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Kill Two by Two - Recap

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Tony and Doug land in a jungle and Tony sprains his ankle in the fall. They hear the sounds of men working in the distance and go to investigate, and find Japanese soldiers in World War II uniforms building a compound. American ships open fire on the island and the two scientists duck for cover and then move off. A shell hits nearby and Tony tells Doug to leave him behind, but Doug refuses to abandon him.

They make their way to a shack and Doug goes ahead to check it out. Inside is radio equipment but as Doug approaches the door, a Japanese soldier opens fire on him. When the man's rifle jams, Doug jumps him and easily throws him to the ground. The older soldier, Sgt. Itsugi, speaks English and says that he's the only one there. He offers to tend Tony's wound and they go into the shack. While Itsugi checks the ankle and confirms that it's only sprained, Doug goes into the adjoining storeroom and confirms that it's empty. When Doug wonders where the other soldiers are, Itsugi tells him that the men at the main compound evacuated to the transport in the harbor. He explains that they left him behind because he's a spotter.

Tony offers to contact the American fleet and call for a pickup. However, before he can, Lt. Nakamura sneaks in and thrusts a stick into Doug's back, pretending it's a gun. Once he takes Doug's gun, Nakamura boasts about bluffing them and tells them that they'll have some interesting times together before he kills them.

At the Time Tunnel project, Kirk, Swain, and MacGregor watch as Nakamura demands cigarettes from Doug and Tony. Swain and Anne try to pinpoint their time and space and Kirk has them switch back to the American fleet. He recognizes two of the ships, the Missouri and the Illinois, and has Anne determine when they were together.

Nakamura sends Itsugi out to get some equipment and dismisses the older soldier's attempt to bring a bit of tradition to the shack. Doug insists that they're non-combatants but Nakamura doesn't care. Tony tells him to shoot and Nakamura shoots Itsugi's decoration, but the younger scientist doesn't flinch. Nakamura asks Tony how his ankle is and tells him to stand up so he can see if he can walk. Tony reluctantly does so and Nakamura orders them out. Once they're out in the jungle, Nakamura orders Itsugi to shoot them if they move and goes off into the jungle with a machete.

As they wait, Tony suggests that Doug run off while he jumps Nakamura, but Doug refuses to abandon his friend. Nakamura returns with two bamboo staffs , his with a nail in the end, and explains that he trained at Stanford and fought with kendo there. He gives a staff to Tony and tells him to fight, pointing out that if he wins then they only have to deal with the older Itsugi. When Tony asks what the rules are, Nakamura immediately launches an attack at him. The two men fight back and forth but Nakamura finally takes Tony down. Doug figures that Nakamura wants to do more than kill them and the Japanese soldier admits that he wants more. He asks if Doug will beg but admits that he doesn't want them to because it will spoil his sport.

Doug asks if he gets a chance and Nakamura asks if he's mad enough to try and kill him yet. He tells the scientists that they're alone on the island and Tony's injury makes him equal to Itsugi. Nakamura plans to fight his own private war and explains that American forces will return to secure Iwo Jima, believing that they've driven out the Japanese forces. The Japanese Navy is preparing a surprise aerial bombardment to wipe out the fleet. Nakamura will give Tony and Doug a one-hour head start. If they win, they can get to the radio and warn the fleet. However, they will have to improvise whatever weapons they can make out of what they find. When Doug wonders why he's going to all the trouble, Nakamura says that he's paying them back for what the Americans have done to him.

Doug and Tony head into the jungle but after a few minutes, Doug says that they need to circle back and get to the radio. Tony says that they're already a part of history and can't change it, but Doug insists and his friend realizes that Nakamura has gotten to him. Doug offers to let Tony sit it out but Tony assures him that he'll continue with him.

At Project Tic-Toc, Kirk realizes that the two scientists have become personally invested in the outcome and won't back off. Anne uses Nakamura's description of the islands to narrow their friends' location to one of two islands. However, the records of the campaign are destroyed and they don't have specifics. Kirk has Swain call the Pentagon to find the closest survivor and bring him there. He then tells Swain to gamble on the southernmost island and focus his instruments there.

Doug and Tony circle back and Doug tells Tony to stay put while he circles around and enters the supply room from the rear. When he discovers the door is locked, Doug finds a crowbar among some nearby crates. He ducks down when Nakamura glances briefly behind the shack, and then pries the door open. Once inside, Doug finds some rifles, grenades, and ammo. However, he hears Nakamura give Itsugi orders and the sergeant enters the storeroom to get a bottle of wine. Nakamura comes in after him and grabs the bottle, taking a drink. The lieutenant mocks Itsugi's obedience and asks why he doesn't kill him. Itsugi agrees that Nakamura should die but says that it's not his place to do so. Disgusted, Nakamura tells him to stand guard out front. Meanwhile, Doug notices a tarantula climbing up his chest. Nakamura leaves and the scientist quickly brushes it off.

As the hour runs out, Doug pockets some grenades. He brushes against a crate, knocking it over, and runs out. Nakamura goes after him and calls out, daring the Americans to throw a grenade at him. However, he points out that they might destroy the radio so they can't risk it. Nakamura steps away from the shack and invites them to attack him. Doug is ready but Tony stops him, warning that Nakamura could get off a shot and kill one of them. The two scientists retreat into the jungle while Nakamura fires off into the jungle and then retreats into the shack with Itsugi.

