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Season 4

74 :04x01 - Poisoned Snow

Police officer adds poison to confiscated drugs,then puts them out on the street to "rid society of scum" but confesses when his own teenage son dies from using the drugs.
Guest Stars: John Karlen as Vernon | Don Michaelian as Bartender | Matt Pelto as Dr. Colby | George Sawaya as Woody Parks | Morgan Upton as Druggist | Albert Popwell as Nappy | Bebe Kelly as Judy Turner | Janis Hansen as Maggie Collins | Robert Feero as Dr. Albert Claymore | Mark Hamill as Andy | Clu Gulager as George | Alan Fudge as Phil | Anthony Geary as Cajun | Ninette Bravo as Amy | Don Calfa as Sparrow
Director: William Hale
Writer: Paul Savage

75 :04x02 - The Glass Dart Board

A homicidal maniac is using San Francisco skyscrapers as target practice.
Guest Stars: Paul Pepper as Harlan Jeffers | Ginny Golden as Rita | Stu Klitsner as Shelby | Gene Nelson as TV Reporter | Roberta Callahan as Maggie | Dan Caldwell (1) as Technician | Art Passarella as Officer Sekulavich | Joy Carlin as Angie | Lou Frizzell as Martin Truax | Joel Fabiani as Eli Mason | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Vince Howard as Charlie Johnson | Maurice Argent as Myron Benson | Patrick O'Neal as Capt. Jacob Keely
Director: Harry Falk
Writer: Sean Baine

76 :04x03 - No Place to Hide

When prison gangs prey on weaker prisoners into having their wives or girlfriends smuggle narcotics into prison, and kill them if they do not cooporate.
Guest Stars: Kellee Patterson as Mimi Shroeder | Stan Haze as Pepper Collins | Regina Waldon as Mrs. Spoon | Simmy Bow as Cahill | Todd Martin (1) as Carl Metzger | Ben Frank as Joe Max | Ji-Tu Cumbuka as Lafayette Delacroix | Chris Robinson (1) as Jack Constantine | Paul Carr as Lou King | Michael Bell (1) as Robert O'Brien | Charles Napier as Norderman | Stefanie Powers as Rita King
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

77 :04x04 - Men Will Die

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Guest Stars: Jennifer Shaw as Angie | Marcia Mae Jones as landlady | Anitra Ford as Mildred Parker | Sheilah Wells as Miss Bennington | Paula Kelly (1) as Unknown | Vera Miles as Catherine Wyatt | Michael Parks as Jack Marlow | Deirdre Lenihan as Nancy Price | Darleen Carr as Jeannie Stone
Director: William Hale

78 :04x05 - School of Fear

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Guest Stars: Mark Lambert as Randy Pruitt | Bernie Kopell as Dean Watson | Eric Kilpatrick as William "Billy" Jeffers | Gerald Hiken as Harry Beckerman | Ann Doran as Mrs. Myers | Geoffrey Lewis as Harris | Barbara Stanger as Judith "Judy" Harris | John Lehne as Principal | Robert Hegyes as Richie Martino | Maurice Evans as Leopold Summer | Bob Hastings as Mr. Pruitt | Don Stark as James Whitcomb Riley | Ruth McDevitt as Mrs. Mumford
Director: William Hale

79 :04x06 - Deadly Silence

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Guest Stars: Gerald McRaney as Jeff Dixon | Robert Karnes as Sgt. Dave Paxton | Gene Blakely as Dr. Graber | Regis Cordic as Dr. Reynolds | Darrell Fetty as Rudy Nolan | Nora Marlowe as Mrs. Oliver | Meredith Baxter as Jodi Dixon | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Darleen Carr as Jeannie Stone
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

80 :04x07 - Murder by Proxy

property owners who refuse to sell there land are murder victims at the hands of greedy land developers.
Guest Stars: George D. Wallace as Harold Buxton | Karlene Gallegly as Diane | Nolan Leary as Mr. Buckey | David S. Cass, Sr. as Wells | Bob Harris (1) as Arnold | Julie Rogers as Sally Werth | Raymond Singer as Jules Werth | Robert F. Hoy as Jackson | Marj Dusay as Cheryl Fitz | Eduard Franz as Leo Steiner | John Ritter as Johnny Steiner | Bradford Dillman as Tom Fitz | Sorrell Booke as Quincy Lloyd | Gordon Jump as Captain Lacey
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Writer: Eugene Price

81 :04x08 - Trail of Terror

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Guest Stars: Al Nalbandian as landlord | Aldine King as Betty Jo Washington | Charles Weldon as J.W. Flowers | Morgan Jones (1) as Swede | James Woods as Doug | Ford Rainey as Haggard Mellon | Philip Bruns as Pete | Tony Cacciotti as Marty Long | Kenneth Tobey as Sheriff Kenney | Greg Mullavy as Beau | Meg Foster as Nancy Elizabeth Mellon

