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Banshee - Recap

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In Ireland, a taxi driver is driving screenwriter Douglas Rogers to the manor of director John Hampton. He warns Douglas that Hampton is known for his arrogance. He drops him off and wishes him well and Douglas walks to the front door. Before he knocks, Hampton opens the door, offers him a whiskey, and invites him in. He's eager to see Douglas' screen play. As he starts to close the door, Hampton hears a moaning noise and asks if Douglas knows what it is, and then casually dismisses the issue.

Hampton starts going through the screenplay, tossing the pages on the floor. He finally admits that it's good and warns it will need some cutting. Douglas gathers the pages and goes after the director, who expresses amazement at the fact that he's managed to capture horror without ever experiencing it. Hampton hears the moaning and explains that it's the Banshee, the spirit of the woman that appears when someone is to die. He stares out into the night and reads a contemptuous newspaper review of Douglas' most recent book. Hampton burns it before Douglas can confirm what it says, and then says everyone loves Douglas' work and the director just added a few words to keep him from getting a swelled head.

Douglas isn't happy with Hampton's humor and the director starts to go to work going over the first scene. The moaning begins again and Hampton warns that the Banshee won't go away. He suggests that Douglas go out and track it down. When the writer balks, Hampton accuses him of cowardice until he gives in. However, the director claims to change his mind and Douglas figures that it's another practical joke and the caretaker is in on it. The writer insists on going out, and Hampton locks the door behind him.

Douglas walks into the woods for a short distance and finds nothing. As he decides to go back for a drink, he notices a cemetery up ahead. He moves closer and finds a woman clad in white moaning softly. She approaches Douglas and asks if the "beast" is inside the manor, the one who wipes his hand on flesh and discarded many women. Douglas assumes she's a fake but the woman sees Hampton in the window and notes he once loved her. she claims to love a William, and Douglas says only Jonathan lives there now. The woman says that there she can feel her William there. When Hampton comes out, she says she recognizes him and Douglas says he's his friend. The woman warns that that makes Douglas her enemy as well.

Realizing she's the Banshee, Douglas asks what she plans to do if William is inside. She tells Douglas that she wants him to send Hampton out, and will lie down with him and neither one of them will get up again. She moans in grief, say she will stay the night, and hopes Douglas won't leave her there. The Banshee asks Douglas to ask Hampton if he would come because he's needed.

Douglas returns to the manor and Hampton lets him in, advising him not to pay attention to his jokes. Douglas wonders if it was a joke, and asks if Hampton lied to him. The director claims that he used his influence to write a review for the newspaper but Douglas doesn't know what to believe. Hampton tells him to buy a copy tomorrow and have a drink. Douglas isn't amused, and then hears the moaning outside again. Hampton dismisses it as another joke but Douglas describes the Banshee as a beautiful woman and tells the director that she is waiting for him. Hampton is tempted and finally agrees to go out.

As Hampton goes to the door, he hears the Banshee singing and realizes that she's actually there. As he starts to go, Douglas tells him that the woman is dead, but Hampton insists that he isn't afraid. Douglas doesn't want to get him killed, but Hampton compliments him on his performance and walks outside. The door closes behind him on its own and the Banshee's singing grows louder. Hampton runs back to the door and pounds to be let in, but discovers its locked. The writer backs away in horror and the knocking stops.

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