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Season 4

75 :04x01 - Hate Thy Neighbor

New neighbors arrive and soon trouble ensues when they call the police complaining of the noise. The neighbor admits she doesn't like show biz people.
Guest Stars: Rick Segall as Ricky | Nita Talbot as Doris Steven | Ronne Troup as Donna | Theodore Wilson as Sam
Director: Richard Kinon
Songs: Partridge Family -- I'll Never Get Over You, Rick -- Sooner or Later

76 :04x02 - None But the Lonely

Laurie gets a advice to the love lorn column in the local papers and soon Keith writes in to help get a date with the new girl in school, who's been forewarned of Keith's reputation.
Guest Stars: Mike Rupert as Mark | Gary Morgan as Scotty | Kathleen Cody as Dina | Rick Segall as Ricky
Director: Charles Rondeau
Writer: Dale McRaven
Songs: Partridge Family -- Alone Too Long, Ricky -- Bicycle Song

77 :04x03 - Beethoven, Brahms, and Partridge

Keith's new girlfriend has him believing his style music is meaningless and gives a try at writing his first classical piece.
Guest Stars: Harold Gould as Walter Yost | Barbara Sigel as Rachel Weston | Rick Segall as Ricky
Director: Charles Rondeau
Writer: Dale McRaven
Songs: Partridge Family -- I Think I Love You, Partridge Family -- I'm Into Something Good, Ricky -- When I Grow Up

78 :04x04 - The Strike-Out King

Shirley thinks Danny needs to be around friends his own age so Reuben suggests little league baseball. Problem is Danny hates baseball. To his surprise he becomes a star pitcher.
Guest Stars: Herb Edelman as Darby | Dick Balduzzi as Marv | Gordon Jump as Zack | Dick O'Shea as Umpire | Jackie Earle Haley as Rusty (as Jackie Haley) | Rick Segall as Ricky
Director: E.W. Swackhamer
Songs: Partridge Family -- I Wanna Be With You, Ricky -- Say Hey Willie

79 :04x05 - Reuben Kincaid Lives

Reuben believes he's is dying because everyone is suddenly being too nice to him. To cheer him up, Shirley sets up a surprise birthday party, complete with Reuben's mother.
Guest Stars: Elaine Giftos as Bonnie Kleinschmitt | Margaret Hamilton as Clara Kincaid | Rick Segall as Ricky
Director: E.W. Swackhamer
Songs: Partridge Family -- I Got Your Love All Over Me, Ricky -- Just Loving You

80 :04x06 - Double Trouble

Keith wants a date with a beautiful new girl but she already has one with a basketball player, but sets him up with her plain looking friend. After her date falls through, she agrees to go with Keith who now has two dates for the beach party.
Guest Stars: Bobby Kramer (1) as Wally Benton | Elaine Giftos as Bonnie Kleinschmitt | Cindy Cassell as Sally Winkler | Cheryl Ladd as Joanna Houser (as Cheryl Stoppelmoor) | Rick Segall as Ricky
Songs: Ricky -- A Little Bit of Lovin', Partridge Family -- Oh No, Not My Baby

81 :04x07 - The Last Howard

Keith and Danny believes Laurie's new boyfriend stole the bracelet that he gave her from a passenger on the cruise ship they are aboard. With the help of Reuben the try stealing it back so Laurie won't get caught smuggling it through customs.
Guest Stars: Stuart Wagstaff as Head Waiter | Bill Zuckert as Captain | Bruce Kimmel as Howard | Ruth Gillette as Mrs. Milstead
Director: Richard Kinon
Writer: Dale McRaven
Songs: Partridge Family -- When Love's Talked About

82 :04x08 - The Diplomat

A presidential ambassador and well-known ladies man asks Shirley out on a date. But after arriving 2 hours late and talking on the phone most of the night, she declines a second date. He then showers Shirley with gifts trying to make her reconsider.
Guest Stars: Florida Friebus as Mrs. Hendleman | Pat Harrington, Jr. as Roger Harper | Ray Buktenica as Newsman | Richard Mulligan as Howard Lipton | Rick Segall as Ricky
Songs: Partridge Family -- How Long Is Too Long, Ricky -- What Kind of Noise Do You Make?

