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The Wind - Recap

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John Colt is working at home as the wind blows outside. When Colt notices, he goes to the window and the breeze dies down. He shuts the window anyway and looks nervously outside. He then goes back to work, poring over weather charts and maps. A sudden wind disturbs his papers and Colt addresses someone, saying that he knows they are there. He goes to the phone and calls his friend, Herb Thompson. Herb is having a bridge party with his wife and another couple. Colt hears the wind and looks around nervously, and then asks Herb come over. Herb says that he can't because of the party as Colt notices the wind blowing beneath the door. Herb invites him over but Colt insists he doesn't want to get him hurt by involving him.

Colt goes out on his porch for a cigarette but the window blows out his lighter on his first attempt. The wind picks up again and he hastily retreats back to his door until it dies down. He leaves the door open and sits down inside as he realizes that no one can hear him. He goes to get a flashlight and the wind blows in, closing the doors behind him. Colt finally barricades the outside doors and seals all the windows with shutters. He checks his emergency generator and then goes back to put batteries in the flashlight. He then returns to his charts but realizes the wind is trying to sniff him out. He starts recording a tape for Herb and explains that he's charted the wind all of his life and followed the weather everywhere. Now the weather is following him.

At the bridge party, Herb's wife Susan explains to the other couple that Colt has been studying weather patterns all of his life and now he's flipped.

Colt explains that the wind wants his intellect, his psychic force. He journeyed to the Valley of the Winds in Tibet and heard the winds conspiring to cause devastation. Now he knows too much. The wind smashes in, disturbing his papers and trying to get in wherever it can. Colt seals the doors and plugs all the gaps, but his task seems endless. He hears a noise upstairs and goes up to find that the wind has burst in through a window. He closes it and runs to answer the phone. It's Herb, and Colt asks him to come over. He asks Herb to put the phone down so he can hear the normal sounds and the lack of wind, and Herb tells him to come over. Colt laughs and asks what the weather is like, and Susan tells Herb that it's a beautiful night. Colt looks out at where the wind is sweeping around his house, and assures his friend that the wind doesn't want him. He explains that the wind goes around the world collecting people, and it's come to get him. The voice of the wind is the voices of the people that it has consumed. Herb thinks that he's crazy and Colt tells him to think what he wants as long as he leaves the phone line open. Herb does so and goes back to his bridge game.

Colt dares the wind to do its worse and the power goes out. He turns on his generator and laughs. At his house, Herb talks of how Colt is alone and goes on until Susan tells him to stop. The power comes back up and Susan hangs up the phone. Colt realizes he's been cut off and throws the phone through the window. The wind howls in and Colt boards it up, but hears the wind howling over the phone receiver despite the fact it's been disconnected. He screams in terror and then runs to the cellar, closing the door behind him. The downstairs phone rings but Colt figures that it's a trick to get inside him and absorb him. He ignores the phone and makes a noose. The wind smashes the cellar door open as Colt ties himself to the rafters.

Herb hears a knocking at the patio door and goes to answer it. There's no one there, but he hears laughter. He recognizes it as Colt's and tells him out but Colt simply keeps laughing, his voice carried on the wind.

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Warning: The Ray Bradbury Theater season 4 episode 4 guide may contain spoilers
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