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Season 2

28 :02x01 - A Wrongful Death

Inspector Steven Keller shoots and kills a teenaged boy during a botched robbery. The boys father insists he was unarmed and threatens to file murder charges against Steve.
Guest Stars: Ken Wolger as Charles Allen | Michael Constantine as Davies | Ina Balin as Mrs. Davies | Andrew Rubin as Jack Davies | Larry Pennell as school principal | Gregory Sierra as Unknown
Director: Don Medford

29 :02x02 - Betrayed

When an older womans young boyfriend has used her in order to rob a bank where she is employed. And Yet, she still shields him from the law.
Guest Stars: Jim Bailey as Himself | Lenore Kasdorf as Lindsay Campbell | Martin Sheen as Dean Knox | Collin Wilcox as Kate Evans | Tony Haig as Cabbie
Director: William Hale

30 :02x03 - For the Love of God

Lt. Michael Stone dons a priests outfit to stop a psychpathic priest killer.
Guest Stars: Jay Novello as Fr. Patrelli | Marshall Thompson as Fr. Carey | Peter Strauss as Martin Novack | Leif Erickson as Fr. Henry Driscoll | James Gregory as Joe Shay
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Writer: Rick Husky

31 :02x04 - Before I Die

A terminally ill San Francisco cop is out to collar an elusive mob kingpin
Guest Stars: Joanne Linville as Rosemary | Ray Danton as Al Royce | William Wintersole as Unknown | Steven Marlo as Unknown | Gene Nelson as Unknown | Tony Dario as Unknown | John Himes as Judge | Tony Epper as Renfro | Paul Cavonis as Capiello | Leslie Nielsen as John T, Conner SFPD
Director: William Hale
Writer: Albert Ruben

32 :02x05 - Going Home

A small time crook knocks over a corner variety store that is used as a mob money drop.
Guest Stars: Barry Atwater as McClain | Sheree North as Donna Coughlin | Paul Mantee as Baxter | Biff Warren as Unknown | Tom Bosley as Eddie Coughlin | Arch Johnson as caretaker at Alcatraz | Milton Selzer as Eugene Beal
Director: Robert Day (2)

33 :02x06 - The Stamp of Death

Stone & Keller are after two crooked insurace agents who are involved in the counterfeiting of an extremely rare 1850 6 cent purple Guyana stamp worth over $250,000.
Guest Stars: Earl Holliman as Chris Conway | Jessica Walter as Glen Williams/Glen Conway | Byron Chung as Deputy Consul | Richard Derr as Thomas Wood | Harry Davis as Arnie Jenkins | Byron Morrow as Sturdevant | Woodrow Parfrey as Doc | Vince Howard as Charlie Johnson
Director: Seymour Robbie

34 :02x07 - Harem

A boyish flute player is a current day pied-piper who leads young girls into prositution and kills them when they defect.
Guest Stars: Bob McClurg as Unknown | John Allen Vick as Unknown | Ninette Bravo as Diane | Morgan Upton as Unknown | Ed Vasgersian as Harbor Patrol Officer | Stu Klitsner as Medical Examiner | Rick Nelson as William " Billy" Jeffers | Cheryl Miller (1) as Hooker | Darleen Carr as Jeannie Stone | Kay Lenz as Sarah Holt | Laurette Spang as Kim
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

35 :02x08 - No Badge For Benjy

When a police informant is murdered. his long lost daughter is on the vengeance trail for the killers.
Guest Stars: Argentina Brunetti as Consuela | Roberta Callahan as Unknown | Rai Saunders as Unknown | Gwyn Karon as Unknown | Tom Dahlgren as Unknown | Pat Renella as Canetti | Robert Trebor as Unknown | Jill Martin as Unknown | Charles Isen as Unknown | Herman Poppe as Unknown | Tony Young as Unknown | Reuben Collins as Tanner | Don Pulford as Inspector Grabowski | Charles Lampkin as Benjy Hoskins | William Watson (2) as Sgt. Milt Dineen | Judyann Elder as Vi Hoskins | Mark Miller (1) as Mr. Benson | Eddie Firestone as Cappy | Anthony James as Unknown
Director: Seymour Robbie

