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Season 6

51 :06x01 - The Lonely One

A single woman, Lavinia, insists on going to the movies with her two friends, despite the fact that there is a serial killer on the loose.
Guest Stars: Joanna Cassidy as Lavinia Nebbs | Sheila McCarthy as Francine |
Co-Guest Stars: Maggie Harper as Helen | Stephen O'Rourke as Officer Kennedy | Peter Rowley (1) as Druggist | David Perret as Frank Dillon (as David Perrett) | Chic Littlewood as Theatre Manager | Patrick Smith as Pale Man | Elizabeth Pendergrast as Miss Roberta | Kathleen Bridget Kelly (1) as Miss Fern (as Kathleen Kelly)
Director: Ian Mune
Story: Ray Bradbury | Teleplay: Ray Bradbury

52 :06x02 - The Happiness Machine

A man becomes obsessed with building a happiness machine, much to his wife's dismay and disappointment.
Guest Stars: Elliott Gould as Leo Auffmann | Mimi Kuzyk as Lena Auffmann |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul McIver as Saul Auffmann | Tania Mason as Naomi Auffmann | Matthew Brennan as Aaron Auffmann | Claire Chitham as Rosalyn Auffmann
Director: John Laing (1)
Story: Ray Bradbury | Teleplay: Ray Bradbury

53 :06x03 - Tomorrow's Child

In the future, expectant parents get a surprise when the teleport birthing device used to deliver their baby malfunctions, and transforms the newborn into an extra-dimensional pyramid.
Guest Stars: Carol Kane as Polly | Michael Sarrazin as Peter |
Co-Guest Stars: Peter Bland as Dr. Wolcott | Mark Clare as Workman | Lisa Tapley-Bale as Mary | Mike Daly (1) as Bill | Mandy McMullin as Sheila | John Kerr (1) as Don
Director: Costa Botes
Story: Ray Bradbury | Teleplay: Ray Bradbury

54 :06x04 - The Handler

When the townspeople relentlessly mock the local mortician and he meekly swallows their insults, they're unaware that he gets revenge on them after they die.
Guest Stars: Michael J. Pollard as Mr. A. Benedict | Henry Beckman as Mr. Merriwell Blythe |
Co-Guest Stars: John Sumner as Mr. Stuyvesant | Peter Rowley (1) as Mr. Flinger | Lee Grant (2) as Mrs. Rogers | Lynne Skinner as Mrs. Shellmund | Johnny Crews (1) as Mr. Wren | Steve Cleary as Edmund Worth | Casey Anstiss as Small Boy | Christopher Brodeur as Skateboarding Boy | Jocelyn Brodeur as Mrs. McNamara
Director: Peter Sharp
Story: Ray Bradbury | Teleplay: Ray Bradbury

55 :06x05 - Great Wide World Over There

A nephew visits his isolated Aunt Cora, who is desperate to receive letters and escape the scorn of a neighboring woman who always gets mail.
Guest Stars: Tyne Daly as Cora Gibbs | David Orth as Benjy |
Co-Guest Stars: Bill Johnson as Tom Gibbs | Helen Moulder as Mrs. Brabbam | Frank Whitten as Mailman
Director: Ian Mune
Story: Ray Bradbury | Teleplay: Ray Bradbury

56 :06x06 - Fee Fie Foe Fum

A man installs a garbage disposer, which worries his grandmother-in-law a great deal.
Guest Stars: Jean Stapleton as Grandma | Robert Morelli as Tom |
Co-Guest Stars: Lucy Lawless as Liddy Barton | Patrick Smith as Postman
Director: John Reid (1)
Story: Ray Bradbury | Teleplay: Ray Bradbury

57 :06x07 - The Anthem Sprinters

A tourist from the USA gets involved in an Irish sporting event.
Guest Stars: Len Cariou as Raymond Douglas | Robert Ball as Doone |
Co-Guest Stars: Ken Blackburn as Timulty | Ian Watkin as Heeber Finn | Terry Hayman as Fogarty | Bruce Allpress as O'Gavin | Karl Bradley as Cinema Manager | Grant Bridger as Phil the Projectionist | Alister Babbage as Nolan | David Baxter (1) as Kelly | Maurice Keene as Book Store Owner
Director: Wayne Tourell
Story: Ray Bradbury | Teleplay: Ray Bradbury

