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The Small Assassin - Recap

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Alice Leiber is sleeping in bed but wakes up in the middle of the night as she goes into labor. As she screams that it's killing her, the ambulance takes her to the hospital. In the delivery room, Alice screams in defiance before giving birth. Afterward, Alice asks Dr. Jeffers if "it" is alive and upon being told her son is, says it's a shame.

Dr. Jeffers asks Alice's husband David if the baby was wanted. David insists that it is and believes that Alice will eventually grow to love it. Dr. Jeffers informs him that the birth was a near thing and they almost lost her.

Later, the nurse brings Alice's son to her. David comes in and admires their son. They check out later and Dr. Jeffers accompanies them to the car. He asks David to call him later. The couple drives home and Alice prepares supper. When David brings their son in, Alice coldly asks why he's there and then embraces David, happy that she's alive. As sit down for supper, Alice complains that the baby screams and shrieks as soon as David is gone, but behaves perfectly when he's there. She accuses the baby of listening to everything she's said and David takes it to its crib. Upon his return, Alice thanks her and David proposes a toast. She wishes they could start all over again with just the two of them, and wonders if David's love will protect her. Alice then wonders if the child will learn to love her, and what happens if it doesn't before it's too late.

That night, Alice is trying to sleep and the baby cries. She finally gets up and goes into the next room, and David goes to see her. Alice insists that the baby is deliberately crying to keep her awake and weaken her. However, she insists that David go on his business trip and believes she can survive without him for one night.

At the business meeting, David receives a note from Dr. Jeffers. He goes to see him, and the doctor tells David that Alice planned to kill the baby after it kept her awake for three hours. He gave Alice a sedative and suggests to David that she'll be fine now that David is there. He goes to see his wife, who insists that she has no love for the baby and it plans to kill her.

Later, Alice is sleeping but awakens when she hears something moving. David goes to investigate but finds nothing. When he returns, Alice points out that their son is covered with perspiration. David goes to get some milk, and trips on a teddy bear left on the stairs. The next morning, Alice insists that the baby placed the teddy bear there. David doesn't believe that a three-week old baby leaps out of bed in the middle of the night. Irritated with Alice, he kicks the teddy bear aside and leaves.

Alice meets with Dr. Jeffers and says that she remembers being born. She admits that it's unusual but true: she remembers everything and hated being thrust out into the world. Alice also remembers hating her mother for abandoning her to the world. Dr. Jeffers notes that babies can't reason, but Alice warns that babies can feel, and her baby may have the same genetic quality but more so. Further, she wonders what the baby could do if it could crawl about months before a normal baby. Dr. Jeffers insists it isn't possible but Alice isn't convinced. She refuses to tell David but realizes she is unprotected. Dr. Jeffers suggests that Alice take a few days by herself and Alice suggests her sister might look after the baby for a few days. She says the baby won't stay with her any more and leaves.

Later that day, David calls Alice and says he's talked to Dr. Jeffers and he wants her to get some sleep. Once Alice hangs up, she goes into the baby's room where it pretends to be asleep. Once she's gone, it emerges from her crib, slips past its sleeping mother, and goes to an electrical wall outlet.

Dr. Jeffers arrives and calls out. He finds David dead on the stairs, his neck broken in a fall. Going upstairs, the doctor discovers Alice dead, electrocuted with a power cord attached to a safety pin. Dr. Jeffers goes to see the baby and finds the crib empty. As he goes back downstairs, he finds the teddy bear that David apparently tripped over. At the bottom of the stairs, the baby crawls past him. Dr. Jeffers goes after it and removes a scalpel from his case and holds it up to attract the baby, and says he brought it into the world.

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