36 :02x09 - The Twenty-Four Karet Plague

Four crooks who knocked over a truck containing gold, do not realize that the gold that they stolen is mixed with radioactive uranium.
Guest Stars: Wright King as Lester Stauson | Simon Scott as Professor Mason | Milt Kamen as Gordy | Anthony Zerbe as Eddie Whitney | Vic Morrow as Vic Tolliman | Herb Edelman as Lew Morrison | Paul Jenkins as Charlie Durand | Robert F. Simon as Capt. Rudy Olsen | Reuben Collins as Tanner
Director: Don Medford

37 :02x10 - Shield of Honor

Michael Stone and Steven Keller investigate the shooting death of a small time pimp in which someone in the department is a mob informant.
Guest Stars: Laurence Haddon as Unknown | Edward Knight as Unknown | Peter Mark Richman as Lt. Vincent Bondini | William Browder as Unknown | Jodean Lawrence (1) as Unknown | Mariette Hartley as Officer Andrea McCormick | Robert Foxworth as Ted Cullen | Bing Russell as Dan Riggs | Ayn Ruymen as Liza Cullen | Steve Sandor as Unknown | Gary Vinson as John Holeck | Reggie Waldon as Unknown | John Kerr (1) as O'Brien
Director: Eric Till
Writer: D.C. Fontana

38 :02x11 - The Victims

A trio of violent San Quentin prisoners escape and then go on a ramapge of murdering or crippling anyone in sight.
Guest Stars: Henry Silva as Lee Wilson | Gaye Huston as Betty Thompson | Jo Ann Harris as Connie | Dan Ferrone as Doug Thompson | Roy Elwell as Unknown | Ann Doran as Mrs. Lockwood | Valentin de Vargas as Ben Vargas | Joanne Strauss as Mrs. Crowley | Bill Vint as Chickey | Lou Frizzell as Fenwick | Eric Server as Unknown | Jon Principe as Unknown | Gene Nelson as Unknown | Joseph Miksak as Unknown | Daniel Michael Mann as Unknown | Robert Williams (1) as Lockwood
Director: George McCowan

39 :02x12 - The Runaways

When a young teen shoots a pharmacist during a botched robbery to steal medicine for his ailing sister. He makes matters worse by kidnapping a juvenile court commissioner
Guest Stars: Claire Brennen as Susie | Debbie Lytton as Unknown | Kent Smith as Harlan | Larry Wilcox as George Morgan | Barry Livingston as Jack Morgan | Jeanette Nolan as Judge Millie Cox
Director: Seymour Robbie

40 :02x13 - Winterkill

In order to pay his ailing friends hospital bills. An elderly man blackmails an old friend by planting a seires of bombs in downtown buildings.
Guest Stars: Tiger Joe Marsh as Unknown | Ruth Silveira as Unknown | Bruce Solomon as Doctor | Doug Chapin as Unknown | Alan Bergmann as Unknown | William Jordan as Unknown | Burt Mustin as Unknown | John Qualen as Unknown | Denver Pyle as Carl Armstrong | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Linden Chiles as Unknown | Ruth McDevitt as Unknown | Paul Fix as Wade Tillman
Director: Seymour Robbie

41 :02x14 - Most Feared in the Jungle

A young woman believes that her baby she delivered is still alive. but, taken from her. With gun in tow she is on the vengeance trail.
Guest Stars: Walter Brooke as Unknown | Nan Martin as Unknown | Kitty Winn as Barbara Talmadge | John McLiam as Dr. Hyland | Patricia Smith (1) as Mrs. Hunt | Stewart Moss as Unknown | Maxine Stuart as Unknown | Beverly Washburn as Unknown | Joel Fabiani as Matthew Starr
Director: Robert Day (2)

42 :02x15 - Commitment

When Jeannie Stone comes to visit her father, Michael is framed for the murder of an undercover cop. Internal affairs looks at it a different way.
Guest Stars: Davey Davison as Unknown | William Watson (2) as Sgt. Milt Dedini | William Smith (1) as Mickey Sims | Geoffrey Deuel as Inspector Glenn Decker | Darleen Carr as Jeannie Stone | Tyne Daly as Mrs. Carlino
Director: Richard Donner

