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The Screaming Woman - Recap

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Ray Bradbury is out in the hills when a dowser approaches him and offers him the chance to use his dowsing rod. The man says that there are many things buried. Bradbury feels the rod drawing him toward a cave and the dowser realizes he has an idea for a story…

Young Heather Leary is sleeping on her bed and has a dream where she's promising someone she won't tell. She wakes up and reads a horror comic, and her mother comes in and tells her to ride down to the store and get some ice cream. Heather rides her bicycle to the store and comes back, but stops off in a neighborhood under construction to read her comic in peace and quiet. A worker chases her away and she goes to the playground to read. However, she hears a woman screaming from the nearby woods. Heather follows the sound to a spot in the woods. The screaming suddenly grows louder and a wind blows in Heather's face, and she runs home, terrified.

Heather tries to tell her parents what she heard but her father doesn't believe her and her mother figures she's imagining things from her comic book. Her father agrees to walk with her into the woods after supper. As they eat, Mrs. Leary talks about their neighbors, the Nesbitts, and how Charlie was arguing with his wife constantly. However, that morning they stopped. Mr. Leary admits that he used to go out with Mary Nesbitt and she wrote a song for him.

Heather and her father go into the woods to the spot where she heard the screaming, but now there's nothing. Heather goes to see her friend Dippy and have him help her start digging on the spot. As she hits the ground in frustration, they both hear the screaming. He figures it's a trick and Heather offers her the tape player if he starts digging. As they dig, the screaming starts to fade. Mr. Kelly, the owner of the property, arrives and tells them to fill in the hole and get off his land.

As they walk back home, Heather figures that Mr. Kelly killed his wife and buried her. She gets an idea and that night, she and Dippy watch as the police come to see Mr. Kelly thanks to their anonymous tip. They sneak into his backyard and realize that Ms. Kelly is still alive. Dippy figures that Heather is nuts and leaves, but Heather realizes that it must be Mr. Nesbitt. She goes to his home and asks for a recipe, and Mr. Nesbitt says that his wife will be back any minute. He invites her in to wait. As they wait, Heather says that she wanted to tell Mrs. Nesbitt about the screaming woman, who is buried underground. Mr. Nesbitt takes an interest and Heather explains that she's going to die if someone doesn't help. Mr. Nesbitt laughs it off and goes to get a drink for the girl, while Heather looks at the photos of Mrs. Nesbitt and the signs she was recently there. Mr. Nesbitt comes back and discovers that Heather has run away.

Heather goes to the spot in the woods and tells the screaming woman that nobody believes her. She lies down and starts crying, and dreams of Mrs. Nesbitt trapped beneath the earth, singing. Back at home, her father tucks her in and Heather insists that she tried to help the woman. As her father goes out, Heather hums the song that the screaming woman was singing. Mr. Leary goes to bed and realizes the song Heather is humming is the same one that Mary wrote for him. He goes to Heather's room and discovers that she's gone.

Heather has gone back to the woods to the spot where the screaming woman is buried. Mr. Nesbitt sneaks up behind her and grabs her. Mr. Leary arrives and knocks him out just in time.

Later, the police arrive and dig up the area. Mrs. Leary comforts her daughter as the police find a buried box… with Mrs. Nesbitt inside, barely alive. Mr. Leary goes home and assures Heather that Mrs. Nesbitt is okay.

The next day, Heather is telling another story to Dippy about someone going missing, and leaves a sign at the site saying "Here (almost) lies the screaming woman".

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