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Somebody's Watching You - Recap

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Nikki comes over to the professor’s apartment while he is doing household chores. While entering, she accidentally slips on the wet floor. The professor decides to take care of her while she is injured. Meanwhile, Kim and Freddy are working on a fashion design. While Kim walks away with Stevie and T for a while, Freddy notices Kim forgot her portfolio. He takes it away to steal her design: clothes that smell like flowers.
Nikki decides to look through binoculars on the balcony to spy on other people. One day, while she was looking out, she notices a murder in Playboy Pete’s apartment while the professor is out. She gets worried about this, so she decides to tell the professor. He doesn’t believe her at first, but calls anyway (to follow up on a restraining order.)
Later, Kim comes up empty-handed for the contest, but she gets angry when she finds out the winner was Freddy Fabulous. She decides to make a plan to get her payback. At the awards ceremony, she decides to release some bees on a model who models her design. Freddy then admits that it as Kim’s idea, and that he stole it. Kim tells him that he stole the design, but not the repellent lining. Kim gets back her honor.
Nikki sill needs to take care of the murder problem. While the professor steps out, she looks through the binoculars again at Playboy Pete, the murderer. He notices her, and gives her a death threat. Nikki gets really scared by this, so she decides to protect her self. She locks the door and uses a weapon. Playboy Pete breaks in anyway. He pulls out a gun, a fake gun which reveals that the hole thing was a joke. The professor and Playboy Pete have a good laugh about this, teaching Nikki the dangers of being nosy. Afterwards, Nikki goes back to her own home with Andell. While Andell goes to another room, Nikki gets up to get some Alizé. Before she can get back to her couch, Andell comes out again, finding out about her lie. Nikki and Andell decides to share a glass of Alizé instead of fighting over it.

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