43 :02x16 - Chapel of the Damned

Mike and Steve are called on when the daughter of a wealthy woman is kidnapped and held for ransome. She allows her friend a psychic to find her.
Guest Stars: Pegi Boucher as Unknown | William Campbell as Ice House Owner | Diana Douglas as Mrs. Sloane | Signe Hasso as Madam Vasilia | Steve Oliver as Mark Dillon | Richard Kelton as Unknown
Director: George McCowan

44 :02x17 - Blockade

The son of a woman who takes care of a wealthy family fails to realize that he has fallen under the spell of a brazen rapist-murderer.
Guest Stars: George DiCenzo as Unknown | Gloria LeRoy as Unknown | Cheryl Ladd as Susan Ellen Morley | Ida Lupino as Wilma | Jock Mahoney as Mr. Morley | Patricia McCormack as Jill Cameron Lawrence | Charles Martin Smith as Rusty | Don Stroud as Chet Barrow
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Story: Jack Morton | Teleplay: James Menzies

45 :02x18 - Crossfire

The widow of a two-timing college professor is shot and killed on campus. Stone & Keller think it's a hired gun.
Guest Stars: Kate Harper as Officer Powell | Celeste Holm as Mrs. Shaninger | June Dayton as Unknown | Frank Ashmore as Unknown | Pamela Franklin as Peggy Dunnigan | Nick Nolte as Capt. Alan Melder
Director: William Hale

46 :02x19 - A String of Puppets

When a nightclub singers boyfriend is murdered. Steven Keller goes undercover as a parolee to see if a crooked parole officer is involved.
Guest Stars: Sam Edwards as Bum on street | Roger E. Mosley as Unknown | James Sloyan as Wilson Tubbs | Lola Falana as Ms. Sterling | William Bramley (1) as Unknown | Ben Frank as Unknown | Hari Rhodes as Harry Gates | Claude Akins as Bob Mason
Director: Richard Donner

47 :02x20 - Inferno

When two firemen die, arson is suspected as well as a compulsive gambler who hired an arsonist to collect the insurance money to pay off his gambling debts.
Guest Stars: Tony Haig as Cook | Bill Zuckert as Harry | Kaz Garas as Jason | Barry Sullivan as Marty Wallach | Richard Ely as Unknown | Katherine Justice as Mrs. Wallach | John Larch as Jack O' Moore | Glenn Corbett as Nick Greene
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

48 :02x21 - The Hard Breed

Mike and Steve investigate the death of rodeo star who is killed during a bull riding exhibition at the Cow Palace.
Guest Stars: Keith Jackson as Himself | Noah Beery, Jr. as Jensen | Sam Elliott as Ken Johnson | Lane Bradbury as Rosie Johnson | Arell Blanton as Clint | Harry Carey, Jr. as Bo | Jim Davis (1) as Roy | Phyllis Davis as Maureen Monroe | Ed Deemer as John Gardner
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Writer: Ron Bishop

49 :02x22 - Rampage

Steven's old college buddy is a member of a secret society whose crackdown on crime in his neighborhood leads to the death of an informant.
Guest Stars: Harvey Jason as Warburton | Janet MacLachlan as Mrs. Joplin | Robert Hooks as Joe Joplin | Jerry Douglas as Murphy | Robert DoQui as Leo | Rafael Campos as Turgan | Victor Hall as Unknown | David Pritchard as Unknown | Ron Glass as Unknown | Joe Santos as Frank Perez | Joe Maross as Charlie | Stack Pierce as Gus Harris | Gene Nelson as Unknown | Steven Keats as Floyd Stahlbecker
Director: John Wilder
Writer: Albert Ruben

50 :02x23 - Death and the Favored Few

When the publisher of a tabloid magazine is found murdered. Stone & Keller suspect San Francisco's cream of the crop.
Guest Stars: Greg Mullavy as John Reed | Bruce Neckels as Unknown | Len Wayland as Unknown | Leslie Charleson as Joanna Randolph Reed | Harold Gould as Joseph Francis | Frank Marth as Roger Maxwell | Ben Andrews as Unknown | Judy Lewis as Unknown | Eric Lawson as Unknown | Lester Fletcher as Unknown | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Rosemary Murphy as Etta Morris Randolph | Tammy Harrington as Unknown
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Writer: Gene L. Coon
Warning: The Streets of San Francisco guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 16, 1972
Ended: June 09, 1977
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