58 :06x08 - By the Numbers

A man witnesses a hotel pool manager, an ex-soldier, ruthlessly berate his son. Years later, the man meets the now-adult boy and learns the truth about what really happened.
Guest Stars: Ray Sharkey as Father / Sgt. Cress | Geordie Johnson as Douglas |
Co-Guest Stars: Ciaran Pennington as The Boy | Marton Csokas as Sid | Erik Thomson as Young Man | Bruce Tegart as Hotel Waiter | Nii Hammond as Train Waiter
Director: Wayne Tourell
Story: Ray Bradbury | Teleplay: Ray Bradbury

59 :06x09 - The Long Rain

Four astronauts survive a crash on a planet where it never stops raining, and must make their way across the surface to a survival dome.
Guest Stars: Marc Singer as Commander John Trask | Michael Hurst as Lieutenant Simmons |
Co-Guest Stars: Brian Sergent (2) as Boltz | Mark Rafferty as Cooper
Director: Lee Tamahori
Story: Ray Bradbury | Teleplay: Ray Bradbury

60 :06x10 - The Dead Man

A man who claims to be dead is befriended by a manicurist.
Guest Stars: Louise Fletcher as Miss Weldon | Frank Whitten as John "Odd" Martin |
Co-Guest Stars: Ross Duncan as Mr. Simpson | Gilbert Goldie as Mr. Gilpatrick | Peter McCauley as Sheriff | David Taylor as Radney Bellows | Irene Drake as Mrs. Bellows | Alistair Douglas as Customer | Peter Morgan (2) as Rev. Polk | David Telford as Henry Scott |
Uncredited: Dean O'Gorman as Charlie Bellows
Director: Costa Botes
Story: Ray Bradbury | Teleplay: Ray Bradbury

61 :06x11 - Sun and Shaddow

A Mexican man resists when an American director tries to use his house as background for a beer commercial.
Guest Stars: Gregory Sierra as Ricardo Reyes | John Bach as Lazlo | Stuart Margolin as Vincent |
Co-Guest Stars: Vicky Haughton as Maria Reyes | Ken Blackburn as Policeman (Esteban) | Lee Mete Kingi as Tomas Reyes | Jose Bribiesca as Jorge | James Roberts as Andrew
Director: Larry Parr
Story: Ray Bradbury | Teleplay: Ray Bradbury

62 :06x12 - Silent Towns

After the evacuation of Mars, the last man left behind tries to find the last woman.
Guest Stars: John Glover as Walter Gripp | Monica Parker as Genevieve Selsor
Director: Lee Tamahori
Story: Ray Bradbury | Teleplay: Ray Bradbury

63 :06x13 - Downwind from Gettysburg

At an animatronic exhibition featuring Ford's Theater and the death of the 16th President, a man named Booth decides to assassinate a robotic Abraham Lincoln.
Guest Stars: Howard Hesseman as Walter Bayes | Robert Joy as Norman Llewellyn Booth |
Co-Guest Stars: Kelly Johnson (1) as Phipps (John Phipps) | Roy Bonnell as Lincoln | Jim Rawdon as Attendant | Timothy Dale as The Boy
Story: Ray Bradbury | Teleplay: Ray Bradbury

64 :06x14 - Some Live Like Lazarus

A boy meets a girl at a holiday resort, and romance blossoms as they reunite there every summer. However, his mother forbids their marriage, so he suggests they wed on the event of her death.
Guest Stars: Janice Rule as Anna | Yannick Bisson as Roger |
Co-Guest Stars: Yvonne Lawley as Mother | Noel Trevarthen as Roger (age 60) | Katie Wolfe as Anna (age 18-22) | Kristin Darragh as Anna (age 10-12) | Leon Woods as Roger (age 10-12) | Andrew Thurtell as Paul | Greer Robson as Carol | Deborah Katherine as Hotel Maid
Director: Peter Sharp
Story: Ray Bradbury | Teleplay: Ray Bradbury

65 :06x15 - The Tombstone

A couple stop on their travels and take a room at a boarding house. However, they discover that the previous resident left a tombstone in the room.
Guest Stars: Shelley Duvall as Leota Bean | Ron White (1) as Walter Bean |
Co-Guest Stars: Desmond Kelly (1) as The Landlord (Mr. Fox) | John Smythe (8) as Mr. Whetmore | June Bishop as The Woman (Mrs White) | Paul Royce as The Couch Potato | Lyndon Peoples as THe Man (Mr White) | Jocelyn Brodeur as The Young Lady
Story: Ray Bradbury | Teleplay: Ray Bradbury
Warning: The Ray Bradbury Theater guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Fantasy | Horror/Supernatural | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: USA Network ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: May 21, 1985
Ended: October 31, 1992
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