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Exorcism - Recap

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Sam Brown is delivering the mail when Clara Goodwater raises up off of the lawn and asks if he has the most recent of the books she's ordered. Sam admits he doesn't and quickly runs off.

Tom is mowing the lawn for Elmira Brown, Sam's wife, when she yells for help. She's cut herself and asks Tom to get some iodine. Sam returns home and Elmira admits that she's been increasingly accident-prone recently. She notices the book that Sam was supposed to deliver, and he admits he peeked at it and it's a book on wizards and witchcraft. He admits that he delivered her another such book the previous week. As he leaves, Elmira insists that she knew Clara was a witch all along.

Elmira prepares to leave and asks Tom if he goes to church and believes in righteousness. She insists that he come with her for protection and he agrees. As they go to Clara's house, Elmira trips and insists Clara did it using witchcraft. When they arrive, Elmira sends Tom ahead to check for tripwires. He doesn't find any and Elmira tells him to ring the doorbell for her. She finally decides to do it herself and Clara comes up behind them. Elmira shows her the book and Clara is well aware that Sam goes through everyone's mail. Clara tells Tom to go along while she invites Elmira in for tea. Elmira tells Tom to wait outside and call her husband if she's not out by three.

Inside, Elmira nervously eyes Clara's black cat and then complains that she wasn't invited to the Ladies Honeysuckle Harmony Lodge meeting. Clara says they thought Elmira was visiting her mother so they didn't invite her, and jokes that she finally has her certification for witchcraft. Elmira gets down to business and asks Clara if she's become president of the Ladies Club by using her powers. Clara says she bought the books for her nephew and she doesn't believe in magic. Elmira doesn't believe her and eyes her collection of roots and spices. Clara claims they're for medicinal purposes but then claims one of them can be used to fly. Elmira informs her that she's going to bring her gold cross to the Ladies Club election the next day. Unimpressed, Clara explains that Elmira has nominated herself for president every year for the last ten years, and she only ever gets one vote. Elmira thinks she keeps losing because of Clara's witchcraft, and Clara offers to nominate and vote for her. Her neighbor doesn't want a witch's vote, and says that every year she's had some kind of illness or accident. Clara explains that everyone knows she's the clumsiest woman in the state, but Elmira insists that it's Clara's witchcraft. Clara finally has enough and says she is going to cast a spell, and makes her supposedly disappear. Elmira checks herself in the mirror and realizes she's visible... but has her first gray hair.

Clara sends Elmira on her way, and Elmira insists that now it's war. She pulls Tom away and tells him that he'll be coming with her tomorrow. He pulls her out of the way of an oncoming car just in time.

That night, Elmira goes through her diary and complains to Sam about all the things that Clara supposedly did to her. She plans to sue Clara for all the damages she's supposedly done to her. The next morning, she wakes up, goes to the bathroom, and finds a large pimple on her forehead. She goes to the kitchen and starts making a potion to fight black magic. She plans to drink it just as she goes into the Ladies Lodge for the election.

Elmira has Tom escort her to the Ladies Club meeting and Clara calls the meeting to order. Elmira drinks the potion from a thermos as Clara invites her up to the podium to address the club. An increasingly ill Elmira staggers up and starts rambling about Clara being a witch. They have no idea what she is talking about as she announces they're going to exorcise Clara. Elmira hallucinates Clara using a hat pin on a voodoo doll of her and calls for the vote. Everyone else votes for Clara. Elmira staggers off the stage and makes her way through the crowd, goes out the emergency exit by mistake, and falls off the porch.

Tom and the ladies run to Elmira's aid. Clara says that she won't cast any more spells and they'll call for a new election. Everyone elects her and Elmira wakes up. She goes back to the lodge and everyone sings her praises. She's unaware that Clara is contemplating her hat pin.

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