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 Season 21(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
3826 21x01 18/Sep/2006 Oprah & Gayle's Big Adventure: Part 1 N/A
3828 21x02 20/Sep/2006 Matthew McConaughey, Eva Longoria, Bon Jovi N/A
3827 21x03 19/Sep/2006 Jim McGreevey, His Gay Sex Scandal N/A
3829 21x04 21/Sep/2006 What's the Buzz? Salma Hayek, Forest Whitaker and John Legend N/A
3830 21x05 22/Sep/2006 Oprah's Most Burning Questions N/A
3831 21x06 25/Sep/2006 Janet Jackson N/A
3832 21x07 26/Sep/2006 Oprah & Gayle's Big Adventure: Part 2 N/A
3833 21x08 27/Sep/2006 The Day Your World Falls Apart: Elizabeth Edwards N/A
3834 21x09 28/Sep/2006 What Pedophiles Don't Want You To Know N/A
3835 21x10 29/Sep/2006 Annette Bening, Morgan Freeman N/A
3836 21x11 02/Oct/2006 Wives Confess They Are Gay N/A
3837 21x12 03/Oct/2006 Oprah & Gayle's Big Adventure: Part 3 N/A
3838 21x13 04/Oct/2006 Back From The Brink Of Suicide N/A
3839 21x14 05/Oct/2006 Great Women On Getting Older N/A
3840 21x15 06/Oct/2006 Truth In America -- The Darfur Crisis N/A
3841 21x16 09/Oct/2006 Dr. Oz Answers Your Most Embarrassing Questions N/A
3842 21x17 10/Oct/2006 Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure: Part 4 N/A
3843 21x18 11/Oct/2006 Lisa Ling Takes A Rare Trip Inside North Korea N/A
3844 21x19 12/Oct/2006 Truth In America N/A
3845 21x20 13/Oct/2006 Bono's Red Campaign N/A
3846 21x21 16/Oct/2006 Jennifer Aniston's New Passion N/A
3847 21x22 17/Oct/2006 Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure: Part 5 N/A
3848 21x23 18/Oct/2006 Barack Obama On the Tough Questions N/A
3849 21x24 19/Oct/2006 The Mom Afraid to Touch Her Own Children N/A
3850 21x25 20/Oct/2006 Childhood Interupted N/A
3851 21x26 23/Oct/2006 Moms Around The World N/A
3852 21x27 24/Oct/2006 Suddenly Skinny N/A
3853 21x28 25/Oct/2006 Madonna & The Dixie Chicks Speak Out N/A
3854 21x29 26/Oct/2006 NBA Legend Magic Johnson On AIDS in America N/A
3855 21x30 27/Oct/2006 Oprah's Town Hall with Bill O'Reilly N/A
3856 21x31 30/Oct/2006 Oprah's Favorite Giveaway Ever! N/A
3857 21x32 31/Oct/2006 Denzel Washington N/A
3858 21x33 01/Nov/2006 The Best Pizza In America N/A
3859 21x34 02/Nov/2006 The Dr. Oz Diet N/A
3860 21x35 03/Nov/2006 Why 15-Year-Old Jessica Coleman Killed Her Baby N/A
3861 21x36 06/Nov/2006 Kirstie Alley's Bikini Reveal N/A
3862 21x37 07/Nov/2006 Dreams Come True With Emilio Estevez & Lindsay Lohan N/A
3863 21x38 08/Nov/2006 Confronting the Attacker N/A
3864 21x39 09/Nov/2006 Oprah's High School Challenge N/A
3865 21x40 10/Nov/2006 Headline Making Survivors N/A
3866 21x41 13/Nov/2006 The Secret Language Of Babies N/A
3867 21x42 14/Nov/2006 Dad Kills Twins: The Truth About Depression N/A
3868 21x43 15/Nov/2006 Inside the $75 Million House N/A
3869 21x44 16/Nov/2006 Dream Jobs: Behind the Scenes with Oprah at Work N/A
3870 21x45 17/Nov/2006 On Location: Oprah on the Set of "Grey's Anatomy" N/A
3871 21x46 20/Nov/2006 Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, & Eddie Murphy N/A
3872 21x47 21/Nov/2006 Nate's $10,000 Challenge N/A
3873 21x48 22/Nov/2006 Homeless to Hollywood: Will Smith and the Real Chris Gardner N/A
3874 21x49 23/Nov/2006 Jay Leno Introduces Us to Amazing Kids N/A
3875 21x50 24/Nov/2006 What's the Buzz? Salma Hayek, Forest Whitaker and John Legend N/A
