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A Sterling Relationship - Recap

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Regina comes up to Kim to recruit her to the Corsair, the school newspaper. Kim becomes the new gossip columnist. In the meantime, the professor’s brother comes over to stay for while at his apartment. Nikki meets him while barging into his apartment. Afterward, Regina complains to Kim about her “boring” article on Sterling, the professor’s brother. Sterling meets up with them, later going to lunch with Nikki. They share a couple of laughs, until Nikki decides to mention his wife. Sterling begins crying there. He reveals that his wife left him. He complained that he was “boring and pretentious.” Nikki decides to help him become a “ladies’ man” by introducing him to Andell. Although it was tough, Andell finally accepts.
Kim makes a good article in the next issue of her paper. Regina is satisfied, but Stevie and T are not, since the article was about them. This gives her some good publicity, but costs her her friends.
Nikki tries to help Sterling become the kind of guy a woman would ate, along with Rushion’s help. When they were done, they went over to Andell’s restaurant to go on their date. While Andell is getting them some drinks she gets attacked by a drunk man. Sterling steps up to them man, trying to beat him up. He gets back on his feet, but while going to hits Sterling, he misses and hits the professor instead. Nikki is furious about this, so she knocks him out herself. Later, Kim gets her friendship back by making an incriminating article about Regina. This gets her fired, but she wins back the respect of Stevie and T. Afterwards, Sterling comes over to Nikki’s to say goodbye, and to thank her for helping him with the women. Nikki and Kim are both heroes to themselves in this episode.

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