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Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Streets of San Francisco

In the City by the Bay. Lt. Michael Stone and his partner Inspector Steven Keller face an enigmatic challenge. A serial killer is at large and two of San Francisco's finest uncover the clues to a female victim's final days.
Guest Stars: Andy Park as News Anchor | Robert Armstrong as Unknown | Lou Frizzell as Lou | Naomi Stevens as Mrs. Saretti | June Vincent as Diana | Brad Davis as Del Berry | Edward Andrews as Joe Caswell | William Swan as Larry Pyle | Kim Darby as Holly Jean Berry | John Rubinstein as Lindy | Carmen Mathews as Sally Caswell | Tom Bosley as Saretti | Andrew Duggan as Capt. A.R. Malone | Robert Wagner as David J. Farr | David Gruner as Paul Harris | E.J. Peaker as Unknown | Mako as Kenji | Lawrence Dobkin as Gregory Praxas
Director: Walter Grauman

2 :01x02 - The Thirty-Year Pin

Stone's close friend and mentor on the SFPD, about to retire after 30 years on the force, is shot and fatally wounded. Stone vows to get the perpetrator of the crime.
Guest Stars: Tim O'Connor as Capt. Roy Devitt | Frank Orsatti as Cal Fisher | Ed McCready as Unknown | Yolan Chan as Unknown | Maudelle L. Kary as Unknown | Winifred Mann as Unknown | Edmond O'Brien as Officer Gustav "Gus" Charnovski | David Opatoshu as Joseph Beemer | Eileen Heckart as Stella "Stell" Charnovski | Ed Lauter as Doctor | Maurice Argent as Unknown | Lee Harris (2) as Unknown | Leo Gordon as Eddie Suslow | Rex Holman as Larry Jarvis
Writer: Robert Lewin

3 :01x03 - The First Day of Forever

Stone & Keller are involved in a case dealing with a serial killer who is knifing call girls in which one survives the attack.
Guest Stars: Rick Cimino as Unknown | Michael L. Davis as Unknown | Rebecca Sand as Unknown | Karl Held as Unknown | Phillip Pine as Salesman | Lawrence Montaigne as Officer Morgan | Ken Lynch as Howard Joslin | Joby Baker as Sonny Lane | James Olson as Loren Graham | Janice Rule as Beverly Landau | Lee Harris (2) as Unknown
Director: Walter Grauman

4 :01x04 - 45 Minutes from Home

A pharmaceuticals salesman attending an annual convention in San Francisco picks up a female hitchhiker and takes her to her Marin County houseboat and is then blackmailed by her boyfriend who murders her.
Guest Stars: Jo Ann Harris as Lita Brewer | John Lasell as Clark | Steve Oliver as Bret Wilson | Jacqueline Scott as Emily Rankin | William Windom as Russell L. Rankin | Paul Sorenson as Police Officer | Dick Van Patten as Johnny Collins | Robert Hogan as Tom Garver
Director: Walter Grauman

5 :01x05 - Whose Little Boy Are You?

A U.S. Army Soldier goes AWOL to find the son he and his ex-wife gave up for adoption while he was serving in VietNam.
Guest Stars: Peter Mamakos as Unknown | Louise Lewis as Unknown | Stephen Manley as Sean Reardon | Douglas Henderson as Dr. Kemp | James Stacy as Peter Forrest | Richard O'Brien (2) as Barney Reardon | Linda Marsh as Joan Forrest/Genetti | Nancy Wickwire as Martha Reardon
Director: Walter Grauman
Story: Donn Mullally | Teleplay: Cliff Gould

6 :01x06 - Tower Beyond Tragedy

Michael Stone & Steven Keller investigate the death of women from escort services which was perpitrated by a mentally-unbalanced man.
Special Guest Stars: Stefanie Powers as Toni Craig/Kim Ahern |
Guest Stars: Doris Dowling as Miss Ryan | Anne Randall as Robin Short | Joseph V. Perry as Murray Taylor | Edward Mulhare as Amory Gilliam | Vic Tayback as Sgt. Norm Haseejian | Fred Sadoff as Dr. Lenny Murchison
Director: Walter Grauman
Writer: Morton Fine