3876 21x51 27/Nov/2006 Oprah's Favorite Giveaway Ever! The Results N/A
3877 21x52 28/Nov/2006 Oprah's First Movie With Julia Roberts N/A
3878 21x53 29/Nov/2006 Dr. Oz Answers Your Burning Weight Loss Questions N/A
3879 21x54 30/Nov/2006 Hollywood Legend Ellen Burstyn and Sheryl Crow Reveal Their Greatest Life Lessons N/A
3880 21x55 01/Dec/2006 Are You Ready for a Windfall? N/A
3881 21x56 04/Dec/2006 What Leonardo DiCaprio Wants You to Know N/A
3882 21x57 05/Dec/2006 Global Warming 101 With Al Gore N/A
3883 21x58 06/Dec/2006 The World's Greatest Voices N/A
3884 21x59 11/Dec/2006 What's Playing on Your iPod Concert N/A
3885 21x60 19/Dec/2006 Exclusive: Lisa Ling Takes a Rare Trip Inside North Korea N/A
3886 21x61 15/Jan/2007 Bob Greene's Best Life Diet N/A
3887 21x62 16/Jan/2007 What's Playing on Your iPod Concert With Mary J. Blige, Carly Simon and Corinne Bailey Rae N/A
3888 21x63 17/Jan/2007 Inside Oprah's Holiday Trip and More N/A
3889 21x64 18/Jan/2007 Miracle in Missouri N/A
3890 21x65 22/Jan/2007 This Is the Year to Get Richer! N/A
3891 21x66 23/Jan/2007 My Baby or My Job: Why Elizabeth Vargas Stepped Down N/A
3892 21x67 24/Jan/2007 What Five Words Describe Your Marriage? N/A
3893 21x68 25/Jan/2007 30 Something Across America N/A
3894 21x69 26/Jan/2007 Good News! N/A
3895 21x70 29/Jan/2007 Fascinating Families N/A
3896 21x71 30/Jan/2007 Countdown to Oscar: Meet the Nominees N/A
3897 21x72 31/Jan/2007 Would You Survive? N/A
3898 21x73 01/Feb/2007 How'd They Do That? N/A
3899 21x74 02/Feb/2007 Moms Who Made Millions N/A
3900 21x75 05/Feb/2007 The 64-Year-Old Grandmother Who Posed in the Nude N/A
3901 21x76 06/Feb/2007 John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy N/A
3902 21x77 07/Feb/2007 This Is the Year to Declutter Your Life N/A
3903 21x78 08/Feb/2007 The Secret N/A
3904 21x79 09/Feb/2007 A Special Report: The Little Boy Oprah Couldn't Forget N/A
3905 21x80 12/Feb/2007 Amazing Kids: The 7-year-old Who Performed Surgery N/A
3906 21x81 13/Feb/2007 Ask Dr. Oz N/A
3907 21x82 14/Feb/2007 Valentine's Day Love Stories N/A
3908 21x83 15/Feb/2007 Do You Believe? N/A
3909 21x84 16/Feb/2007 One Week Later: The Reaction to the Secret N/A
3910 21x85 19/Feb/2007 This Is the Year to Live Well, with Colin Cowie N/A
3911 21x86 20/Feb/2007 Nate's Small Space Miracle! N/A
3912 21x87 21/Feb/2007 Kidnapped as a Child: Why I Didn't Run N/A
3913 21x88 22/Feb/2007 The Best Weight Loss Challenge: The Launch N/A
3914 21x89 23/Feb/2007 Oscar Legends N/A
3915 21x90 26/Feb/2007 Oprah's After-Oscar Party, 2007 N/A
3916 21x91 27/Feb/2007 Reporter Bob Woodruff and his wife, Lee N/A
3917 21x92 28/Feb/2007 Chris Rock and 'American Idol' Fantasia's Big News N/A
3918 21x93 01/Mar/2007 Why They Beat the Odds N/A
3919 21x94 07/Mar/2007 Moms Who Can't Say No N/A
3920 21x95 26/Mar/2007 Letters to Oprah, 2007 N/A
3921 21x96 27/Mar/2007 Good News N/A
3922 21x97 28/Mar/2007 Oprah's Book Club: Sidney Poitier Tribute N/A
3923 21x98 29/Mar/2007 Why I Cut Off My Breasts N/A
3924 21x99 30/Mar/2007 Planet Earth N/A
3925 21x100 02/Apr/2007 Miss USA Returns to Harpo N/A
3926 21x101 03/Apr/2007 I Walked Away From Millions N/A
3927 21x102 04/Apr/2007 Real-life Heroes N/A
3928 21x103 05/Apr/2007 The Face of Autism N/A
3929 21x104 06/Apr/2007 America Talks to Oprah! N/A
3930 21x105 09/Apr/2007 Addiction: Why Can't They Stop? N/A