83 :04x09 - Heartbreak Keith

Keith enrolls in a Sociology class in college and discovers one of his favorite subjects, a beautiful girl, 23-year-old Dory Kimmel. He soon finds himself in love only to find out that Dory is married.
Guest Stars: Maggie Roswell as Lois | Sandi Schrader as Cute Girl | Larry Wilcox as Feder | Paul Jenkins as Glenn | Ivor Francis as Professor Boone | Brooke Bundy as Dory | Mwako Cumbuka as Jerry | Rick Segall as Ricky
Director: Charles Rondeau
Writer: Bill Manhoff
Songs: Ricky -- A Secret In My Hear, Partridge Family -- Heard You Singing Your Song

84 :04x10 - A Day of Honesty

Danny gets caught trying to sneak into a movie theater without a ticket and is punished by losing his movie privileges for a month. Upset by this Danny writes down all the dishonest things his family has done. Shirley decides they need to try a day of being totally honest.
Guest Stars: Joseph V. Perry as Policeman | Archie Hahn as Harve | Rick Segall as Ricky
Director: Ross Bowman
Songs: Ricky -- If I Were A Monkey, Partridge Family -- Roller Coaster

85 :04x11 - Al in the Family

Reuben Kincaid's nephew, Alan, comes to live with him and becomes his assistant. It's evident right from the start that Alan is eager to learn but always fails at everything.
Guest Stars: Rod Gist as Chef | Gino Conforti as Maitre'd | Alan Bursky as Alan Kincaid
Director: Charles Rondeau
Songs: Partridge Family -- I'm Into Something Good, Partridge Family -- That's the Way It Is With You

86 :04x12 - Maid in San Pueblo

Shirley, advertising for a maid has an unexpected applicant, her mother, Amanda Renfrew. Seems her parents are arguing and leaves to live with Shirley. The family plots to get them back together if they can keep the house so clean that she will have nothing to do.
Guest Stars: Ysabel MacCloskey as Mrs. Argyle | John Dennis as Cop | Rosemary DeCamp as Amanda Renfrew | Jackie Coogan as Walter Renfrew | Rick Segall as Ricky
Director: Charles Rondeau
Songs: Ricky -- Grandma (We Love You Just The Way You Are), Partridge Family -- Working On A Groovy Thing

87 :04x13 - Art for Mom's Sake

Shirley Partridge joins an art class and is encouraged by her teacher, Lorenzo Bernard, who says she shows a natural artistic ability. The family doesn't share the same opinion but need to tell her after the enamored teacher sets up private showing.
Guest Stars: Monty Margetts as Mrs. Kleven | Bob Givens (1) as Man # 2 | Gordon Jump as Man #1 | Molly Dodd as Woman # 1 | Alan Oppenheimer as Lorenzo Bernard | Liam Dunn as Mr. Neumeyer
Director: Ross Bowman
Songs: Partridge Family -- I'll Never Get Over You

88 :04x14 - Two for the Show

Reuben has discovered a new singing act, 14-year-old twin brothers Andy and David, and he brings them to live with the Partridges until they cut their first record. The boys have a crush on Laurie which causes a rift in their act.
Guest Stars: Mike Rupert as Walter | Henry Olek as Skip Radnitz | Nick Gates as Mike Weedback | David Williams (2) as David | Andrew Williams (2) as Andy
Director: Charles Rondeau
Songs: Partridge Family -- Crying In The Rain, Andy & David Williams -- Say It Again

89 :04x15 - Danny Drops Out

Danny, bored with school, wants to drop out and become a song writer. The school psychologist tells Shirley to let him believe he's dropped out but he soon gets bored and thinks he made a mistake. That is until he meets a self made millionaire who encourages him to go with his dream.
Guest Stars: Gary Dubin as Punky Lazaar | Mitzi Hoag as Miss Farrow | James Gregory as Claude Tubbles | H.B. Barnum III as Pete | Jamie Lamb (1) as Guy # 1
Director: Roger Duchowny
Songs: Partridge Family -- Looking For A Good Time