7 :01x07 - Hall of Mirrors

When an illegal alien from Mexico is murdered. A bigoted white cop takes an interest in the case.
Guest Stars: Solomon Sturges as Unknown | Lillian Bronson as Unknown | Victor Campos as Unknown | Pepe Hern as Unknown | Ruben Moreno as Unknown | Armand Alzamora as Officer Cruz | Al Checco as Pool Room Operator | Valentin de Vargas as Emilio Loza | Ray K. Goman as Unknown | A. Martinez as Rafael Diaz | David Soul as Inspector Jim Martin | Priscilla Garcia as Juanita Diaz | Carmen Zapata as Mrs. Maria Martinez | Shelly Novack as Johnson
Director: Arthur H. Nadel
Writer: Walter Black

8 :01x08 - Timelock

A San Quentin inmate on a 36 hour pass is involved in the murder of a small time mobster and Michael Stone is called in for his defense.
Guest Stars: Chuck Hicks as Unknown | Dan Ferrone as Young Man | Lenore Kasdorf as Unknown | Booth Colman as Record Clerk | Scott Walker (1) as Darryl Le Beau | Felice Orlandi as Herb Shako | Paul Marin as Mickey McFee | Bernie Casey as Richard | Elaine Giftos as Irene Jepsen | Peter Strauss as Bobby Jepsen
Director: Robert Douglas

9 :01x09 - In the Midst of Strangers

A corner newspaper vender has his vacation money stolen by muggers. The crooks are also involved in the murder of the city housing commissoner.
Guest Stars: Dennis Redfield as Unknown | David Pritchard as Unknown | Kenneth O'Brien as Unknown | Deidre Hall as Unknown | Jay Jacobus as Unknown | Kathy Donovan as Unknown | Ivan Bonar as Harold Spring | Johnnie Collins III (1) as Lowell Allencamp | Lee Harris (2) as Unknown | David Wayne as Wally Sensibaugh | Louise Latham as Harriet | Ramon Bieri as Skowlonowski | Robert Foxworth as Dennis Hailey | Richard Eastham as Jules Rhinelander
Director: Robert Douglas
Writer: Del Reisman

10 :01x10 - The Takers

Tow women are found murdered in a new apartment complex. Stone & Keller suspct a jewellery saleman and his wife.
Guest Stars: Richard Yniguez as Tim Duran | Heidi Vaughn as Lynn Chase | Michael Lerner as Lou Watkins | Harold Gould as Arthur Lavery | Robert Gentry as Rex Riley | Gary Clarke (1) as Operations Clerk | Vic Tayback as Sgt. Haseejian | Barbara Baxley as Mrs. Lavery
Director: Arthur H. Nadel

11 :01x11 - The Year of the Locusts

In an attempt to bring down a family of con artists who victimize whole neighborhoods. Stone & Keller are aided by a falling out among the crew.
Guest Stars: Philip Ahn as Mr. Wu | Tiger Joe Marsh as Tiger | Michael Ansara as Albert "Al" Ferguson | Rita Lynn as Bonnie Ferguson Lewis | John Roper as Jerry Ferguson | Penny Santon as Ma Ferguson | George Voskovec as Angus Ferguson | Christopher Stone (1) as Josh Evans
Director: Arthur H. Nadel
Story: Cliff Gould | Teleplay: Theodore J. Flicker

12 :01x12 - The Bullet

A college professor is shot while paying off a blackmailer, He then refuses to cooporate in the investigation for fear that publicity would harm his chances of an upcoming promotion.
Guest Stars: Barney Phillips as Jim Dayton | Peter Hobbs as Dr. Marvin J. Borrman | Pat Conway as Victor A. Coyle | Robert Cleaves as Albert Phillips | Geraldine Brooks as Alice Williams | Carl Betz as Jeff Williams | Norman Alden as Sgt. Dan Healy SFPD
Director: Walter Grauman

