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Some Live Like Lazarus - Recap

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A visitor approaches a woman, Anna, sitting on a porch at a resort, and the woman talks about how she's been waiting 40 years for a murder to occur, and has waited for years to see the murderer appear on stage. Anna points out a man, Roger, who pulls up in a car and gets out a wheelchair. An old woman, his mother, demands that he hurry up and get her out. Anna notes that every year has been the same, and wonders if this will be the year that Roger commits murder.

Forty years ago, Anna is living at the resort with her parents. She's playing badminton and knocks her birdie into the driveway. Roger's mother drives up and runs over it, and Roger goes to take it back. Anna tries to play tag with him, but Roger's mother calls him back and demands that he help her into the resort. Anna walks with them, hiding in the brushes, and smiles as Roger's mother berates him repeatedly and claims that one day they'll go to France.

A year later, Anna watched as Roger and his mother returned again. As Roger unpacks the luggage, Anna approaches him and asks why he never went to Paris. Roger claims he's perfect, but Anna points out that he's anything but and offers to find him some play clothes. She suggests they play later, but Roger says that he has to go. Anna shoves him to the ground but can't explain why she pushed him down. She runs off and Roger starts to go after her, but stops when his mother calls.

Six summers later, Anna realized she was in love with Roger. When he came that summer, she watched as he and his mother arrived. His mother continued to dominate him, although she can walk fine when he isn't watching. Anna flirts with Roger and invites him to come with her to the badminton court. As they play, Anna yells out that Roger's mother is a crone and a mummy, When Roger protests, she tells him to shut up and insists that he can't go on living with her all his life. Roger snaps at her and tells her to shut up, but Anna thanks him for getting angry for the first time in his life. He chases her and she falls to the ground, and Anna dares him to shut her up. He kisses her and promises that he'll marry her when he's 21, confident that his mother will be dead by then. Anna asks him to promise, and he does. She says that she prays for his mother to die. As they kiss, they're unaware that Roger's mother is watching.

The next summer, Roger is sick. Finally, he comes when he's 21 and Roger tries to introduce Anna to his mother, but she refuses to talk to a staff member. Later, Roger apologizes and Anna points out that his mother views her as the enemy. She notes that he's 21 now, and Roger says that his mother will be dead in a few more years. Anna doesn't believe it, saying that the fact they hate his mother gives her the power to go on. She tells him that she won't wait any longer.

The next year, Roger arrives and discovers that Anna is with another man. He approaches her later and Anna says that her boyfriend, Paul, will be manager and they're getting married sooner. He warns that she'll be miserable, but Anna says that she's miserable now. Roger asks her to wait but when she refuses, he asks what would happen if his mother died in two months. When she refuses to wait, he promises seven days. Anna wonders how he can be sure, and Roger says that he'll make himself be sure. Anna dreams of all the ways that Paul could dispose of his mother.

Later, a hotel maid tells Anna that there's been an incident. However, it's Roger that has hung himself, not his mother. Anna runs to the cottage and finds his mother demanding to know why Roger tried to kill himself. Roger looks up and calls Anna's name, but his mother slams the door in Anna's face. Anna realizes that Roger has tried to run from both of them.

Anna married Paul, but they had no children and her husband eventually died. Roger's mother goes on, and Anna waits for Roger to tell her that it's time. Roger finally comes to see her, and tells her that it's time. He reads a poem to her, of how he's ultimately bound to her no matter what he does. Anna notes that he should have read it long ago, and realizes that something has happened. Roger finally admits that something terrible has occurred. They go to his mother's room and discover her dead. Anna wonders if he finally killed his mother. When Roger asks if it made a difference, Anna admits that she doesn't know.

As he prepares to go, Roger says that he may now finally travel the world... if nobody stops him. Anna tells him that she'll give him a head start before she calls the police. They embrace and he asks her to come with him. She refuses, saying he doesn't need someone else to trap him after sixty years. Anna tells him to take some time to travel and see the world, and then come back. She promises that she'll be there, and Roger swears that he'll return. He assures her that he loves her and then drives away. Anna picks up the badminton racket and hits a birdie up into the air and away.

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