90 :04x16 - Queen for a Minute

Laurie cries sexism after her girlfriend doesn't make the high school basketball team. After Keith overhears her scheme to win as homecoming queen in order to give her own view on sexism, he and Danny convince a guy to run for homecoming queen too.
Guest Stars: Tracy Brooks Swope as Frankie Kirkwood | Ken Swofford as Coach | Christopher Beaumont (1) as Jerry Bishop | Ty Henderson as Emcee | Stuart Getz as Boy # 1 | Christopher Man (1) as Boy # 2 | Derrel Maury as Boy # 3 | Princess O'Mahoney as Judy Greitzer
Director: Ernest Losso
Songs: Partridge Family -- Money, Money

91 :04x17 - Danny Converts

Danny is so smitten with Renee, the daughter of Rabbi Stern, that he pretends to be of her faith, and attends a Purim bizarre at Temple Aaron. Convinced that the family is Jewish, the Rabbi invites them to perform before the congregation.
Guest Stars: Gary Dubin as Punky Lazaar | Joyce Easton as Mrs. Stern | Noam Pitlik as Rabbi Ben Stern | Lark Geib as Renee Stern | Judy Farrell as Mrs. Carlysle | Toni Berrell as Sylvia
Director: Richard Kinon
Songs: Partridge Family -- I Heard You Singing Your Song

92 :04x18 - Miss Partridge, Teacher

Laurie is appointed student-teacher of Miss Halstead's 7th grade English class, which includes her brother, Danny. She becomes hard on Danny and may just interrupt the families plan for a Summer tour by failing him.
Guest Stars: Gary Dubin as Punky Lazaar | Maxine Stuart as Mrs. Halstead | April Flesher as Nancy
Director: Roger Duchowny
Songs: Partridge Family -- I Wouldn't Put Nothin' Over On You, Partridge Family -- Working On A Groovy Thing

93 :04x19 - Keith and Lauriebelle

Keith agrees to take over Laurie's babysitting gig if she will come to his party as his date in order to make a new girl at school jealous. But when Laurie hears of his plan, she comes dressed as a Southern belle.
Guest Stars: Jack Stauffer as George | Lindsay V. Jones as Betty | Colby Haines as Claire | Sherry Miles as Karen
Director: Roger Duchowny
Songs: Partridge Family -- How Long Is Too Long

94 :04x20 - Morning Becomes Electric

Scheduled to appear at a rally for energy conservation, the Partridge Family is chagrined when Danny's guitar blows all the fuses in the auditorium. To make amends they decide to be the "model" family, showing everyone how easy it is to cut down the use of electricity. But Danny's miscalculation has the family living with no power for the final day of the month.
Guest Stars: Jack Collins (1) as Mayor Robert Tobin | Maureen Reagan as Photographer
Director: Richard Kinon
Songs: Partridge Family -- Sunshine

95 :04x21 - Pin it on Danny

Danny finds a brooch and gives it to his mother for her birthday. He is dismayed when he sees a newspaper ad offering a $50-reward for it's return -- from his school teacher, Mrs Bullock! Danny then involves Keith and Laurie in an ill-fated plan to get the brooch back from their mother without Shirley's knowledge, and buy her a duplicate with part of the reward money.
Guest Stars: Matilda Calnan as Mrs. Pierson | Gary Dubin as Punky Lazaar | Kathryn Reynolds as Mrs. Bullock
Director: Richard Kinon
Songs: Partridge Family -- I Wanna Be With You

96 :04x22 - . . . - - -. . . (S.O.S)

Shirley's memories of a high school romance are stirred when Navy Capt. Charles Corwin arrives in town. She sees the Captain's picture in the newspaper and recognizes him as "Cuddles," an old flame. When Keith and Danny overhear part of a phone conversation, they think Capt. Corwin has a girl in every port, and their mother will get hurt.
Guest Stars: George Chakiris as Captain Chuck "Cuddles" Corwin
Director: Bob Claver
Songs: Partridge Family -- Roller Coaster
Warning: The Partridge Family guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Music
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 25, 1970
Ended: August 31, 1974
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