13 :01x13 - Bitter Wine

When the son of a Greek Immigrant returns home after serving 12 years at San Quentin Prison. He deals with an unforgiving father and his sucessful brother he had to protect while incarcerated.
Guest Stars: Donna Baccala as Unknown | Robert Broyles as Unknown | John Holland as Unknown | Arthur Batanides as maitre d | Michael Margotta as Unknown | Paul Michael Glaser as Jason Kampacalas | Nehemiah Persoff as Unknown | Jerry Walter as Unknown | Robert F. Simon as Capt. Rudy Olsen | Scott Marlowe as Dimitri Kampacalas
Director: Christian Nyby

14 :01x14 - A Trout in the Milk

When a ne'er do well artist is tossed out of his North Beach Flat, the clues point to a beautiful black model and her poet father.
Guest Stars: Carol Locatell as Cassandra "Cassie" Lauritsen | Allen Emerson as Rembrandt Van Saveneau | Brenda Sykes as Jenna Dancy | Roscoe Lee Browne as Yale Courtland Dancy | Ed Lauter as Dr. Joe Ford | Vic Tayback as Officer Hassejian
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

15 :01x15 - Deathwatch

Two fisherman are a witness an illegal alien smuggleing ring. one is killed and his partner is threatened by the members of the gang.
Guest Stars: Anthony Caruso as Lou Roselli | Nicholas Colasanto as Joe Petruro | Eugene Martin as Angelo "Angie" Rosselli | Tony Epper as Unknown | Carlos Romero as Pete Delgado | Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr. as Paco Esquivel | Lou Krugman as Nick Lamotta | Maria Elena Cordero as Eugenia Rodriguez | Victor French as Reggie Norris | Hari Rhodes as Forensics expert
Director: Walter Grauman

16 :01x16 - Act of Duty

A female police officer is killed while pursuing a rapist. Her roomate goes after the criminal her way.
Guest Stars: Keith Andes as Colonel Frawley | Michael Burns (1) as Oren "O.P." Prentiss | Anne Collings as Nancy Connors | Judith McConnell as Officer Evelyn Hennick | James Sikking as Major Frank Kramer | Brenda Vaccaro as Officer Sherry Reese | Fred Sadoff as Dr. Lenny Murchison
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

17 :01x17 - The Set-Up

A retired mob hit man returns to San Francisco for one final job. Only to realize he is the target.
Guest Stars: Jason Evers as Johnny Harmon | Jack Albertson as Tim Murphy | Claudine Longet as Mrs. Carl | Stuart Whitman as Nick Carl | John Kerr (1) as Gerald O'Brien
Director: George McCowan

18 :01x18 - A Collection of Eagles

A devious coin dealer and his girlfriend scheme to switch a millionaires real coin collection with fake ones.
Guest Stars: Ysabel MacCloskey as Unknown | Richard Bull as Coroner | John Saxon as Vince Hagopian Jr. | Hari Rhodes as Lab Tech Charley Johnson | William Gray Espy as Tommy Hendriksen | Belinda Montgomery as Karen Pearson | Joseph Cotten as John R. James | Jamie Farr as Ernie Walker
Director: Walter Grauman

19 :01x19 - A Room With a View

A mob hitman befriends a school teacher who lives across the street from the gunmans intended victim.
Guest Stars: Joseph Whipp as Unknown | Sandy Kenyon as Roy Chaffee | Eddie Ryder as Frankie Chaffee | Betty Anne Rees as Angela Chaffee | Shirley Knight as Mary Rae Dortmunder | Michael Strong (1) as Abbey Groat | Steve Forrest as Art Stiles | Bennett Ohta as Unknown | Richard Anderson as Hoyt Llewellyn | Norman Alden as Sgt. Dan Healy
Director: Walter Grauman

