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Wedding Bell Blues - Recap

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The episode opens with a recap of the last episode. While Nikki barges in to stop the wedding, she realizes she’s in the wrong one. While check other wedding chapels for Kim and Jerel, she encounters another couple about to get married. Nikki and the professor act as witnesses, but while the ceremony goes on, Nikki interrupts, saying why they shouldn’t get married. She ends up breaking them apart. She and the professor get tired, so they stay at a hotel. Unfortunately for the professor, he has to share the bed with Nikki. While Nikki is asleep, she has a dream of Kim’s future if she marries Jerel. In it, Kim has several kids and doesn’t do any work. Stevie is a bailiff, T is homeless, and Jerel is in prison. The professor is Nikki’s husband and Andell has her own husband. When Jerel gets out of prison, he takes Kim with him and leaves all of their kids at Nikki’s. Nikki in the dream gets angry at this, so she holds him in a headlock till the end of the dream. After that, she wakes up to holding the professor in a headlock. Then, they both hear noises coming from the next room. When the professor bangs on the wall, the person from next room comes over to their room, revealing himself to be Jerel. Kim comes over after that, revealing that she is the new Mrs. Jerel Goodrich. The scene ends with Nikki disappointed.
The last scene was the professor having a dream of getting married to Veronica. While he was about to kiss her, the bride reveals herself to be Nikki. The professor then wakes up with a shriek.

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