82 :04x09 - Web of Lies

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Guest Stars: Pat Hingle as Burt Morris | Wayne Maunder as Paul | Nancy Olson as Jeannie Morris | Alex Colon as Prinz | Vernon Weddle as Mr. Hendrix | Johnny Silver as Arnold Dennis | Mavis Neal Palmer as Mrs. Newberry | Robert Walden as Frankie | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Norman Stuart as Horowitz | Clint Young as Mitch | Ron Thompson as Willy
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

83 :04x10 - Dead Air

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Guest Stars: Aubri Martin as Sharon Farmer | Jenny O'Hara as Angela Atkinson | Burke Byrnes as Jack Burke | Arlene Golonka as Barbara Tyler | Dennis Patrick as Mr. Tyler | Ina Balin as Penny | Larry Hagman as Terry Vine | George DiCenzo as Frank Ciano
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

84 :04x11 - Merchants of Death

rival street gangs start a turf war with a guidance counselor caught in the middle.
Guest Stars: Richard O'Brien (2) as Carl Hendrix | Ed Vasgersian as Mr. Binyon | Buck Young as Mr. Preston | G. Richard Stanley as Rick Jennings | Evan Kim as Jack Kwan | Christine Dixon as Nurse | Michael Mullins (1) as Buddy Winston | Barry Miller (1) as Paul Binyon | Dick McGarvin as Pete Crawford | Michael Kearney as Rudy Hale | Greg Morris as Eddie Griffin | Lonny Chapman as Mr. Hale | George Cheung as George Chang | Laurence Haddon as Inspector Dan Wilkins | Jason Laskay as Lester Morrow
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

85 :04x12 - The Cat's Paw

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Guest Stars: Ray K. Goman as Captain Wilson | Joel Parks as Jim Gillis | Dan Barton (1) as Hanratty | Shirley Falls as Mrs. Bell | Frank Dowse as Officer Burke | Michael David McGuire as Usher | Lewis Charles as Pinch | Paul Bryar as Emury | Darleen Carr as Jeannie Stone | Jerry Walter as Mr. Davis | Steven Bradley as Bernie | Diane Baker as Inspector Irene Martin | Mark Miller (1) as Jerome Greenwood | Barbara Babcock as Judy Tyrell
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Writer: D.C. Fontana

86 :04x13 - Spooks for Sale

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Guest Stars: Mischa Schwartzmann as Night Watchman | Anna Mathias as Jayne | Morgan Upton as Mayhew | Jack Thibeau as Ralph E. "Coop" Cooper | Dennis Robertson as Brauner | George Petrie as Carlson | Tom Selleck as Jimmy Desco | Charles Cioffi as Burt Dressler | Allan Miller (1) as Len Young | Steven Bradley as Bernie | Fritz Weaver as Ted Whitlock | Andrew J. Robinson as Archie Kimbro
Director: Michael Douglas
Writer: Albert Ruben

87 :04x14 - Most Likely to Succeed

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Guest Stars: Sarah Hardy as Susan Hanna | Scott Colomby as Bobby Tilton | Tom Troupe as Tom Hanna | Devon Ericson as Vicky Kincaid | Leigh J. McCloskey as Gil | Charles Aidman as Russell Kincaid | Kristoffer Tabori as Paul Kincaid | Patricia Smith (1) as Rae Kincaid | Eric Server as Officer Teague | Brent Collins as Robert Tilton (Uncredited) | Ben Hammer as Gerald Gardner
Director: William Hale
Writer: John D. Hess

88 :04x15 - Police Buff

Denied graduation from police academy for psychological reasons, a man moonlights as a motorcycle officer until foul play gets the attention of the department.
Guest Stars: Patti Jerome as Joanne | Robert Miano as Joey Lucero | Robert Gooden as Bailiff | Jay Jacobus as Judge | Larry St. James as Jack Williamson | Hank Brandt as Sgt. Dink Washington | Vince Howard as Charlie Johnson | Bert Freed as Morrie | Bill Bixby as Eric Doyle | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Fred Sadoff as Dr. Lenny Murchison | Christopher Stone (1) as Officer Todd Harris | James Karen as Frank Batz (TV news reporter)
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Story: Walter Bloch | Teleplay: Guerdon Trueblood

89 :04x16 - The Honorable Profession

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Guest Stars: Rosanna DeSoto as Angie | Joan Tompkins as Elaine Holtfield | Lisa Moore as Nurse Reed | John Zaremba as Mr. Schultz | Virginia Gregg as Martha Travis | Richard Drout Miller as Dr. Adams | Shelly Novack as Dr. Eddie Dunne | George Clifton as Fred Arlen | Larry Manetti as Larry Walsh | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Robert Reed (1) as Dr. Arnold Stephen Holtfield/Dr. Martin Avery/Peter Callahan/Dr. Raymond Faraday/Dr. William M. Debner | Linden Chiles as Hank Travis | Bill Baldwin as Pharmacist | Christopher Beaumont (1) as Officer Peter Ciurila
Director: Harry Falk