20 :01x20 - Deadline

A newspaper columnist stays one step ahead of Lt. Stone & Inspector Keller after he kills his mistress...until he learns the shocking truth of his lost son.
Guest Stars: Alan Caillou as Unknown | Joseph Miksak as Unknown | Terrence O'Connor as Unknown | Christopher Beaumont (1) as Unknown | Deborah May as Unknown | Wayne Grace as Unknown | Tommy Kirk as Roland Claridge | Barry Sullivan as Chris Bane | Richard Bull as Medical Examiner | Greg Mullavy as Roger Croft | Geoffrey Deuel as Greg "Peter Anthony" Bane | Robert Trebor as Unknown | Anna Lee as Mrs. Claridge | Lee Harris (2) as Unknown
Director: Seymour Robbie

21 :01x21 - Trail of the Serpent

When a member of The Cobra Street Gang is arrested for shooting a cop in a botched robbery. They kidnap Michael Stone in order to gain the leaders release.
Guest Stars: Brad Davis as Chick Kramer | Cal Bellini as Richard | Tim O'Connor as Lt. Roy Devitt | Shelley Morrison as Woman | Hal Smith as Johnny Dolan (newspaper vendor)
Director: John Badham

22 :01x22 - The House on Hyde Street

Mike and Steve investigate the death of a neighborhood boy in an old, cluttered home, they discover that a hermit living in the house was a suspect in a thirty year old crime.
Guest Stars: Daniel Selby as Boy on skateboard | Jay W. MacIntosh as Mrs. Dunham | Kerry MacLane as Tommy Cochran | Joyce Van Patten as Mrs. Rudolph | Albert Salmi as Joe Rudolph | John Kerr (1) as Gerald O'Brien | Lew Ayres as Harlan Edgerton | Michael Morgan as Mark Dunham | Clint Howard as Billy Rudolph
Director: Walter Grauman
Story: Cliff Osmond | Teleplay: John Wilder

23 :01x23 - Beyond Vengeance

When a psycho rapist that Michael Stone put away twelve years ago is out on parole. Mike goes on the vengeance trail.
Guest Stars: Douglas Fowley as Hobbes Sr. | Kaz Garas as Artis Pierce | Ed Nelson as Robert Hobbes | John Kerr (1) as O'Brien
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

24 :01x24 - The Albatross

A killer who wears a hearing aid loses the device and is read his rights. He never understood and is set free. The father of the dead boy seeks revenge.
Guest Stars: Jim Davis (1) as Reid Bradshaw | Robert F. Simon as Capt. Rudy Olsen | Scott Hylands as Newton 'Skip' Hunter | Richard Ely as Terry Stillwell | Jeff Corey as Fred Marshall | Dick Sargent as Boyd Caldwell | Barbara Rush as Mrs. Ann Marshall
Director: Robert Day (2)
Story: Cliff Gould | Teleplay: John Wilder, Cliff Gould

25 :01x25 - Shattered Image

Mike is reunited with a woman he knew from his Potrero Hills neighborhood. She now the widow of a murdered political leader.
Guest Stars: Paul Genge as Unknown | Bill Williams (1) as Burt Logan | David McLean (1) as Deputy Harbor Master | Eve McVeagh as Mrs. Logan | Taylor Lacher as Officer Frank Wade | William Bramley (1) as Officer Pete Morgan | Jonathan Lippe as Crime Boss | Mitchell Ryan as Abel Hoffman | Charles Aidman as Dr. Jason | Richard Egan (1) as Fr. Joe Scarne | Dick Sargent as Boyd Caldwell

26 :01x26 - The Unicorn

A small time crook who steals boxes containing heroin is being pursued by a priest, the cops & the mob.
Guest Stars: Tom Troupe as Roy Richardson | Vaughn Taylor as Harry Gates | Eddie Firestone as George Peele | Karen Carlson as Cathy Cullen | Dean Stockwell as Paul Cullen | Leslie Nielsen as Jake Wilson | Bill Williams (1) as Burt Logan | Mitchell Ryan as Abel Hoffman
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

27 :01x27 - Legion of the Lost

Lt. Mike Stone goes undercover as a wino in order to find the murderer of homeless men in the skid row district.
Guest Stars: Leslie Nielsen as Big Jake Wilson
Director: Robert Douglas
Warning: The Streets of San Francisco guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 16, 1972
Ended: June 09, 1977
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