3931 21x106 10/Apr/2007 Miracle Sextuplets, Twins Reunited N/A
3932 21x107 11/Apr/2007 How Happy Are You? N/A
3933 21x108 12/Apr/2007 Gayle and Viewers Learn the Latest Dance Moves N/A
3934 21x109 13/Apr/2007 What the New Scam Artists Don't Want You to Know N/A
3935 21x110 16/Apr/2007 After Imus, Now What? N/A
3936 21x111 17/Apr/2007 After Imus, Now What? The Hip-hop Community Responds N/A
3937 21x112 18/Apr/2007 An Oprah Special Report: Lisa Ling Live at Virginia Tech N/A
3938 21x113 19/Apr/2007 'American Idol' Finalists, Simon Cowell and Oprah Does Improv N/A
3939 21x114 20/Apr/2007 Going Green 101: What Your Family Can Do Today N/A
3940 21x115 23/Apr/2007 The Secrets of My Big Success N/A
3941 21x116 24/Apr/2007 The Virginia Videotape Controversy N/A
3942 21x117 25/Apr/2007 Loving Our Dogs N/A
3943 21x118 26/Apr/2007 Ask Dr. Oz N/A
3944 21x119 27/Apr/2007 The Best Places to Find Men Over 35: Gayle King Reports N/A
3945 21x120 30/Apr/2007 Nate and Clutter Expert Peter Walsh Clean Up Your Life N/A
3946 21x121 01/May/2007 First Interview: Dina McGreevey, Estranged Wife of the Gay Governor, Breaks Her Silence N/A
3947 21x122 02/May/2007 Oprah and Tommy Hilfiger Set the Record Straight, Plus Our Most Memorable Guests N/A
3948 21x123 03/May/2007 Oprah's Search for the Next Big Idea N/A
3949 21x124 04/May/2007 Oprah Plays Deal or No Deal With Howie Mandel N/A
3950 21x125 07/May/2007 The Best! N/A
3951 21x126 08/May/2007 A Suburban Mother's Nightmare Captured on Tape N/A
3952 21x127 09/May/2007 Cheers to You! N/A
3953 21x128 10/May/2007 Discovered in a Subway: Now Her 'Oprah Show' Dream Comes True N/A
3954 21x129 11/May/2007 Maria Shriver, Demi Moore, Vanessa Williams: A Mother's Day Special N/A
3955 21x130 14/May/2007 Oprah and Gayle's Big Spa Adventure N/A
3956 21x131 15/May/2007 Take the Dr. Oz Health Quiz N/A
3957 21x132 16/May/2007 John Travolta and the Cast of 'Hairspray' N/A
3958 21x133 17/May/2007 Oprah's Neighbors Throw a Party! N/A
3959 21x134 18/May/2007 Sarah Jessica Parker: Fab Without a Fortune N/A
3960 21x135 21/May/2007 Ask Dr. Oz N/A
3961 21x136 22/May/2007 The Big Weigh-in: Best Weight Loss Challenge Update N/A
3962 21x137 23/May/2007 A Mother's Nightmare Captured on Tape: Her Children Speak Out N/A
3963 21x138 24/May/2007 An Actress, Supermodel and Country Star Pull Back the Veil on Depression N/A
3964 21x139 25/May/2007 Oprah and Gayle's Spa Trip: What You Didn't See N/A
3965 21x140 28/May/2007 Children Ashamed of the Way They Look N/A
3966 21x141 29/May/2007 What's Cool for Summer N/A
3967 21x142 30/May/2007 Why I Forgave the Man Who Shot Me N/A
3968 21x143 31/May/2007 The Man Who 'Adopted' 6000 Children N/A
3969 21x144 01/Jun/2007 Lifesaving Lessons From Families Like Yours N/A
3970 21x145 05/Jun/2007 Michael Moore: The Buzz About 'Sicko,' and Oprah's Summer Book N/A
3971 21x146 06/Jun/2007 Left for Dead: The Gay Man Who Befriended His Attacker N/A
3972 21x147 08/Jun/2007 This Is the Year to Get Richer! N/A
3973 21x148 11/Jun/2007 How They Revved Up Their Sex Life! N/A
3974 21x149 29/Aug/2007 An Oprah Special Report: Katrina: What Will It Take to Recover? N/A
3975 21x150 03/Sep/2007 How Often Do You Clean? N/A
3976 21x151 04/Sep/2007 Former President Bill's Clinton's New Passion and Andre Agassi N/A

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