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At Last (3) - Recap

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Nikki is showing off her engagement ring to the gang down at the Student Union. Everyone is impressed. When the professor sees it, he gets very excited; so excited, he back-flips his way out of the Student Union.

Later, Stevie, Kim, and Woody are talking at the Student Union. Woody tells them that he and Mavis opened up their own restaurant. Stevie and Kim are happy for him as they also have their own business. T comes over later. He starts feeling very upset that these are their last moments together. He gives them a hug to show his sympathy. Stevie and Kim do their best to show the same sympathy. Later, Regina comes over to them. Without saying anything, the gang finds out that she is pregnant. She continues to tell it to everybody on campus.

Andell comes over to Nikki’s apartment from her trip to Las Vegas. She tells Nikki that she hit the jackpot---she got married. They didn’t have a formal wedding, but Nikki reassures her: the point is, they got married; that she finally found her soul mate---and so did she. She shows off her ring to Andell. Andell is very happy for her. Nikki says that she will be getting married to Johnnie in two different ceremonies. Her parents can’t make it in the first ceremony, so she’s going to have another one. She tells her that she will be getting married in a church---this is when the phone rings. The pastor calls and tells her that they can’t have her wedding at the church on her day; they have a five-day conference. Nikki is upset about this, but at least she has her catering to look forward to---the phone rings again. This time, Ingrid, her caterer, cancels on her to go to a celebrity wedding. Nikki is in distress; she is worried that the next call she receives will be Johnnie. Nikki is wondering if it is right to get married to Johnnie. Andell won’t have any of this; she will not rest until Nikki and Johnnie are married. She says that they can get married at her restaurant, and if the chef’s not in, Andell can cook for them.

Nikki, Stevie, and T are graduating from college. They are wondering whether Kim is upset that she did not receive her degree. She tells them not to worry; she still has her business to fall back on. Johnnie is very proud of Nikki---valedictorian, merit scholarship, etc. He leaves and tells her that he will see her at the altar. The professor comes by later; he gives her a gift certificate for tupperware. After congratulating her, he runs away, hoping he will never see her again.

Later, the professor is spending his evening alone. While smoking a cigar, he makes a smoke ring which shows his attitude towards Nikki in previous episodes. Then he hears a voice calling him; a voice which sounds exactly like him. He looks in the mirror and he sees the man. It is his inner voice (or inner self). This voice is telling him that he cannot let Nikki get married. If he does, he will be making the biggest mistake of his life. The professor has a little chat with this “voice.” He realizes what he is doing. While he is running out of his apartment, the “voice” looks into the camera and says, “What a cornball.”
The professor runs up to Nikki’s apartment to tell Nikki that he loves her. When he arrives, he only finds Andell. He asks her for Nikki. Andell is not sure why, but then he tells her that he must marry her, not Johnnie. Andell pays no heed to what he has to say. She tells him that Nikki will finally have a new life, a new family; he will only get in the way. The professor is desperate, so Andell decides to “humor” him. She asks him to get Nikki’s coat from the closet. The professor goes into the closet and looks for it. When he asks which coat is Nikki’s, Andell pushes him into the closet and locks the door. Andell goes to the wedding while the professor is trapped inside.

Later, at the wedding, the guests begin arriving. Woody and Mavis arrive. Mavis asks him why he never brought her to Andell’s restaurant before. He jokingly tells her if he did, it would be hard to pick up women. Then, Regina comes in. She continues to tell everybody that she is pregnant. Later, Kim, Stevie, and T hear a loud noise coming from outside. Kim tells them that it’s Shaquan. When she arrives, she and Kim embrace while they use Ebonics. Then Shaquan tells Kim that she knows the father of Regina’s baby. She whispers it into her ear as Kim gives a big gape.

Nikki is trying out her wedding dress. Andell is with her. Nikki begins to have thoughts about the professor. Andell tells her to get rid of them; she is getting married to Johnnie; the professor is history. Nikki then agrees and moves on to the wedding.

Andell meets Johnnie’s family: his mother, his sister, and his brother. They compliment her while she’s around, but scoff at her and Nikki behind their backs.
Kim, Stevie, and T confront Regina. They know the father of her baby. They reveal that it is Freddy Fabulous. It turns out that Shaquan and Freddy go to the same beauty parlor. Regina is very embarrassed about this; she begs them not to tell anyone. They give her their promise, but just seconds later, Kim walks up to Woody to tell him something…

The wedding commences. Nikki is walking down the aisle with Professor Imes. He tells her that he is happy to fill in for her dads, but he is not sure whether people will believe that he is her father. Nikki tells him that everyone may think that he is her brother. They continue walking down the aisle. Professor Imes gives Nikki away to the minister. The minister begins the ceremony. He asks the people if there is any reason why Nikki and Johnnie should not be wed, “speak now or forever hold your peace.” When no one objects, the minister is about to ask them whether they should get married; this is where Andell interrupts him. She tells them that they cannot be wed because Nikki is in love with the professor, and she is sorry to say that he loves her too. When Johnnie asks why the professor isn’t here to tell Nikki that, Andell gets a little nervous. Then, everyone hears the professor from outside. He is yelling at them to wait. He runs in to the restaurant where Andell greets him. He professor tells her that he now has a dislocated shoulder from banging it against the closet door. Andell decides not to worry about that and just tells him it’s nice to see him there. The professor goes up to the altar. He tells her that he doesn’t blame her for telling him to get lost, but from this day on, no matter what Nikki says, he will always love her. Nikki starts tearing up at this; she tells him that she loves him too. She then turns to Johnnie and apologizes; she loves him, but she has been chasing the professor for years. Johnnie then understands and leaves the altar with a crushed heart. The professor gets down on one knee and “borrows” Johnnie’s ring; with his approval. He asks Nikki to marry him, to which she says yes.

The wedding of Nikki and the professor comes to an end when the minister pronounces them husband and wife. After sharing a kiss, they walk down the aisle. Kim begins to sing “At Last” while T plays the keyboard. Stevie watches them walk together. Nikki and the professor are now married; the way it always should have been; they will now begin their new life together as Mr. and Mrs. Stanley DeVante Oglevee.

The End…?

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