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Season 5

92 :05x01 - Til Death Do Us Part---And Make It Soon

Nikki finds out the professor is going on a yacht for his honeymoon with Paris. She sneaks in while no one is looking and finds out that Fredo, the captain of the yacht, is her secret lover. Their plan is to kill the professor by making him drowsy, followed by dumping him into the sea. Nikki springs into action at that moment. Paris is about to kill Nikki too, but the professor listened to all that and pounced on Paris, leaving her to be arrested.
Guest Stars: Gretchen Palmer as Paris Walker | Mailon Rivera as Fredo | Dwight Woody as Woody
Director: Tony Singletary

93 :05x02 - Squatter's Rights

The professor finds out that his inheritance from his deceased uncle was actually back taxes, forcing him to go broke. With no other choice, he moves in with Nikki. Nikki believes that she just got closer to marrying him. Soon, the professor starts freeloading off of her. This infuriates Nikki, so she tries to get the professor's apartment back, which is now "owned" by a conman.
Guest Stars: Dwight Woody as Woody | Smalls as Bob | Alexander Folk as Jerry | Jim Meskimen as Dean Whitter | Alex Thomas as Jack
Director: Tony Singletary
Writer: Andrea Wiley

94 :05x03 - A Plot with a View

Nikki goes to buy burial plots for her and the professor. While Kim is away, Stevie and T need a new backup singer for Freestyle Unity, so they recruit someone named Erica. Soon, Erica starts hogging the stage and acts all hoity-toity, driving Stevie and T crazy. It gets worse when Erica moves into Nikki's apartment.
Guest Stars: Don Richter as Man #2 | Angela Maria Dixon as Monika | Khadijah Haqq as Girl #3 | Sandra McCoy as Girl #2 | Alicia Ziegler as Girl #1 | Shedrack Anderson III as Man #1 | Jean Sincere as Woman | Porscha Coleman as Erica Willis | Terry Rhoads as Reginald
Director: Tony Singletary

95 :05x04 - Mama, I'm Baaack!

Kim soon returns from Harvard after breaking up with Regis, only to find out that Erica owns her room now. Erica starts to get on Nikki's nerves and Nikki wants her out. Nikki, Kim, and Andell get Rushion to come live with them for awhile to get Erica out. He begins acting like a slob at first, but he and Erica fall madly in love with each other. That plan fails, but Rushion had to leave because of being chased by the police, with Erica following him. In the meantime, the professor discovers an illegal get-rich-quick scheme from T, which gets him into jail after getting caught by an officer in disguise.
Guest Stars: Sheryl Lightsy as Woman #2 | Sherry Lynice Calhoun as Woman #1 | Sharon Swainson as Beautiful Woman | Dwight Woody as Woody | Porscha Coleman as Erica Willis | Reginald Ballard as Rushion
Director: Gerren Keith

96 :05x05 - The Accidental Therapist

The professor gets run in by another car. The police believe it's the professor's fault. Nikki was a witness, but would only testify if the professor would go to therapy sessions with her. The therapy itself seems to be working, but the therapist also seems to have problems of her own.
Guest Stars: Neferteri Shepherd as Receptionist | Rob Roy Fitzgerald as Officer | Edith Fields as Ms. Jones | Wendy Raquel Robinson as Dr. Shepherd
Director: Tony Singletary

97 :05x06 - The Mack Is Like Wo!

The professor gets chosen to be on a game show along with four other women. Nikki takes offense to that and joins the game show herself. The professor takes every action he has to ignore Nikki, but she persists. In the meantime, Stevie, Kim, and T open a smoothie stand, but they find out the smoothies contain alcohol.
Guest Stars: Sandy Brown (1) as Sarah | Jill-Michele Melean as Jennifer | Dwight Woody as Woody | Cedric Yarbrough as Brian | Mike Malin as Officer Taylor | Brande Roderick as Lola
Director: Tony Singletary

98 :05x07 - Kimmie Has Two Moms

Andell subs in for Nikki as Kim's mother for a talk show. Nikki bursts right in and says she's the mother, but the host makes a rumor out of it and blows it right out of proportion.
Guest Stars: Vivica A. Fox as Claire | Debra Wilson as Zorah | Matt Price as Adam Myers
Director: Tony Singletary

99 :05x08 - I Never Rapped for My Father

Andell's country cousin Lurlene comes to visit and makes a date with the professor. This infuriates Nikki, putting their friendship on the rocks. Meanwhile, T's dad joins Freestyle Unity, changing the entire group. Kim and Stevie don't want him in it anymore, but T thinks otherwise.
Guest Stars: Alycia Cooper as Woman #1 | Gerald Levert as Ted Radcliffe | Rain Denise Wilson as Lurlene | Charles Porter as Eric
Director: Tony Singletary
Writer: Vida Spears

100 :05x09 - Foul Ball

Nikki's sorority is about to compete against the professor's fraternity in a softball game, hopefully not to lose this time. The pressure was on after both teams recruited professional players to their team, which are Jennie Finch and Eric Davis. When Jennie gets injured and Eric has to leave, the game becomes tougher for Nikki, who has a bet to fulfill with the professor. Can Nikki's team win the game?
Guest Stars: Austin Boulware as Little League Player | Tairia Flowers as Catcher | Jennie Finch as Herself | Eric Davis (1) as Himself | Dwight Woody as Woody | Rudy Rush as Spud | Kara Brock as Regina Foster
Director: Ken Whittingham

