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Tyrannosaurus Rex - Recap

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Modeler and special effects man Terwilliger arrives for the screening of his stop motion dinosaur animation audition for a tyrannical film producer, the wheelchair-bound Joe Clarence. Clarence's lawyer Glass is impressed and even Clarence briefly admits that Terwilliger is competent. The producer warns that they only have $2,000 for the budget and demands an immediate answer. Terwilliger agrees and Glass takes him out, and warns that Clarence is big in the business. The model worker insists he's an artist, not a slave, but tells Glass he'll sign the contract the next day.

Terwilliger goes to work, painstakingly assembling dinosaurs from clay and rubber. Glass arrives and Terwilliger shows off his work, particularly Tyrannosaurus Rex, and starts filming.

Later, Terwilliger shows Glass the footage and explains his stop-motion technique. Clarence sneaks in and accuses them of not working, and insists that the dinosaur is his because he paid the bills. He turns to Glass, who insists that Terwilliger owns his work, so Clarence offers him $50 and the camera. He then asks when his film will start but says that the Tyrannosaurus Rex isn't satisfactory. He wants sharper teeth, spikes on the back, and boiling mad eyes. Glass takes notes and Terwilliger objects, saying he's already behind because Clarence has been interfering with his work. The producer assures him he'll find a way to make him happy, and demands to see a monster. Once Clarence leaves, Glass admits that he never married and considers Terwilliger the son he never had.

Terwilliger goes back to work and tries to make the Tyrannosaurus Rex fit Clarence's description. He's still not satisfied and demands more. Finally, Clarence assembles his backers and they watch the finished film. A hideous T. Rex is on the screen and Clarence is satisfied. Glass thinks the dinosaur looks familiar and insists he never forges a face. Clarence admits that Terwilliger has succeeded and orders everyone to get to work. Once he's gone, Glass realizes why the dinosaur looks familiar and warns Terwilliger that he'll get burned. Clarence quickly realizes it as well and demands to see Terwilliger.

Terwilliger is packing up when Glass and Clarence arrive and the producer threatens to sue him. Glass talks to him privately and Terwilliger insists that he did it all subconsciously, after swallowing his anger at Clarence's behavior. The lawyer suggests that Terwilliger come up with something to say before they're all out of work. Clarence wheels himself out and demands to know what Terwilliger has to say. Thinking quickly, Glass explains that the film is a tribute to Clarence, the unsung hero of the motion picture industry. Terwilliger decides to present the real Clarence to the world by using him as the model for his Tyrannosaurus Rex. Glass explains that Terwilliger was shy, but will make Clarence immortal as he stars in the film every day for the next 400 years. Terwilliger has no choice but to agree. Clarence keeps them on the payroll for now, and says he'll see about their future.

At the premiere, the audience watches the dinosaur movie in awe and horror. Clarence is impressed with the final work Afterward, a young girl comes up and asks him for an autograph, and the other girls swamp Clarence with demands. As he signs, flattered, Terwilliger approaches the first girl and asks who invited her. She points out her uncle… Glass, and explains the other girls are her friends. They ask him to growl and he obliges, and Terwilliger points out that Glass may have created a monster of his own.

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