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Honey Trap - Recap

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 The episode begins with Raymond creeping into his bedroom late at night, trying desperately to both get undressed and not wake up Patricia, both of which he fails to accomplish. She asks where he has been and he tells her that he was at the pub quiz night; and what’s more, they are through to the finals. He was so overjoyed, he tells her, that he kissed Maggie, understandably infuriating Patricia. Enraging her even more is the fact that Fowler begins to tell her at length how amazing Habib is, when he has neglected to tell her anything similar in such a long time.

Back at the station, Patricia is still angry with Raymond, but that doesn’t stop him thinking about the quiz. He immediately chastises Kray for eating beef for fear of BSE, but Kray doesn’t take any notice. Then, settled into his desk for the morning, Grim rushes over, and after some fannying about, finally reveals that he wants Maggie to act as a kind of trap in order to get a crime boss to let his guard down. Raymond is initially skeptical and rebukes the notion, but Grim knows how to push his buttons by threatening the Flying Squad will come in and wreak havoc with the station. So Fowler reluctantly tells Grim he will speak to Habib.

And speak to her he does, discreetly in his office, vexing Patricia even further. Habib is more than willing to take part in the CID operation. Fowler suggests that she immerse herself in the role, and at all times act like a ‘right saucy bit of brisket’. So the next day she comes into work dressed like a prostitute, wearing something similar to a tube-top and a leather mini-skirt. When Patricia finds out that Raymond asked her to dress that way, she is fuming.

Maggie quickly goes to CID where she is trying to be briefed by Grim, but Raymond is obsessing each moment over the quiz final, and constantly interrupts their business. Finally, Grim tells them that the place she will be meeting the criminal is at the same pub in which the quiz final will be held. That means that Habib, if still on the case, will not be able to take part in the final, leaving Raymond shell-shocked. He immediately starts scouting for more talent, going to Patricia – and being shot down – then over to Goody and Gladstone, who seem like ‘Dumb and Dumber’.

Grim and Kray are upset with Habib for her inability to get their mark to talk. They think it’s because she doesn’t know how to turn him off, but in reality, he just isn’t talking. Kray suggests luring him verbally to talk about it, but Fowler interjects that it’s blatant entrapment, which is illegal. In the end, however, Fowler acquiesces since it means that Habib could possibly be back on the quiz team in time. As she’s leaving the station, Habib is asked by Dawkins why she is looks displeased, and Maggie confesses that Raymond has asked her to go further than she thinks is morally right.

That is the last straw for Patricia who seeks vengeance by smashing the royal crest with a sledge hammer. Raymond cannot believe his eyes, and she claims he has no morals. Fowler relents and admits that he should never have gone along with Grim’s entrapment operation . . . ‘but wait, ’ Patricia thinks, ‘what entrapment operation?’ This is what her face and tone reveal, but Raymond asks if she misconstrued his recent dealings with Habib, and she lies through her teeth saying she had the whole thing worked out. Raymond then goes into how silly he has been to be misguided by Grim; and when Derek overhears this, he confronts Fowler and says that although he’s complaining, he’ll probably gladly accept half of the glory when the villain is brought in. Yet Raymond denounces the operation and wants no part in it, glory or otherwise. Just then, the criminal is brought in handcuffed to Habib. Grim is ecstatic until he learns that Maggie hasn’t brought him in, rather, he has brought Maggie on a citizens arrest for entrapment.

Finally, the episode ends where it began: in Raymond’s bedroom as he’s showering Patricia with kind, loving words . . . or is he? It’s actual camera trickery and the reality is that he’s holding the quiz cup: his pride and joy!

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