101 :05x10 - Cheaters Never Prosper

A young student, Michelle, happens to get good grades by sucking up to the professor. Nikki decides to be the professor's teaching assistant. Nikki gets in trouble when she accuses Michelle of cheating. Meanwhile, Kim, Stevie, T, Regina, and Freddy compete for $5000 while being trapped in a room with each other. They use snake-like tactics to "eliminate the competition." Freddy ends up winning, but learns the money was for charity.
Guest Stars: Jim Meskimen as Dean Whitter | Kara Brock as Regina Foster | Kellie Shanygne Williams as Michelle | Kel Mitchell as Freddy Fabulous | Rosalind Chao as Professor Thornhill
Director: Tony Singletary

102 :05x11 - Out with the Old, In with the New

Sophia gets a new and younger boyfriend. Nikki thinks that he just wants to be friends with Sophia, so they spy on him while he's with Stevie. What he really wanted to do was propose to her, which he takes back when he realizes she didn't trust him. The gang also throws a garage sale, which the professor joins. He sells something for a dollar, but he finds out on television that it is actually worth much more than that.
Guest Stars: Richard Voigts as Winston | Jill Jaress as Hostess | Oliver Muirhead as Ben | Michael Trucco as Bill | Shannon Tweed as Sophia Van Lowe
Director: Tony Singletary

103 :05x12 - School of Hard Knocks

Andell joins Nikki's class and immediately becomes the star pupil. This gets on Nikki's nerves, because she believes she should be the star pupil. In the meantime, Kim gets chosen to be on a radio show along with Shag and Tone, who yearn to get a date with Kim.
Guest Stars: Susan Dalian as Jennifer | Thom Scott, II as Station Manager | Shag as Himself/Da Hot Boyz | Tone as Himself/Da Hot Boyz
Director: Tony Singletary

104 :05x13 - Can Two Wrongs Make a Right?

Nikki has an interview with a school representative for a university scholarship, but he shows up right in the middle of a party she was having with Andell and her friends. In the meantime, in order to pull off a lie he made to date a single mom, the professor uses Kim as his daughter to prove he's a single dad.
Guest Stars: Bee-Be Smith as Destiny | Nicole Randall Johnson as Mrs. Carter | Kennedy Rue McCullough as Lauryn | Mirron E. Willis as Mr. Dudley | Devika Parikh as Bella | Kym Whitley as Gertrude
Director: Erma Elzy-Jones

105 :05x14 - She's Positive

It's T's birthday! They go to a club where he meets a girl named Kai. They hit it off and instantly fall in love. T really wants to kiss her, but finds out she's HIV positive. In the meantime, the professor needs help on catering a meal for a group of representatives from a prestigious university, so he recruits Nikki. One of the representatives seems to be very prejudiced to African Americans. The professor immediately takes action, standing up for the rights of African Americans everywhere.
Guest Stars: Me'lisa Sellers as D.J. Casablanca | Jazze Pha as Himself | John Rubinstein as Jonathan | Jim Haynie as Tom | Murphy Lee as Himself | Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas as Kai
Director: Tony Singletary
Writer: Andrea Wiley

106 :05x15 - Judge Not a Book...

Nikki writes a book about her love life with the professor. The book becomes a best seller, but it also makes the professor more popular with the women than usual.
Guest Stars: Eve Kagan as Groupie | Dagney Kerr as Lilly | Dawn Stern as Tra-Say | Pauletta Washington as Terri Angelou | Shaquille O'Neal as Himself
Director: Tony Singletary

107 :05x16 - Practice What You Preach

Nikki's old friend Karla comes to visit. Nikki learns she has become a member of the church.
Guest Stars: Gichi Gamba as Craig | Charmaine Charles as Charmaine | Eddie Satterfield as Rufus | Ellis E. Williams as Deacon | Time Winters as Judge | Yolanda Adams as Karla | Kym Whitley as Gertrude
Director: Erma Elzy-Jones

108 :05x17 - Could It Be You? (1)

Mavis turns down Woody's proposal, driving Woody into an extreme state of depression. He moves in with Professor Oglevee, but he can be a real pain. In the meantime, Andell is fed up with all the dates she's had with Lester to be ruined by Nikki, so she has a man named Johnnie to go on a date with her. They discover that they have a lot of things in common, which gets their relationship more serious. They prove that with a kiss.
Guest Stars: Mel Jackson as Johnnie Morrow | Juliet Hagerman as Waitress | Dwight Woody as Woody | Troy Winbush as Lester | Yvette Cason as Mavis
Director: Tony Singletary

109 :05x18 - A Little Change Never Hurt Anybody (2)

Kim is unable to graduate from college because of a lack of credits, but with Stevie's help, she decides to open her own business instead. In the meantime, Johnnie gets a job offer from New York, but that would mean leaving Nikki. He decides to propose to her, and to everyone's surprise, she said yes.
Guest Stars: Troy Winbush as Lester | Mel Jackson as Johnnie Morrow
Director: Tony Singletary

110 :05x19 - At Last (3)

The professor realizes he loves Nikki, but Andell locks him into a closet in order to avoid any more trouble. Johnnie and Nikki are about to get married at Andell's, but Andell stops him at the last minute while the professor barges in. The professor tells Nikki he loves her. They finally get married, and it is truly a happy ending for them all.
Guest Stars: Sir Relavent as Marvin | Eric Lane as Brother | Phylliss Bailey Brooks as Carmen | B. Jonsie as Mother | Gil Deeble as Minister | Yvette Cason as Mavis | Liza Lapira as Shaquan | Steven Imes, Jr. as Professor Imes | Troy Winbush as Lester | Mel Jackson as Johnnie Morrow | Kara Brock as Regina Foster | Dwight Woody as Woody | Akia McPhaul as Girl at Wedding
Director: Tony Singletary
Warning: The Parkers guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: UPN ( USA)
Airs: Mondays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: August 30, 1999
Ended: May 10, 2004
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