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The Handler - Recap

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In a small town, the church bell rings thirteen times as the undertaker, Mr. Benedict rings it and then leaves. A small boy is riding past and asks if he owns the mortuary across the street. Benedict explains that he owns the graveyard and compliments the boy, and then breaks off as a hearse pulls up to his mortuary. He has the men take the deceased, Mr. Merriwell Blythe, inside and tells the deliverymen that there have been several deaths of upstanding citizens recently, and they are all kept there. Once they leave, however, Benedict turns on the "do not enter" light, increases the refrigeration, and laughs tauntingly as he goes.

As Benedict goes down the street, the townspeople make mortician's jokes and laugh at him behind his back. As he runs his errands, Benedict laughs with him while imagining them dead in his mortuary, and mentally vowing that he'll remember every slight.

Upon returning to his mortuary, Benedict announces himself and imagines the corpses applauding him. He puts a record on and goes to work on Mrs. Shellmund, while remembering how she snubbed him while overeating at the diner. He then mixes cake frosting in a bowl, unaware that one of the bodies behind him is moving slightly. Benedict puts Mrs. Shellmund in the coffin, covers her with frosting, and turns her into a funeral cake, complete with a frosting smile. He then seals her in the coffin, boasting that no one will be the wiser.

Next, Benedict works on Mr. Wren, a bigot who despised all minorities. The mortician fills him with black ink instead of embalming fluid. When he's done, Wren is black. Again, Benedict seals him away and moves onto the next corpse, Edmund Worth. Edmund messed around with married women until Benedict anonymously called one of the husbands and directed him to the motel where Edmund had his affair. The husband shot Edmund, and now Benedict decides to alter Edmund's perfect body with a saw. He cuts off the corpse's head and makes a body for it made of bricks. He then stores Edmund's body away for later.

Finally Benedict moves on to Blythe, the only man who never insulted him. Blythe had been subject to comas and spells in the past, so Benedict plans to leave him his personal book of benedictions, complete with a flashlight. As he reads all the ironic punishments that he has inflicted on the corpses sent to him, Benedict is unaware that Blythe is still breathing. Blythe finally come fully back to life, and reveals he's heard all of Benedict's boasting. He plans to tell everyone in town what Benedict has done. The mortician tries to apologize but Blythe is unimpressed and runs out, screaming. He comes to the locked gate and is unable to escape, and cries out to the nearby graveyard and telling them not to stand for it. Benedict injects him with poison as Blythe tells the corpses to do something. The man finally dies, vowing that his victims will get him.

Benedict puts Blythe in a coffin along with his book, and promises that he'll stay dead. A storm comes up outside and the lights flicker. The commotion wakes the boy, who goes to the window as someone tolls the bell at the church. Benedict wonders who it is. He hears an unearthly shrieking from outside and runs to see. As figures approach out of the night, Benedict runs back inside and hides beneath one of the sheets. The walking dead quickly find him and grab Benedict's saw. As he screams in agony, Blythe's corpse smiles.

The next day, the townspeople search for Benedict. They go to the graveyard and find a tombstone covered in blood. Benedict's name has been inscribed on all of the tombstones and they realize he's been cut up and buried under each and every one.

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