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Sun and Shaddow - Recap

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In a Mexican town, Ricardo Reyes prepares for breakfast with his family. He looks out at the sky and enjoys the bustle of the crowd. His wife Maria warns him not to jinx it. A director and his full crew pull up and the director, Lazlo, starts ordering his men to set up the locale for filming a commercial and obsessed about the lighting. Over Maria's objections, Ricardo calls out to Lazlo and tries to get his attention. The director ignores him and Ricardo notices that his son Tomas is watching. Ricardo goes down to the stairs of his house where Lazlo is trying to film his shot and tells them to leave. Lazlo tries to bribe him but Ricardo refuses and orders his son into the house. When it's clear he won't back down, Lazlo orders his men to move down the street while Ricardo explains to the model, Kirsten, that he would have been satisfied if Lazlo had asked permission. Lazlo sarcastically asks permission and Ricardo refuses, saying he needs to learn good manners.

As Lazlo walks away, Ricardo goes after him and points out that Lazlo considers him and everyone there as background, not real people. Lazlo tells him to go back to his home before he calls the police. Ricardo tells his wife that he has his life, and Lazlo should respect that. Maria tells him that Tomas is not inside and Ricardo realizes that he's gone with the film crew.

As Lazlo begins filming down the street, he spots Tomas and uses him in his shot. Ricardo orders Tomas away and Lazlo warns him not to interfere now that they've left his home alone. An old man, Jorge, emerges from his home and Lazlo moves him away. Ricardo tells him that he shouldn't let the film crew bully him around, but Jorge doesn’t object. The filming begins and Ricardo inadvertently interferes with the shot. He asks the other townspeople if they object, but no one else will do anything. Lazlo tells his assistant Andrew to call the cops. The producer, Vincent, arrives and Ricardo leans against the wall and asks if they want him to pose and sweat on cue. Vincent and the townspeople are amused and Lazlo directs him to lean against the wall and stand still. However, as soon as Lazlo begins filming, Ricardo leaps into the shot and drops his pants. He realizes that even he didn't anticipate doing that. Vincent suggests they move to the beach and Lazlo agrees, but Ricardo vows that he'll move there as well.

On the beach, Lazlo prepares to shoot when Ricardo arrives. Vincent tells the director to pay him off, but Ricardo refuses. Ricardo's dog urinates on the boat and Ricardo suggests they use it in their shot. The police officer arrives but doesn't find anything Ricardo doing anything objectionable. When Lazlo begins filming, Ricardo walks into the shot and drops his pants, while everyone laughs. Lazlo and Vincent tell the officer to arrest Ricardo, but the officer points out that he isn't doing anything offensive and Ricardo has a good reputation. Realizing it's hopeless, Lazlo orders his crew to find another location. Ricardo suggests that he find another country to film in, and warns that he will follow the film crew and resist them with dignity. Vincent objects to Lazlo, saying he hates the location filming that Lazlo insisted upon, and warns that he's very disappointed. Once the crew leaves, the townspeople applaud Ricardo for his actions.

Later, Vincent prepares to move everyone down the road to a city 50 miles away. He warns Lazlo that his fees aren't looking so good. Ricardo and Maria watch from their house as Lazlo glares at them. Ricardo remembers all the things that have happened to his house in 30 years, and they will share their lives together as actors in their own personal play. Tomas walks over to Lazlo and gives him his money back, as his parents look on with pride.

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