90 :04x17 - Requiem for Murder

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Guest Stars: Bruce Mackey as Attorney | Connie Sawyer as Mrs. Rubens | Alex Courtney as Neil Brenner | Lou Ann Graham as Nurse | Irene Tedrow as Mrs. Costello | Walter Brooke as George Webster | Lou Krugman as Eddie Madden | Richard Hoyt as Jack | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Richard Basehart as Bishop Tim Farrow | William Windom as Monsignor Frank Carruthers | Stephen Young (1) as Father Wilson | Cal Bellini as Father Anthony Pedillo | Fionnula Flanagan as Emma Simms
Director: Harry Falk

91 :04x18 - Underground

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Guest Stars: Robert Drivas as Officer Danny Segal | Forrest Draper as Eddie Segal | Harry Davis as Leo Segal | Francine York as Louise | Suzanne Charney as Sunny Malone | Leslie Charleson as Donna Sinclair | William Campbell as Johnny Blackwell | Jason Evers as Ben Rush | Claudia Jennings as Evie | Ken Lynch as Willy Kurland | Shirley O'Hara as Mrs. Evans | David White (1) as Frank Garson | Robert F. Simon as Capt. O'Hare | Joe E. Tata as Bobby Waldron | Jerry Walter as Kilgoe | Ed Vasgersian as Vern Harris | Gordon Pinkney as Officer Jenkins

92 :04x19 - Judgment Day

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Guest Stars: Peter Hobbs as Karl Krafts | James McCallion as Elliott Jensen | Gloria LeRoy as Mrs. Ledbetter | Ward Costello as Judge Amos Abrams | Allen Williams as Richard | John Vari as Jerome Black | Juney Ellis as Grace Hewitt | June Dayton as Judge Lela Matthews | Lynette Mettey as Ellen Matthews | Robert Hays as Lester | Jean Hagen as Ms. Unger | Fred Sadoff as Dr. Lenny Murchison | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Steven Bradley as Bernie | Michael Burns (1) as Barry Jensen
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

93 :04x20 - Clown of Death

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Guest Stars: Angus Duncan as Dr. Harlow | Russell Thorson as Freddie Olburn | Will Hutchins as Sparky | Dick Van Patten as Unknown | Michael Strong (1) as Red Ashburn | Mary Jackson as Mrs. Clemons | Madlyn Rhue as Crystal | Don Keefer as Dr. Mayhill | Ray K. Goman as Mr. MacLeod | Parley Baer as Jack Leopold (ringmaster) | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Maurice Argent as Sean Murdock | Lynne Marta as Barbara Franco | David Birney as Neil Rugger | Berni Valentine as Maggie Martins | Dan Caldwell (1) as Sgt. Hawlins
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Writer: Arthur Rowe

94 :04x21 - Superstar

Lt. Michael Stone clashes with a rogue New York City cop who is on the vengence trail of an escaped criminal.
Guest Stars: Regina Waldon as Mrs. Sutterman | Danny Wells as Cabby | John Yates as Sgt. Benson | Karen Philipp as Valerie | Don Spruance as Kelly | Steven Bradley as Medical Examiner | Kenneth O'Brien as Jimbo | Lola Mason as Betty Garson | Amy Levitt as Georgia | Don Gordon as Joe Latham | Alfred Ryder as Anton Pravek | Paul Sorvino as Bert D'Angelo | Ron Soble as Charles Miller
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Writer: Morton Fine

95 :04x22 - Alien Country

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Guest Stars: Amzie Strickland as Alma Drake | Royce D. Applegate as Harry Courtney | Tony Perez as Miguel | James Griffith (1) as T.J. | Tomas Trujillo as Esteban | Michael Hitchcock as Security Guard | A. Martinez as Rudy Costa | Ken Pennell as Carl Berkson | David McLean (1) as James Courtney | Roy Poole as Sheriff Jackson | Robert Carricart as Bernardo Medina | Claudia Bryar as Ann Corby | Henry Darrow as Ramon Montoya | Bruce Glover as Stan Reeves | Betty Carvalho as Jessie Medina
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Writer: Larry Brody

96 :04x23 - Runaway

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Guest Stars: Frank Loverde as Donetti | Eddie Quillan as Timpkins | Florence Sundstrom as Apartment Building Manager | Claire Brennen as Joan Cavanaugh | Walter Burke as Joey Collins | Milton Selzer as Manny Judson | Ed Walsh as Dave Cox | Alex Henteloff as Clarence Hoby | Billy Green Bush as Fred Cavanaugh | Darleen Carr as Jeannie Stone | Joshua Shelley as Marvin | Art Passarella as Sgt. M. Sekulovich
Director: Harry Falk
Writer: Paul Savage
Warning: The Streets of San Francisco guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 16, 1972
Ended: June 09, 1977
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