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Gotcha! - Recap

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Artist John Griffiths tells the tale of how he met Alicia Hart at a boring costume party. each of them were trying to slip out when they ran into each other and realized they had come dressed as Laurel and Hardy. Alicia asks if he trusts her and she invites him outside. John is willing to place his life in her hands and Alicia takes him to a flight of stairs where she filmed a commercial based on Laurel & Hardy's The Music Box. There's a piano crate at the top and she invites him up. As they walk up, they pause and kiss.

They go to a restaurant and discuss Laurel & Hardy trivia. They end up in bed and do everything together, deeply and passionately in love. One night, they are driving and John wonders if the laughter will ever end. Alicia assures her it never will and asks why he asked. He admits that all good things eventually do, and Alicia says "Gotcha!" She then explains it's a game she made up, but will only say that if he's good, one night soon… gotcha.

John is working at home when Alicia calls to say she's taking him on vacation. She has him guess where and when he answers correctly, she says gotcha. She assures him it will scare the hell out of him.

Later, Alicia takes John to a sleazy hotel and they rent a room. When the key doesn't work, Alicia kicks the door loose, has him come in, and serves cheap champagne. She then offers a toast to the last night of his life. She shows him a pair of white silk pajamas and explains they're worn at Chinese funerals. Alicia has him go into the bathroom to put them on while she prepares the bed, lights candles, and turns off the lights.

John comes out and she has him lie down, and then tells him that for the next half hour, John must follow his instructions without saying anything. She sets an alarm and says that when it goes off, it's over. She then kneels at the foot of the bed, says gotcha, and seemingly melts down and disappears. John is impressed but Alicia can still speak and tells him not to talk. The water in the shower comes on, seemingly by itself. She appears and asks how he likes it, and then reminds him not to speak. John turns for a second as the candles burn down and Alicia disappears. Sounds echo in the distance, the lights in the bathroom flicker and go out, and the window closes seemingly by itself.

John says that he doesn’t like the game and asks her to stop. The candles go out one by one. There are five minutes left until the end of the half hour. John asks her to answer and gets no response, and then sees a tarantula climbing on his hand. It disappears and John nervously begins to count the seconds… only to see the clock hands spin backward. A hideously distorted Alicia drops from the ceiling, screams… and the alarm rings. Alicia appears and says "Gotcha." John breaks into tears. Alicia is shocked at his reaction.

Later, the couple goes to the diner but John doesn't touch his food. Alicia asks if everything is okay and says that the next night, they can play the game and he can be the one to jump out and say gotcha. The stricken John refuses and as Alicia gets up to go, John says "Gotcha."

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