At the base, Swain and Anne realize that Nakamura wants to die. Kirk gets a report from the Pentagon confirming that their friends are on the southernmost island, just as the general gambled. The Pentagon is sending a survivor, Dr. Nakamura, to help them pinpoint landmarks on the island and lock onto Doug and Tony.

Tony suggests that they set a boobytrap and they rig a vine an inch above the ground between two trees.

Dr. Nakamura arrives at Project Tic-Toc and warns Kirk that he can't help. He explains that he was there with the Imperial forces and is surprised when Kirk says that two lives are at stakes. Dr. Nakamura admits that it was a personal matter that prevented him from helping and that he will be glad to assist if he can save lives. They explain what is going on and Dr. Nakamura identifies Itsugi. However, he tells the team that Itsugi was the only man left behind. Anne brings up an image of Nakamura and Dr. Nakamura stares in shock as he tells them that Nakamura in the past is his dead son. He faints and Kirk calls in a medic while Anne locks back in on Tony and Doug.

Tony rigs the grenade to the vine and ties it to a tree. When Doug wonders how they'll bring Nakamura there, Tony says that they'll detonate one of the grenades so that he comes to check it out. Doug tosses a grenade and Nakamura and Itsugi come to investigate. Nakamura goes on ahead and spots the trap, throws the grenade away, and then opens fire. Doug tosses a grenade at him to cover their escape, and Nakamura realizes that they only have two grenades left. When he realizes that Itsugi isn't relishing the combat, Nakamura sends the sergeant back to the shed.

At the base, Dr. Nakamura explains that his son was a kamikaze pilot who balked and crash-landed his plane. He was left behind on the island because of his dishonor, but refused to kill himself because of his time in the States.

Doug and Tony make their way to the harbor and wonder if Nakamura is telling the truth about Iwo Jima. They both figure that Nakamura is lying just to provoke them, but three Japanese scout planes fly overhead and they realize that the lieutenant is telling the truth. Their only chance is to go to the shack and radio the fleet. The two scientists argue over what to do and Tony finally takes one grenade and tells Doug that he'll meet him there after he sends a message out.

As Tony limps off, Nakamura arrives on the beach, spots Doug, and opens fire. Doug takes refuge in a cave and throws his last grenade at his attacker. Nakamura takes shrapnel in the leg but bandages it and tells Doug that he's through. Doug bluffs and says he has one last grenade left, and asks if Nakamura is a deserter. Nakamura insists that they have to kill each other and then admits that he can't go home because of his shame. He limps toward the cave, daring Doug to kill him. Doug has no way to return fire and Nakamura begs the scientist to fight and kill him.

At the base, Dr. Nakamura realizes that he was wrong to leave his son to die. He asks Swain to bring his son back and the scientist warns that they can only save two people. Dr. Nakamura refuses to help them unless they bring his son back as one of the two men. Kirk is convinced that Dr. Nakamura isn't bluffing and Swain insists that there's no way to make a triple-transfer. The general reluctantly agrees to bring back whichever scientist is closest to Nakamura. He warns Dr. Nakamura that his son's psychological problems are almost insurmountable but the Japanese representative remains firm.

Nakamura assumes that Doug is dead and limps off to find Tony. Meanwhile, Tony sneaks up to the shack and discovers that the room is empty. He goes to the radio and starts to call for help, but Itsugi shoots at him from the storeroom and hits the radio. When Itsugi charges into the room, Tony manages to knock him out and tries to signal the radio.

At Project Tic-Toc, the scientists watch as the American landing force approach the island. Dr. Nakamura reminds them of their bargain and Kirk has Anne and Swain switch back to the radio shack.

Nakamura stumbles to the shack and Doug follows him. When Tony comes out of the shack with Itsugi's rifle, Nakamura opens fire and Tony runs off into the jungle and then throws the last grenade at Nakamura's feet. The Japanese deserter studies it for a moment and then kicks it away. It doesn't explode and he laughs maniacally before going into the shack.

Doug finds Tony, who explains that the radio is out and he can't send the message. After taking Itsugi's rifle, Doug calls to Nakamura, promising him honorable treatment at the hands of the American troops. Itsugi wakes up and asks Nakamura what he will choose: an honorable death or shameful existence.

Anne locks onto Tony and Doug's signal and realizes that they're both equally close to Nakamura. She wants to risk making a triple-transfer but Swain warns that it will kill them all. Kirk has to choose but before he does, Dr. Nakamura sees his son go to a chest and remove a ceremonial sword. The older man realizes that his son has finally made the proper choice and tells Kirk to bring back his men while his son does what he must.

As American troops take the island, Tony and Doug watch as Nakamura dons ceremonial robes and places the sword in his belt. He then tells them that he's not giving them any choice and prepares to shoot. Doug aims and prepares to shoot, but can't bring himself to do it. However, a shot rings out as the Americans arrive and a soldier kills Nakamura. Tony and Doug identify themselves as Americans and run to Nakamura, who says with his dying breath that he finally remembered he was Japanese. When the Americans wonder what Nakamura was doing, Doug says that he was fighting a private war and finally won.

Project Tic-Toc initiates a transfer and Doug and Tony find themselves in a high-tech control chamber. Two silver-skinned aliens appear out of nowhere and speak in an unknown language. They draw guns and direct the two scientists into a translation circuit. One alien then informs them that they are intruders from another dimension and identify their point of origin as Alpha One. They are on a test raid against Planet 16. The aliens bring up a picture of their target and Doug and Tony realize they are going after Earth.. When Doug tries to stop them, the aliens shoot him down and promise that they will leave Earth a dead planet.

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