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The Parent Trap - Recap

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Kim, Stevie, and T are working on their singing group for a show. The professor’s planning on doing a magic act. The episode starts with Nikki coming home with Andell and her father. Nikki and Andell get a good idea of introducing him to Andell’s mother, Carmen, to Nikki’s father, Quincy. At the same time, Allen comes back from the fat farm (“with only half of him.”) Kim sees him as the new him, but doesn’t feel comfortable. Nikki, Andell, Quincy, and Carmen all have dinner together, but Quincy and Carmen don’t get along very well. Nikki and Andell decide to leave for a few minutes to let them get acquainted, but when they return, they have already done the “nasty.” Andell and Nikki are shocked at first, but get used to it, especially since there is a chance that they could become sisters. Quincy and Carmen are tired of them obsessing over it, so they concoct a lie saying that they broke up. They pretend they don’t like each other anymore. This leads to more feuds with Nikki and Andell, so the parents try to explain everything to them. The professor’s assistant mysteriously disappeared, but thanks to Nikki, he was saved. Kim decides she can’t take anymore of Allen’s workout trips, so she breaks up with him. In conclusion, although Quincy and Carmen aren’t getting married, Nikki and Andell will always be sisters.

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