Unaired Tone-it-down makeunders N/A
165 13x165 Unknown/Unaired Iyanla Tuesday IV N/A
166 13x166 Unknown/Unaired Listen to your intuition! N/A
167 13x167 Unknown/Unaired Oprah´s 2000 time capsule IV N/A
168 13x168 Unknown/Unaired How teen girls relate to their mothers N/A
169 13x169 Unknown/Unaired Money etiquette N/A
170 13x170 Unknown/Unaired Iyanla Tuesday V N/A
171 13x171 01/Sep/1999 What´s your passion? N/A
172 13x172 Unknown/Unaired Oprah´s 2000 time capsule V N/A
173 13x173 Unknown/Unaired Great moms finale N/A
174 13x174 Unknown/Unaired Ricky mania unleashed! N/A

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Status: Canceled/Ended
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Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 08, 1986
Ended: May 25, 2011
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